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Review #1, by TheColdFlame Ma Petite

27th February 2011:
This is amazing. So Sad tho

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Review #2, by taylor Ma Petite

6th December 2008:
ugh. i hated it. needs more romance.

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Review #3, by Animagus911 Ma Petite

20th May 2007:
Its very good. Keep up the good work!

btw I told you I would make you a banner for "Dear Ollie" so here is the link:

Author's Response: Oh goodness!


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Review #4, by Phoenix Fires Ma Petite

9th May 2007:
Ooer. I'm not a Ginny/Draco person but I wanted to read this one. have to say it was very well written and that pleasantly depressing. Despite my most popular fic being a comedy I love angst, but whenever I tried to write one it makes no sense so I am very jealous ;). Really liked this story, keep up the good work I want more to read! heh heh

Author's Response: Wow. I'm so flattered! I have always considered you one of the wittiest writers on this website! Your stories are worshipped by any who read them!

(Melts a bit)

I have always been a fan of comedies, myself. But somehow whatever I write turns out this way. Sort of angsty and bitter. I have tried to write fluff, which tends to turn a bit racy and is generally not allowed on this site. Heh.

Thank you so very very much, I am so very pleased you enjoyed it! One of my other things is in limbo, so maybe you'll take a look at that too.


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Review #5, by smallschoolbag Ma Petite

7th May 2007:
since you very kindly left me a review, i thought i'd return the favour. I like the story, especially how you managed to fit the words in nicely. However, I feel as if it's...somehow incomplete. Like how you could have elaborated a bit more about their past, perhaps? I do, however, like the fact that Voldemort won the war, and that the Golden Trio had actually gasp died. haha. Anyways, sorry for the messy review, but all in all, I still rather enjoyed it. =]

Author's Response: Yes, I'm contemplating revising it a bit, adding a little bit more. You are not the first person to say this, so perhaps I should look into it!

Thank you for the compliments and the criticism! It's always nice to be taken seriously! :)

Ha, I always wanted to kill off the golden trio, because they are the center of the books. I was always curious, what happens if you take Harry, Ron and Mione out of the equation? Everything falls apart, obviously. But what of who's left over?

This review is far from messy. It's overflowing with opinion and honesty! Thank you very much and I'm glad you enjoyed it! :)

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Review #6, by Darkheart Ma Petite

6th May 2007:
You were kind enough to review my fic, I thought I should return the favor.

First off, I love that song! I never really thought it'd go well with Draco/Ginny, but you pulled it off, well done! The ending was sad, but well written. I don't usually read songfics, but I'm glad I gave this one a chance! Good job, hope to read more of your work soon!

Author's Response: Oh my goodness! It seems my obbsession with reviewing has paid of, some of my favorite authors have reviewed my humble one-shot! :)

It's an amazing song and honestly it always made me think of what would happend if Harry lost the war. I love Ginny and it all kind of fell into place I guess.

Thank you very much for reviewing, I am honored!

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Review #7, by nana_banana_xx3 Ma Petite

5th May 2007:
Wow. This--this--oh dear. I think I'm going to have a hard time writing this review.

Um...I hardly know what to say! Brilliant, I suppose is a good word to start with. Gosh I love this! Brilliantly written, Brilliant plot, Brilliant song choice--so good!

I have absolutely nothing poor to say, so I'll just leave it there!

oh, and **AHEM** I DO want more!

10/10! (obviously)

my favorite parts...

1. Draco had been a depressed wreck for most of his miserable life.
(I giggled despite myself)

2. Her hopelessness had tarnished her innocent shine
and she felt like a dirty cup in a house where no one did the dishes. Draco kept scrubbing at the
stains but by now all the abuse and hurt had oozed into her tattered soul.
(That's beautifully written)

3. God, you smell good.
(I hope that my last words are smiliar. ;))

Author's Response: Oh, wow. I had so not expected one of my favorite authors to read this! -nervously falls out of chair- I am so completely honored and totally humiliated that you've read this. Lol, mixed feelings are my specialty and well wow. Um, thanks so so so much! No one else seemed to really like it very much and it was a totally randomly written sort of thing.

I admit I can feel my manic arrogance surfacing at your compliments. Nothing poor to say at all? Wow. That is a huge surprise and relief.

Her last words are something so dear to me. It's the sort of frivolous yet deeply meaningful expression which I think suited Ginny. :) It was one of my favorite things to write.

And as for more. I am currently transfering all of my files onto a new computer. So several of my fanfics (written last winter) will be posted! I hope so much that you read them and review them as your opinion means a very great deal to me! I worship you now so much more than I already did!

Brilliant is my new favorite word! :DDD

Thank you! Lots of love, hugs and adoration! :)))

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Review #8, by Noirette Ma Petite

9th March 2007:
I thought it was good until the end, where it kind of lapsed into soppy soap opera predictableness. Rework the ending to have a bit more substance or something, the whole speaking in French thing is slightly overrated and overplayed. And weeping on the hearth isn't exactly the best way of putting it, in my opinion. But of course, that is precisely what this is, MY opinion. So do whatever, but think about my comments, okay?

Author's Response: Thanks both for the compliment and the criticism! Its nice to find people who give their honest opinion! It's funny that you should say that about the end. I wrote the beginning when I wanted to write, and then hastily finished. Maybe next time I feel like I should, I'll finish this one better. :) The french was something I threw in playfully, as were her last words (Though you did not comment on those.) They were phrases that mean something in my life. I was not going for wistfully romantic or foreign mystery with the french. My sister speaks it and says that to me often. "Je taime, ma petite." At the time when this was written it was the only love I felt I had or was valid. Sorry for the rambling explanation. I felt the need to defend my soppy, overplayed ending without telling you you are wrong or that I am simply misunderstood. I hope I did not come across as anything but thankful for your pleasingly blunt review.

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Review #9, by LilyK Ma Petite

28th February 2007:
I think it would be interesting if you wrote a prequel so that we could see what had happened in the past that led the characters to this point.
Great angsty fic!

Author's Response: Thank you for the review and suggestion. I will consider a prequel, though it is doubtful I will attempt to write one. :)

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Review #10, by octans_orion Ma Petite

17th February 2007:
i like this, although i feel like it could do with a bit more padding, but that seems to be a common theme in song fics, maybe it's just me.
good un :)

Author's Response: It was a spur of the manic moment kind of story. Not meant to be padded or harsh or common. Sorry you did not enjoy it.

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Review #11, by OneDamselsKiss Ma Petite

17th February 2007:
cute! good job!

Author's Response: Thank you kindly!

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Review #12, by kalig_nostragon Ma Petite

16th February 2007:
:) Good job, gives me goosebumps..I just don't understand why she died though?
I liked the song

Author's Response: Goosebumps are good. :)

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Review #13, by pens82 Ma Petite

16th February 2007:
sad but good

Author's Response: Thanks! :D

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Review #14, by cAughtonFire Ma Petite

16th February 2007:
very well written. Most people just descirbe draco and ginny's realtionship as if it were cannon. Great job making it as complicated as it should be! 10/10


ps YAY first review =]

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reviewing! And I was trying to go for complicated so Fanks! I can't believe you gave me a ten! :DDD

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