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Review #1, by stranger_than_fiction Wait For Him

23rd February 2007:
Well, it was kind of short, but I still liked it!

Did her love bring him back to life? I'm a tad bit confused.

But overall, quite good! :)

Author's Response: its left as a mystery pretty much, for the reader to decide in the end. in my mind, his will to be back with her over reached the walls of death, but thats just me :)

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Review #2, by misshermione Wait For Him

23rd February 2007:
This was intriguing and in a way, evocative. I feel there could have been a bit more metaphor or examination, as this piece afforded several oppurtunities to share your views. Then again, it's fanfiction, so that's hardly a requirement, or even normal. :)

You had a few problems with word choice and tense, but nothing big enough to be distracting. I think the use of the present tense was a great choice here, giving it that certain je ne sais quoi. The flow was lovely, although there were some transition areas that were questionable between mostly simple to mostly complex sentences, but no big deal.

The transition from sad to happy ending, especially contained within such a small space, was wonderful. The small details about the coffin and Hermione were great, it kind of brought Ron to being Ron over just another dead guy who died for his girl.

I especially love the poignant last line, "Never question the inevitable, it will find a way to come about." It's great food for thought.

Overall, good work!

Author's Response: only reading a review from you would I need to look up something in a dictionary XP. But you honor me with using big words once I understand what I'm reading, ha.

yay! It makes me happy to know that you think it was good overall ^_^ I feel like writing now....but what

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Review #3, by not_that_girl Wait For Him

15th February 2007:
aww... i love this!! it's a really good story.

Author's Response: yay! I'm glad you love it ^_^ and thanks!

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Review #4, by Crosby Wait For Him

14th February 2007:
Neat story. i liked it! good emotion

Author's Response: yay! I'm glad you liked it ^_^ and thanks!

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Review #5, by fallenstarr Wait For Him

12th February 2007:
I liked this alot. It didn't quite fit what I was expecting for the challenge but that's what made it stand out. Both the ships you used are not my cup of tea but this story was able to pull them off. I liked the point of view you chose. It was interesting the way that Ron 'woke up' at the end. It was surprising yet not because you'd been alluding to it the whole time. Does that make sense? It was great though!

Author's Response: at first I had troubles tieing it together, then I had Hermione make the long speech about every thing he did so it would work. :) Dramione is personally my favorite, so ending it the way I did was like NOOO :P and yes it does make sense ^_^ I'm glad you liked it! It was deffinitly something different for me ^_^ so thanks to your challenge I was able to write it!!

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Review #6, by xXsilent_tearsXx Wait For Him

11th February 2007:
Ohhh Desi this was amazing!!! Was this the story you just finished that you were telling me about? It's awesome!! The detail is perfect. Keep up the great work! ^_^

Author's Response: yes this was the awesome possum story I was talking about Britt ^_^ hehe. I"m glad you like it!!

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