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Review #1, by FredAndGeorgeForever We Must be Fools...

28th November 2009:
ahahahaaa, it was pretty good, and i have to agree with you, the draco/hermione ship is one that shouldn't really be thought of, but it was a valiant effort and your writing style was good enough to stop me from getting all worked up over the disgustingness of the entire situation. And ending where ron and hermione aren't together? I hadn't even concieved of it, and an ending where Harry and Ginny aren't together? even worse. Your writing was brilliant though, I love it.

Author's Response: I completely agree. I wish for nothing more than for the ship to crawl into a hole somewhere and disappear into oblivion xD. I know I'm being really harsh but something about this ship just makes me gag. Hehe, I thought that if I was going to write about an AU ship, might as well make the entire situation AU. I'm so glad you liked this story, even if you didn't like the ship ;). Thank you for the review!

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Review #2, by JessieAnne We Must be Fools...

21st May 2009:
it was so good(:
I can't wait to read more of your work.

Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #3, by Girldetective85 We Must be Fools...

23rd October 2008:
Hey Misty! Wow ... for a Draco/Hermione hater, you wrote one heck of a good Draco/Hermione one-shot! :) I liked how awkward and uncomfortable it was between them, because it was really realistic the way they talked with such stilted language and forced politeness. I guessed that they still had feelings for one another (after all, they both agreed to meet each other at the cafe) and I was proved right by that kiss at the end! This is an interesting twist that Hermione fell in love with and married Harry, yet when the war got too dangerous, Draco stole her away to protect her - yet he kept her from helping Harry, despite saving her life. Lots of complications there ... I wonder if they'll get together now that Hermione is a widow? But I guess she'll never forgive him for letting her husband die. This was a great one-shot and I loved the last sentence ... bittersweet and unresolved. 10/10

Author's Response: Aww Jules, you reviewed this little piece! It's one of my older ones so it means so much that you enjoyed reading this. *blush* I don't know about one heck but I do rather like the end result. It doesn't mean I like Dramione though ;p. Ah yes, stilted awkwardness. I aimed for realism (eventhough Dramione is far from realistic!) more than anything else so I'm glad it came across the way I intended. Reading back on that kiss, I had to cringed because, to me, it wasn't all that well-written. Ah well, that's what edits are for. Heheh, the way you put it, it sounds sooo soapy melodramatic. But then again, what Dramione isn't? xD. I'm such a Dramione basher. Thank you so much for the as always lovely review and far too generous rating! You're wonderful, Jules!


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Review #4, by KaraBlack We Must be Fools...

11th June 2008:
This was...really really good. It was extremely good, I loved it! The characterization of both Hermione and Draco were done very well.

The plot was extremely original and very interesting I want to read more :D

It flowed very well and I loved the explanation for why Harry and Hermione are married in the first place! :D It was just great!

I loved the way that its written and Its just...fantastic! :D



This is one of the best Dramiones one-shots I've read, great job!

Author's Response: Wow... 0_o. I requested for brutally honest so it's pretty shocking to find that this is anything but. Thank you so very much for your lovely comments and compliments, I can't thank you enough! One of the best?! Just woah! =D


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Review #5, by pandadude We Must be Fools...

2nd April 2008:
First off, I'm so sorry that this review took FOREVER to get to you. : *guilt*

Anyways, back to your story... it was great! :) I applaud you for taking up a ship that you hate and yet managing to craft a story of such raw emotion and well, fabulous-ness. ;P Your characterization was spot on and overall it was a well-rounded story. :D

Hesitance + first paragraph I think that your first paragraph is actually really good. I like the description you give, however it just is a little confusing because your switching in and out of plural vs. singular. Otherwise, great story!



Author's Response: Hehe, it's alright ^_^. Thank you for taking the time to review!

-blushes- Thank you very much! I wanted to create something different from the average Dramione and so I settled into Post-Hogwarts to give it some semblence of realism, if that makes any sense ;p. I'm so happy about the reception this fic has gotten thus far, it's quite surprising...

Really? Thank you for your kind words =). Urgh, yeah, I have a bad habit with that. I'm still improving though so I'll look into it. Thank you again for the review!


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Review #6, by hermione165 We Must be Fools...

26th December 2007:
wow! This is DRACO'S GIRL 165 from the forums and i thought this story was great! I absolutely love dramiones and i was wondering, would you ever make a novel of the time she had spent with draco when she was caught? That would be a really great story like this one! i would read it!

Author's Response: Hehe, thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it. I absolutely loathe dramiones but that is a thought, nobody has ever suggested to make a novel out of this before. *ponders for a moment*. If I get struck by a really strong plot bunny and have alot of time on my hands, I'll consider it ;). Thank you for the suggestion and the review!


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Review #7, by maraudersmap We Must be Fools...

12th December 2007:
Wow... I can't believe how much I actually loved this story! Because... well, I can't stand Dramione. Couldn't stand Dramione, I mean. :P But this was just amazing! I have no better word for it! It was so angsty and romantic and amazing... You have captured their feelings perfectly. I'm not sure if I'll continue reading this ship, but I still love this story. Amazing. Defenitely adding to my favs! :D

Author's Response: *high-fives* Same as you dear, I hate this ship so much... grrr euw! I really appreciate you taking the time to read and review this even though you hate the ship but liked my interpretation of it. Haha, I don't read stories with this ship myself (well, except maybe CelticKisses but that's coz she's awesome). But woah, thank you so much for your lovely review and the fav add!


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Review #8, by jyyl94 We Must be Fools...

11th October 2007:
Hey, its me, the one you requested to review your story =] To start off, OMG ! BRILLIANT STORY ! It has already gone to my favourites ! Your descriptions of everything are way more than perfect, with you writing in paragraphs and leaving only conversations to be in lines. Great job on it, you don't keep your readers distracted while reading your story. Though you may not be a fan of Dramione ships, I'm a HUGE fan of them, which is why I consider this story one of the best I've ever read ! You did a very brilliant job on this story, even though you're not a fan of this ship. A very well done with this one, and keep the good work up !

Author's Response: Hi there! First off, I'd like to thank you for taking the time to review this =). LoL, wow, glad to see that you used capital letters ;).Yay, that's great to hear! My descriptions, to me, are far from perfect just yet but I think that I took some risks here that slightly paid off. That's good, I favor that technique in my writing so I'm happy someone pointed it out that it works. Heheh, that's why I asked for your opinion, seeing as how you read them more than I do ;). Wow, that's a huge compliment that I don't think I even deserve but thank you so much! Wow, it means alot that you enjoyed my sad attempt at Dramione, thank you for the great review!


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Review #9, by AussieAnatomy627 We Must be Fools...

10th August 2007:
For lack of better words, it was: AMAZING!

Author's Response: Yay! That's the best word you can give me dearie ;).


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Review #10, by Sweet Sin We Must be Fools...

3rd June 2007:
How can you hate the Draco/Hermione ship? This was so beautifully written-- angsty, tension-filled, honest, sad, gentle, passionate (for a small, lovely paragraph)...
It was so sad to find out the Harry was paralyzed (=(...) Poor Hermione.

I loved the ending; Draco letting go. So sad.

Great writing! (brad pitt as draco... hmmm)

Author's Response: Well, it's more of the fact that most Dramione's have the same cliche formula and it's rather annoying which is why I wanted to try something different with this fic. I'm happy it turned out well. Aaaw, thank you! Woah, it's pretty cool that I managed to cram all those emotions into one story ^_^.

Hehe, that was my mean twist ;). Draco being the strong one.

Thank you! (Hehe, I always thought he made a good older Draco.)

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Review #11, by sweet__dreams We Must be Fools...

13th May 2007:
Very good, full of emotion. The title sort of confuses me, but other than that, awesome story. Catchy title, though like i said before, a bit confusing. Very detailed, i couldn't spot any grammar or spelling mistakes. Wonderfully written, good job.

Author's Response: Thank you! Hehe, well, the title is about like how Draco and Hermione are so obviously not suited for each other or friendship. They had an affair during the war but yet when they met in the coffe shop, there's animosity and tension between them. They can't go through two sentences without aggravating the other. Yet they still have feelings for each other. So they're each kinda thinking "How can we be lovers if we can't be friends?" I hope that cleared things up =) I reckon I went a bit overboard though LoL! Thank you for the compliments, I had to go over this a million times to get it to seem right. Thank you again!


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Review #12, by Broken_Innocence We Must be Fools...

13th May 2007:
lol. I myself have given that girl many flaming reviews over her writing before. It was a wonderful one shot of which you should be proud. I'm not usually a one shot fan but you seemed to draw me in without much trouble which takes a lot I must say. I loved you descrition and the balance between it and your dialogue. I hope that you keep this standard because you will be/already are one of the best authors here.

Author's Response: Heheh, seriously? Phew, I thought I was the only one ;). *Blush* That's really nice of you to say. I am proud of this, surprisingly enough ;p. Woah, really? That's great! I'm honored that you were drawn to this. 0_0.... You have no idea what a compliment that is. While I rather like my dialogue, I think my descriptions kinda fall flat and sorta sucks. But thank you for thinking otherwise. Hopefully I'll improve with more stories to come. Those are big words, you have no idea.

Thank you so much for the awesome review!!!


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Review #13, by prongsie_potter_rulez We Must be Fools...

8th May 2007:
Ah. I share your Dramione hate. Damn Celtic for making them seem perfect.

First: the *Ding*. I'd rather it be Ding. Makes it seem less... umm... well, more mature. I think. O.o

And, also, whenever you mentioned Ron going with Lavender and Ginny going with Neville... I felt it was a bit casual.

Apart from that, the whole thing was perfect!! Well done!!!


Author's Response: Too true, I have no idea how she does it *mutters*.

Heheh, I guess you're right but I just thought that with the **, the readers can actually feel the ding if that makes sense ;p. I'll look into it =).

I see what you're saying but I thought of potraying it not as casual but more of a sense of detachment. Hermione wants to think of it as not happening to her but to someone else. I enjoyed writing those parts but I think you have a good point, even I feel that I didn't do the scene justice. When I'm not feeling too lazy, I'll do my best to improve it =).

Thank you! I am surprisingly proud of this little piece :).


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Review #14, by delta We Must be Fools...

1st May 2007:
Misty-Rey! *huggles*

I saw this story somewhere (don't remember where) and decided to check it out. :D

I'm really intriguied that you wrote this despite it being your anti-ship, but I see what you mean with it being a challenge and with the plot-bunny and all. I've actually written a D/Hr and read a fair number of them. I've found the good ones to be great and the bad ones to be horrible. /semi-rant :P

Anywho, I really enjoyed reading this. I loved your portrayal of Hermione's situation - how she was kidnapped by Draco, how Ron left her and Ginny left Harry, and how her and Harry got married solely to comfort each other. The tension between her and Draco is real and palpable, and you truly managed to convey their emotions beautifully. I loved the ending - how its bittersweet and heartbreaking. Wonderful job. :D

Author's Response: Delta! *hugs back!*

I know what you mean. There are some that I have read and liked and some where I read the summary and was wincing. Aaaw, I miss you and your awesome reviews! LoL, I'm glad you found this somewhere and checked it out =).

Oooh, I read your D/Hr about halfway through. Right after responding this, I'll go and read&review it!

Thank you! Wow, when you just summarized it, it looks so melodramatic. >_

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Review #15, by T vivacious We Must be Fools...

6th April 2007:
Great development of the character's relationship and plot

Author's Response: Aww, thanks for the short but sweet words =). Very much appreciated.

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Review #16, by Magic_Marker We Must be Fools...

16th March 2007:
I really liked this! I loved how Draco told her to go home and left her first. It's a rather bleak view of the future for the Potterverse, but a more life-like one, where things don't go as they had been planned. Nice job! =)

Author's Response: Thank you, Caroline! ;) Yeah, I was a bit afraid that that might seem OoC but I'm glad you liked it =). Heheh, really depressing but I love my angst *winks*. I like the unpredictability of this fic too, I enjoyed planning it all out. Thank you for the review dear!

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Review #17, by Drucila We Must be Fools...

15th March 2007:
hmm...interesting..i dont usually read draco/hermione or even harry/hermione, but this was pretty good :), i didnt like that ron was with lavender (ron and luna! :D) and that ginny left harry mione to save her :D... all in all it did make for a good read :D

Author's Response: I don't read either, it's just too weird for me... Heheh, I don't fancy Ron with Luna much and I don't really think Ginny would do something like that. But thank you for thinking it's good all the same. =)

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Review #18, by YayItsMe We Must be Fools...

13th March 2007:
That was brilliant! I loved it. How so you add to favourites 'coz I can't seen to figure out how and I really want to add yours


Author's Response: Thank you! Well, you have to have an account first, then when you come to this story again, you'll see on the page somewhere 'Add this to your Favs'. Hope I helped ;).

Thank you for the rating!

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Review #19, by magic29 We Must be Fools...

5th March 2007:

Ok, so I agree with your sentiments on the Draco/Hermione ship, lol. But I (this really surprised me) liked this fic, it was very good, so here's the major points;

1) Organization & spacing: Very good, you have a good sense of spacing that makes it easy to read the story. (2/2 )

2) Paragraphs & Pacing: It was really good at the start, but near the end the last few paragraphs had gotten a bit too long, and it made it feel a bit rushed. (1/2)

3) Grammar and Spelling: Good job, not a single mistake to be found o_0 (2/2)

4) Length: It was wonderfully long, thank heavens (1/1)

5) Writing Style: Very good, I liked that you were so descriptive of Hermione's emotions, it made it shockingly real (which is extremely weird because I hate Draco/Hermione with a passion). (2/2)

6) Banner & Summary: You have a good eye catching banner and a nice summary here. (1/1)

So based on all that you get (9/10)

Author's Response: Hi!

Yeah, Dramione=euw, but glad you like this anyway. It was a surprise to me too ;).

1)Aaw, thanks but I owe that to instinct ;).

2)Hmm, I do get what you're saying. I admit I rushed at the end, just because I wanted to finish it. I'll see what I can do about that.

3)Heheh, gotta love Microsoft Word. My writing would be icky without it.

4)Thanks! I quite like the length myself.

5)*blush* Wow, that was a huge compliment. I enjoyed writing her emotions.

6)For the banner, I'm totally grateful to padme_alejandra, she's an incredible artist. And the summary, most of the words come from Micheal Bolton.

Yay! Very cool rating! This was an enjoyable review, thank you so much for it!

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Review #20, by Nevermore_Rose We Must be Fools...

2nd March 2007:
This is an excellent one shot! I felt it pull on tiny strings in my heart, seriosuly! I wish they could ahve been together, and the fact that you could invoke those kind of emotions in a reader makes this story really good, and you were able to do that with a ship you don't like! This really was great, you should write more D/Hr!

Author's Response: Thank you! I tried really hard to make this fic not your typical Dramione story and I'm so happy it worked out. Hehehe, I don't know about more Dramione pieces, if I have the ideas, possibly I'll write them. The best I can say is "We'll see..." ;)

Thank you for the lovely review!

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Review #21, by Kira We Must be Fools...

2nd March 2007:
I must first give you props for writing a ship that you hate. I really hate this ship too and I can never get up the nerve to write it. So well done in accomplishing what I cannot. Overall, I liked it very much. Interesting plot and a little window into what happened to all the other characters rather than just HG and DM. The part where he kidnaps her to protect her reminds me of V for Vendetta. I don't know if you ever saw that movie but in it the guy imprisons the girl to help her overcome her fear of the world. To save her pretty much.

When Draco kept Hermione in that house to save her and protect her it reminded me of that movie. It is an interesting concept. Hurting people (well sort of) to help them. I like this story very much. Most DM and HG stories are just horrible to me. They are always written so wildly out of character that I just cringe.

I liked this story so very much. I'm adding it to my favs!

Author's Response: Thanks! It was tricky at times but I rather like how it turned out overall. I still hate Dramione but meh *shrugs*. I wanted to do a little different plot, I thought it was too cheesy to make them 7th years so I stuck to making them adults. Yup, that was my favorite part to write, writing about what could possibly happen to the other characters. I know the movie but I've never seen it. Ironically, my coming banner for this fic features Natalie Portman from that movie ^_^. Weird.

Thank you! Yeah, I feel the same. It is incredibly rare for me to read a Dramione coz they pretty much all have the same plot.

Oh wow, thank you! That is awesome!
Thanks for the review!

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Review #22, by LovelyMioneWeasley We Must be Fools...

1st March 2007:
Well by the lovely advice of a_shooting_star, I decided to come check your stories out. And I'm mighty glad I did. First off, along with your rant, I hate Draco/Hermione, but you and CelticKisses write it amazingly and if a ship is written well, I will read it.

Calling this written well would be an understatement. You did an amazing job describing the surrondings and the behaviors of both characters. You kept Hermione and Draco, especially, in character. I was so impressed with this. You should be so proud of this. It's a real awesome story and I enjoyed reading it very much.

Author's Response: Steff is incredibly awesome, darn her ^_^ ;) ;p. Thanks! Yes, I still hate le Dramione *gags* but I like to think I added a little twist to this one. Yup, CelticKisses is the queen of Dramione ;).

Seriously?! Wow, coming from a talented writer like you, that is a huge compliment *blush*. Thank you! I think I'm most bad at description so that was a real boost. I wanted to keep them as canon as possible, even in a totally uncanon pairing. Hermione still being her thinking too much self and Draco being his arrogant self ;). I am, surprisingly. Writing angst is very enjoyable, as strange as it sounds. Thank you so much, I appreciate the compliments. Tell Steff I said hiya and hugs ;).


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Review #23, by a_shooting_star We Must be Fools...

25th February 2007:
Wow, just wow. Considering it's your anti-ship, I thought you did an excellent job in writing it. And your rant made me laugh. I've never read a Dramione before but 'cos its written by you, I thought I would give it a try.

I really felt for Hermione and I thought you had her in character very well. Her thoughts were very much like I would imagine them to be.

The dialogue between Hermione and Draco was very real. The recollections of the war were interesting and very well-written. It just seemed real, almost as if it could happen.

I liked the last line. she turned heel and started walking to the place she convinced herself everyday was home. - I just thought that it made even more sad and heartwrenching that Hermione was living a life that she wasn't convinced she wanted.

I really enjoyed it :) It was very well written and I think, especially as it was a ship you didn't like, you did an amazing job. 10/10!

Author's Response: *Huge blush* You're the wow, Steff. Yeah, it is my anti-ship but I'm sorta proud of how this thing turned out =). Aaaw, it's so sweet that you read this just becoz I wrote this. See, I knew there was a reason I like you so much!

I didn't want to make Hermione too woe is me but not annoying like in the books. So I settled for real. Thanks! I like bitter, silly Hermione too.

Dialogue is my favorite part to write in any fic ^_^. I imagine if following canon, their banter would be a cat and mouse game, don't you think ;)? For this particular fic, the recollections was one of the toughest to write but I'm most proud of them, you're the first reviewer to point it out.

That last line was a last minute addition, it was actually something else but I thought this sounded better ;). Aaaw, you make it sound so poetic loff, it's incredibly sweet.

You're too lovely, you know that right? *Squee* Thanks for the awesome rating and review, I adore them!

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Review #24, by CelticKisses We Must be Fools...

17th February 2007:
First, my love, I'm am extremely impressed. It is not often that I am able to be captivated by any story around here, but this one was just that; entirely catpivating. The level of creativity in this plot is astounding and yes, I'm going to have to say, you've made me proud and in all honesty, it reminds me of my own stories. ^_- Very proud of you love. Ha ha you flamed me eh? I vaguely remember so... but I find it amusing that you did and entirely heart warming that you have changed your mind. This story has also given me the idea of opening a new section on my website and I'm also spotlighting this piece of work. Brava, my dear.

Author's Response: Seriously?! Okay,that is a huge compliment coming from you. Yay!!! Oh gosh, i've been reading this review over and over again, just in shock at all the wonderful (and kinda undeserving) compliments you're giving me. Heheh, like your stories? Very cool. ^_^. Aaaw, glad I made you proud dear. Yesh I did *is ashamed*, very stupid of me but I was a newbie at the time... Weeelll, technically, I still can't stand Dramione but I still like you =). OMG, that is incredible, this little fic spotlighted?! Thank you, thank you thank you!

Thanks for the wonderful review Loff.

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Review #25, by GrayFlower We Must be Fools...

17th February 2007:
Sad but good

Author's Response: Thank you for the short but sweet review.

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