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Review #1, by snape_is_good Boston

23rd August 2007:
Awesome! You're really good at ending sentences!! It wraps everything up in a complete, fun to read way! :) That was pretty good! 10/10!! :D

Author's Response: Thanks Again!

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Review #2, by Frenchie41 Boston

18th April 2007:
Oh, that's so sad! This song was playing on my radio when I found your story. Kind of a weird coincidence, but it sounded really great with your story. I also live just outside of Boston, so the songs really close to my heart. I loved this so much. I feel so bad for Ginny now, though. I find it hard to believe that Harry would ever do that to her, but you make it seem very real. You did a great job. 10/10!

Author's Response: Harry never would do that to Ginny, that's why I made it seem as such. But in the end I thought I made it pretty clear that he was. But now that I think of it, it might sound like Ginny is saying that Harry is dead to her, not in the general "dead" sense, as you can imagine. Maybe I'll go back and change it, but maybe I don't care enough, *chuckle*. Anyway, thanks ever-so for reviewing, I love new reviews!! Bye!

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Review #3, by missmurder Boston

7th March 2007:
My gosh... This story is amazing!! So sad, and so beautiful. I love this song, so it was nice to see someone make a song fic out of it. Definite 10/10. Keep on writing amazing stories!

Author's Response: Yay! Thanks for reviewing! And apart from popular belief, I DO actually mean that every time I say it. Lol, I'm glad you liked it, I enjoy killing of Harry and making Ginny all sad. 'Tis fun.

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Review #4, by tarataratara Boston

4th March 2007:
First off, I absolutely love this story. It was very beautifully and descriptively written and you're an amazing writer. And second, I love this song. Good choice of lyrics to go with this.

Author's Response: Yay! Thanks for reviewing. I mean what else can I say? I love reviews!! Don't we all?!?! Yeah, I'm sure we do.

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Review #5, by Herculeha Boston

3rd March 2007:
Oh, that was lovely! I absolutely love the song "Boston," so I had to read this story. I really like one-shots in letter form, and this is no exception. I think this describes perfectly how Ginny really feels about her relationship with Harry. She seemed so positive that she could deal with his roaming and his desire to "protect" her at the end of the sixth book, but I always wondered if that was how she really felt inside. This was great! Nicely done.

Author's Response: Thank you very much! I'm glad you liked it so much. And I love reviews. Ok.. ok... I sound gushy, mushy, sappy, and this respond sounds overused, but you must understand that I really do appreciate reviews. Thank you again for your's. :D

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Review #6, by Mother War Boston

25th February 2007:
i was so glad to see someone used this 'Boston' in a song fic. its mine and this kids song who im in love with and i wanted to use it but didnt know how, and this is great :]

Author's Response: Oh cool! I'm sorry this was about a death of a loved one and saying goodbye then. :D

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Review #7, by bluemoonradiogirl Boston

25th February 2007:
*wipes tear from eye* Nice job. The song fits well with this story, but you might want to italics or bold the song lyrics so that people don't get confused. Brillant job. ~10/10~ BMRG

Author's Response: I went back and bold-ed the lyrics as well as italized them. So no worries. Thanks.


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Review #8, by whocares Boston

25th February 2007:
AW. Poor Ginny! STUPID HARRY! Why do we all seem to kill Harry and leave Ginny all depressed? You, and me and blue. Has OHH killed Harry off yet? I can't remember. Bad me! Bad, bad, bad! I like this, cause she's all mopey and depressed and stuff and then she's like WHATEVER! I'M LEAVING. lol. But you should put the song lyrics in italics or bold or something. Otherwise it just looks like they're part of her letter, and they're not. *pointed look* *points at pointed look* There were a couple grammatical errors and suchness. The lyrics went all wacky and 'entered' at the wrong spot a couple times. Fix that. Do it. lol. Why the heck did Harry have to go and die?? I hate him for dying. When will he ever learn? Probably never, right? Yeah, probably never. I would say something constructive and helpful to your writing style, but I'm pathetic and can't >_> The constructive/helpful side of my brain dies in the presence of fluff, and we all know there's enough fluff in my brain right now to kill the constructive/helpful side in anyone. Wow, this is probably my longest review ever. And it's filled with nothing. Shwick!! You get an 8/10, because there were so grammatical baddies and it was short *pointed look, again*



(why no, I'm not crazy...)

Author's Response: There. I went back and fixed them. The reason they had been all wacky was because I had to use the old editor version because the newer one simply refused to load. Thanks for reviewing!


(And yes, you are)

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Review #9, by Proud Hufflepuff Boston

19th February 2007:
Oh. My. God. That was sad. Incredibly sad, what more can I say? You used a fantastic song and wrote an amazing story.

Author's Response: Thank you. I love that song. You should check out more of Augustana's stuff. They're good. Glad you reviewed!

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Review #10, by casizzle21 Boston

18th February 2007:
cool story 10/10

Author's Response: Thanks! XD

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Review #11, by Savanna Weasley Boston

17th February 2007:
Good fic

But it was sad. Me no like sad! Sad bad! lol! 10/10

Author's Response: Sorry, but I like sad stories. They stay with you longer. Thanks for reviewing. I love reviews. *bounces up and down happily*

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Review #12, by Ella_Cappachino Boston

17th February 2007:
Wow, I was really wanting to do that as a song fic but I couldn't figure out how. nice one.

Author's Response: Thanks. It was hard. *wipes brow*

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Review #13, by Nymphie Lupin Boston

16th February 2007:
*sniff* *sniff* OMG! I really enjoyed this! A ten out of ten!!! I love that song! It's actually one of my favorite songs ever!!! Partially because I want to go to Boston and live there, tough I am a NY mets fan and I don't know if that would go over well with the local die-heart Red Sox fans. But at least I'm not a Yankee fan!
I don't know if I'm the only one, but doesn't it seem that psychiatrists are arrogant and are always bragging about how successful they are. I've always thought that through some of their actions. But that might just be through the movies I watch b/c I don't actually go to one. I'm sure they help a lot of people.
Poor Ginny!!! I feel so bad! it must be hard to be alone with the love of your life dead!!! *sniff* *sniff* I've always been a Ginny/harry shipper and I always cry with fics that have one of them dead! Oh well, I need to get over myself!!! Maybe I do need to see a psychiatrist!!! LOL!!! JK!!!

Author's Response: I'm not too into sports unfortunatly. But I understand what you mean.

I bet that image, though widely accepted, is merely a stereotype. Though I wouldn't know.

I hope you didn't cry too much, though I'm glad you liked it so much. Thank you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much for reviewing, it's such a nice thing to log on to. *hints to everyone else*... *sigh*

Thanks again!


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Review #14, by perlyann Boston

16th February 2007:
It's really strange

Author's Response: In a good way I hope. :) Thank you ever-so for reviewing! *loves reivews*

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