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Review #1, by Abacus Ex-Enemies and The Ending

13th June 2014:
Such a sweet ending! So glad they got together!!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Yeah, I really wanted to wrap the story up and get the two of them together.

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Review #2, by dianap00 Poetry and Flowers Don't Always Work

8th March 2008:
Oh, Fang.
I love that she resisted the infamous Weasley charm. xD. I think that Samira actually might like him despite herself, but he isn't helping...
Very nice chapter.

Author's Response: Of course she does. But it'll take her a bit to figure that out, of course. :)

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Review #3, by shadowkitty22 Of Love Potions and Trolls

26th October 2007:
So how would they have been in the same common room if Charlie is a Gryffindor and Samira is in Ravenclaw?


Author's Response: Elle let her in the common room, like Luna let harry into Ravenclaw common room in the seventh book.

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Review #4, by shadowkitty22 Whoopee Cushions, Discoveries, and the Importance of Cleanliness

26th October 2007:
So if you felt like getting technical, Charlie is only 5 years older than the twins, so they wouldn't be first years while he was a seventh. Charlie graduates the year before the trio enters Hogwarts. But yeah, that's just if you want to get technical, which I don't think you would seeing as how you have already gotten a good ways into your story, which is interesting by the way.


Author's Response: yeah, I know, but I don't really feel like getting technical. But thanks for the review. :)

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Review #5, by Pottergirl17 Of Love Potions and Trolls

23rd October 2007:
Another wonderful chapter...long update...but wonderful chapter. Having her hate him kind of seems a little like the whole James/Lily relationship, and I like it. It makes your story more interesting, causing me to want more.

I also loved how you had them as potions partners as well. Very entertaining. =D

My only suggestion, once again, would be to continuously add more detail. There is always room to improve.

Please don't make me wait so long again for another update. I WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS! Thanks...sorry that it took so long for me to review...just a little busy. See you soon.

Author's Response: yeah, i didn't mean for it to be a james/lily thing, but it ended up that way.

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Review #6, by dianap00 Of Love Potions and Trolls

21st October 2007:

Seriously, those girls are all crazy... =). Poor Charlie and friends. Muh hah hah. I love how Sam is one to hold a grudge.

Author's Response: thanks, Eventually she will warm to Charlie's "charms"

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Review #7, by dianap00 Dear Charlie....

1st August 2007:
that is so terrible of him... oh my gosh, no wonder she wont talk to him. hah. thats awesome! i love gud ol' hagger!

Author's Response: I know, don't you just hate charlie now? lol.

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Review #8, by RoxieRonni04 I Don't Even Know Her Name

24th July 2007:
Fantastic! Very well written!

Author's Response: thanks so much!!

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Review #9, by Hermione51 Dear Charlie....

20th July 2007:
Nice chapter. Now we finally know her name! That was a nice idea using Hagrid to tell him that. Hagrid does seem to let things slip like that a lot. Too bad Charlie was mean to her when they were younger. :(. Can't wait to see what happens next.

Author's Response: yup, charlie was a total piece of poo. I have plans for them, though. lol.

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Review #10, by Pottergirl17 Dear Charlie....

19th July 2007:
Sorry it took so long T. A little caught up in summer AP homework. That was a drag. :(. Anyways, I like this chapter. Hagrid. he he. Hagrid's cool. So now Charlie knows her name. Samira Owens. Ouch, that's gotta hurt for what he did to her. What's he gonna do now? she hates him! Can't wait for the next chapter. =D.

Author's Response: yes, she does hate him. It took him like four years to figure that out, though. stupid, stupid charlie.

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Review #11, by grednforge217 Dear Charlie....

18th July 2007:
Here I am, reviewing my own things, just to make myself feel special. I hate all of you. :( I would be glad if you all would give me a review, but no. I hate you all.

Author's Response: Ha, oh Bannon.

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Review #12, by Hermione51 In Which we have Quidditch Tryouts and Percy Tries to get on a Broomstick

12th July 2007:
This story is so funny. I love how you have Charlie so desperate to figure out this girl's name. The song he sang was pretty funny, and I love Percy. he he. Please continue and update soon. :)

Author's Response: Thanks so much!! I love Percy too. I don't think that he gets enough time in the books or the movies to have everyone appreciate his full potential as someone funny!!

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Review #13, by Pottergirl17 In Which we have Quidditch Tryouts and Percy Tries to get on a Broomstick

28th May 2007:
Very good. I liked this chapter a lot. Hilarious how you had Percy trying to get onto the broom. =D. I think that you have captured how I would have imagined Charlie at school wonderfully. Great job.

Author's Response: Thanx sooo much :) Yr my best reviewer!!! :)

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Review #14, by dianap00 In Which we have Quidditch Tryouts and Percy Tries to get on a Broomstick

28th May 2007:
Lolz! Percy said “with the ladies”! i LOVE it. Anyway, Charlie is hilariously down about tryouts, that’s so different cause usually people write about it in a hugely pumped-up-hyper-active way. Me lieks the change. *smile* I wish the uber stupid people got medals…lolz. Thom sounds a more than a bit like an idiot…

That was fun. 10.

And it’s Quidditch… ‘t’… sorry, but it started to get to me after Percy said it, so blame him …

Author's Response: whoopsiedoodles!! Thanks for pointing that out!!! Thanks for reviewing!!

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Review #15, by dianap00 Of Blackmail and Madame Katarina

18th May 2007:
this story is lieks it tonz! seriously, i love funny...i love the song he sang, the twins would never let him live it down. 10.

Author's Response: Thanks!!!! You are sooo nice. :) I like Rachel too. Oh yes, the twins are going to give him some crap for being such a wacko.

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Review #16, by Hermione_XOXO_Ron Of Blackmail and Madame Katarina

11th May 2007:
I like this story a lot. Great idea about doing a story with Charlie. You don't see too many fics where he is the main character. Please update soon. :)

Author's Response: Thanks!!!! I love Charlie, and there isn't much about him in the books or movies. Chapter 4 is in progress!!!

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Review #17, by SilverQuill891 Of Blackmail and Madame Katarina

8th May 2007:
Nice writing. Interesting and well developed new characters as well as insight into old ones. Sorry I didn't comment all the chapters. The story all in all is good.

Author's Response: Thanks! That's really nice of you!!!

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Review #18, by Pottergirl17 Of Blackmail and Madame Katarina

24th April 2007:
Hey, loved that chapter...although I have already read it. There were no dramatic changes though from what I could tell, except for some small ones. Great job, though. I am waiting for the next chapter.

Author's Response: Both chapter four and five are in the works. (I'm working on both at the same time.)

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Review #19, by Pottergirl17 Whoopee Cushions, Discoveries, and the Importance of Cleanliness

12th April 2007:
That was a really great story, T! Can't wait till u add more! You are one of my fav authors now so be happy! LOL. Keep up the writing, and even though your sister thinks were weird, we can talk about our stories later! I'll be waiting for that cookie next time I see you! LOL!

Author's Response: Yes, you are one of my favorites as well. Thanks for the review.
What kind of cookie do you want?

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Review #20, by searching17 Whoopee Cushions, Discoveries, and the Importance of Cleanliness

12th April 2007:
lol. really good. i want a cookie!! lol. keep writing!

Author's Response: Yes, you are now entitiled to your cookie. What kind do you want?

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Review #21, by searching17 I Don't Even Know Her Name

12th April 2007:
lol. nice. keep writing!

Author's Response: Thanks so much!

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Review #22, by irish_dorcas I Don't Even Know Her Name

2nd March 2007:
thats so can't wait to see how it turns out!

Author's Response: thanx so much! I hope you like it!

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