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Review #1, by GinnyRox Let You Down

22nd November 2007:
This story right now is okay. I mean it has some good things in it and some things that need to be improved. One thing that I noticed is that both Hermione and Draco were out of character. First of all, if this happened in the books think of how Hermione would have treated Draco. She wouldn't have trusted him because she has known for six years what kind of person Draco is. She would have stuck to the facts, the things she was sure of. That a) Draco is rude and arrogant and b) he was involved in Dumbledore's death. And Draco having to be in Grimmauld 12 Place he would be arrogant and defend himself at the accusations being thrown at him left, right, and center. He would push everyone away from him. But Hermione would eventually get him to open up. What I liked about your story was the whole theme of it : trust. I think it would work really well if you would modify this one-shot into a short story. About how over one summer Draco and Hermione learn to trust each other. Your story really has some potential. And I hope my advice has been what you've been looking for in a review.

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Review #2, by losermega Let You Down

27th June 2007:
this sorta bored me a little

Author's Response: uhm... thanks? maybe you could give me a suggestion as to what would make it better...?
i would appreciate it. -]

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Review #3, by QueenLinder Let You Down

6th March 2007:
i love it its grate!

Author's Response: thanks

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Review #4, by the_zerbiac Let You Down

4th March 2007:
ah! all ur song fics are soo mean! you leave them on the biggest cliffys ever!!! nice job tho!

Author's Response: lol I know, I'm kind of mean that way. Cliffys make me angry but I love writing them. Just because they keep the attention of a reader down to the last word. But I'm glad you still thought they were good!

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Review #5, by dracos_girl_4ever Let You Down

25th February 2007:
I can't wait for you to have another chapter i really enjoyed reading the first!

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it, but this is only meant to be a one-shot. I'm sorry! Although, I was thinking about continuing it before...

I don't know. Maybe I will. It depends on how much time I have to write. I've still to update Swindling Contenders again & I've had the next chapter for that ready for a long while now...

Anyway, thanks for reading!

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Review #6, by Starbucks Barista (not logged in) Let You Down

23rd February 2007:
Rating: 10:/10
Hey there. This is a really good chapter/songfic. I'm sorry that the challenge topic that this was meant for hadn't been posted in to for a while. This is really good though, still!

Author's Response: Thanks! Sorry, I guess I got a little impatient waiting for someone to reply... =/. But I'm glad you liked it anyway.

Thanks for the great rating! =]

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Review #7, by Dark Princess 06 Let You Down

19th February 2007:

Author's Response: thanks.

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