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Review #1, by _DearMyLove_ Chapter 1: In which Rail rallies to the Railroad, the Cast is Introduced, and an Unnatural Obsession With Weapons is Unearthed

8th November 2007:
Heya I thought I'd review one of your stories to say 'thank you' for reviewing mine! ^_^
I think this story has a lot of potential and I adore your characterisation. I think Rail is a wonderful character, and it's nice that you've explained why He has been transfered to Hogwarts instead of just having him randomly turn up there. Unusual name too, I assume it's Australian?
The only thing I can think of to critisise is the use of Australian dialect in the speech. Being told he's Australian is enough for me to hear that speech in my head ^_^ But that's all. I love your descriptions and everything else!
Thanks once again for reviewing my story, I appreciate it!

Author's Response: You may indeed be right, and it is a pain to write out the accent, because the subtleties of Aussie speech are not always easily denotated. Anyway, yeah, it's a start on a story, and though it's not as good a start as I'd like (some of the silliness is a bit over the top, and Rail's a bit too Gary Stuish for my taste at the moment. I've been trimming out some of the story though to deal with that. Plus quite shortly we'll see some of his short comings Anyway thanks a lot, and I'll be sure to keep my eye on your story as well. Your avid reader/listener, ~Ran

PS oh, yeah, and acually, Rail's not really anything to the best of my knowledge, I just like it. S'got character. Simple, confident, kinda like him. It also seems lithe somehow, something I'd like people to get outta Rail's movements. I focus too much perhaps on how people move when I write, but it's something I focus upon in life as well, and as it conveys a lot, I do my best to portray it when I write, though it's difficult.

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