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Review #1, by lilyroxjames Run Away Bride

3rd March 2012:
This was sickeningly sweet. And beautiful.

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Review #2, by busybusybeta Run Away Bride

20th July 2011:
this was really cute. I want to go "awww," but i can't out of respect of poor sean and vivian. but hey, love hurts.

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Review #3, by No1HarryPotterFan Run Away Bride

6th January 2011:
Aww, poor James, that must really have hurt! But he really shouldn't have given up on her! I loved it!

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Review #4, by Devonnn Run Away Bride

10th September 2010:

It's great. I love the flashbacks, and the box is so cute!

Keep writing (:

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Review #5, by daydream_it_to_life Run Away Bride

2nd September 2010:
Ahhh, CUTE! XD
I love Lily and James. They are so darn cute. Of course, I feel bad for Sean but...him and Vivian, perhaps? =]
Ahaha, I'm still squeeing over the cuteness of that. Great job!


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Review #6, by Amanda Run Away Bride

28th August 2010:
sweet story nice job!

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Review #7, by WhatAboutRegulus Run Away Bride

27th August 2010:
This was really good :). There were a few mistakes, but nothing major. You are a really good author and love your other stories!


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Review #8, by Shelby Weasley Run Away Bride

25th August 2010:
I liked it (: there are a few errors, but all-in-all I enjoyed it.


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Review #9, by Falco Aesalon Run Away Bride

16th August 2010:
Hey GryffindorGirl153 :)

I love the movie "Runaway Bride" - I cried so much in this movie!! And you have made this story just amazing!!


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Review #10, by fairegirl22 Run Away Bride

1st June 2010:
Did u have to make Lockhart's name, Vivian? Thats my name, and u made her basicly steal james from lily :( Im kiding, that was a great story! 10/10

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Review #11, by MingXi_Muse Run Away Bride

4th September 2009:
nice story :)
i lvoe the banner too! gaspard ulliel, he's hot xDD

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Review #12, by nickole Run Away Bride

1st June 2009:
so wonderful! made me smile! love it to death!

so beautiful!

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Review #13, by HannahGranger Run Away Bride

22nd May 2009:
Amazing :) that was adorable!

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Review #14, by nire Run Away Bride

10th February 2009:
I love james and lily. it makes my heary feel good.

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Review #15, by EmmaWatsonFan1211 Run Away Bride

6th February 2009:

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Review #16, by bpmull Run Away Bride

15th January 2009:
That was wonderful... then again, I'm a hopeless romantic.

Of course it was predictable -- I mean, we know they got married. But who cares, while reading your fiction we forgot that and really wondered whether she was going to make the right decision or not.

You are a terrific writer! Anyone who rates it less than 10 out of 10 is lying to themselves.

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Review #17, by gitgit Run Away Bride

1st December 2008:
AW that was awesome
nice one shot

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Review #18, by lilginerva Run Away Bride

11th June 2008:
I absoloutely adore this piece of work.You truly bought tears to my eyes,you are great author and this is my favourite fan fic so far.It bought a shiver up my spine 20/10

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Review #19, by Rose Wilts Run Away Bride

13th April 2008:
Aw, wow. That was so beautiful. You're a really talented author. I loved it.

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Review #20, by Thommi Run Away Bride

6th November 2007:
gr8. love it. liking the pairings.

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Review #21, by hazellily Run Away Bride

18th September 2007:
AW It was so beautiful! i love it you should add on to it! You are one of my favorite writters!!!

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Review #22, by ChiannaMalfoy Run Away Bride

2nd September 2007:
Giddy, Giddy Giddy me! I absolutely loved it! I'm giggling insanely. GREAT JOB!!!

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Review #23, by DestinyPrayer Run Away Bride

13th August 2007:
This was such a great one-shot for Lily and James!
I love it! It`s so well written.
This is definetely going on my favorites list!

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Review #24, by exesandohss Run Away Bride

12th August 2007:
love it !

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Review #25, by balletforarainyday Run Away Bride

12th August 2007:
My God this story is amazing! I mean you totally know what's going to happen but I could still feel the anxiouness of waiting to see if she would really do it. Thank You this is just what I was looking for.

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