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Review #1, by Potterholic Chapter 1

23rd December 2007:
Nice chapter! I really like how you wrote the founders and their argument. Salazar/Helga make for an interesting pairing, and I’m looking forward to reading more about them. The Sorting Hat song was inserted nicely too, and I like how you wrote Harry and Ginny too. Keep up the good work!

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Review #2, by SilverShadow04 Chapter 4

30th June 2007:
Two different moments of time I've never seen this done before good job on the originality. I like how you've captured Harry's and the other personalities. Very canon to me. Can't wait to see what happen's next. Oh and Ron's eyes are blue so Ginny's might be as well.

Author's Response: Heyy, thanks for the awesome review! Yeah, I think you will be surprised with what I have planned. Hopefully you will like it!

About the eyes: if you check Cos JKR mentions that Ginny and the other's eyes are indeed BROWN.

Thanks for checking, tho :)

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Review #3, by almost_witch Chapter 4

18th April 2007:
I'm so glad it's up. I liked this chapter, and I'm glad that Ginny, Ron and Hermione watched him walk away, it makes a little more sense. Well done.

Author's Response: ahh. thanks! Im glad you liked it, and that it helped clear some things up. That was my goal, so, Im glad to here it stuck with you.

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Review #4, by almost_witch Chapter 3

22nd March 2007:
I'm really liking this and I'm enjoying the way it is unfolding. I can't wait for more, it's moving along really well.

Author's Response: Thankies! Yeah, I have a major plot planned, its just the matter of getting it out for you all to see. Im glad you are enjoying it, though, and, hopefully, I can finish chapter four soon.

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Review #5, by DarkNovember88 Chapter 1

20th March 2007:
nicely put. i'll carry on reading. keep it up :)

Author's Response: Thanks. I'm glad you liked it up to this point.

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Review #6, by Forbidden_Hatred Chapter 3

19th March 2007:
You listed six horcruxes, yet you say there are seven...? Sorry if I'm sounding cruel, I really like the story so far :)

Update soon!

Author's Response: there are seven, as far as JKR hints, the seventh is Voldemort himself.

I'm glad you pointed it out, for prior knowledge, if anyone else is confused.

If you were to go back and check HBP, you would see, Harry completely ignores the fact that the seventh is Voldemort the majority of the time, so, its in character.

Again, glad you brought it up, and I am glad you like it. Im almost done with chapter four :P

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Review #7, by almost_witch Chapter 2

12th March 2007:
I knew I would love this story! Well, I can't wait for more, your writting it so well. Well done. :)

Author's Response: thankies!!! I'll let you know when chappie 3 is validated (waiting now)



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Review #8, by almost_witch Chapter 1

12th March 2007:
Ahhh... yes! I am so glad you PMed me and reminded me about this fic. I'm really loving where is is going, of course the big gaps between the paragraphs is slightly annouying, but switching to the simple editor can fix that.

Well done, onto the next.

Author's Response: I did chappie 3 and re-edited the others with that, because you are very right:) however, until those are re-validated, you guys are only seeing he spaced-out ones...

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Review #9, by xLaurx Chapter 1

8th March 2007:
I'm reading ... I'm reviewing! Woot! XD Liked the first chapter! I like how you did the Salazar, Hegla, Godric, and Rowena thing at the beginning - original! =D

Author's Response: coolness, so glad to see you here! XD lol.

so glad you like though, because I was so afriad that would confuse people, you know? well, hopefull you'll get to chappie two soon, and FYI everyone, I am almost recovered from my writers block for chapter three.


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Review #10, by LostMaeblleshire Chapter 2

26th February 2007:
Ginny (and whoever else reads this because it is impossible to get privacy at the Burrow)... I love this line! It made me giggle aloud a little, though such a reaction hardly befits the mood of the story. XD Anyway, I meant to mention in the last chapter that I really do like your Salazar. You make him different from Helga in the way that they speak, which I really do like. I'm eager to read the next chapter, and I can't wait to see the connection between the Founders and the Trio!

Author's Response: yeah, I am so nervous about chapter three because it is where, as I think I said in my post at SAYS, where everything ties together, its a hugely important chapter, and if I mess itup could be crucial. But it is coming-- I promise

Glad you like him, I thought the founders would be hard to characterize, but I think it is actually quite easy, personally.

I am also getting this beta-ed by Mara (Anony_Mouse) and it should make it all flow better. :)


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Review #11, by LostMaeblleshire Chapter 1

26th February 2007:
Ah, I'm so very glad to find another Helga/Salazar story. I do so love that pairing. ♥ This was great, though the only thing I have to mention is some of your Founders dialogue. A lot of it is the same as that which is in Yellow Charm Green Indifference. It's only a few lines, so... *shrugs* Just thought I'd mention it. Other than that, I do very much like this.

Author's Response: umm.. coincedence maybe? i dunno, that is complete coinceece cuz I started to read that fic, but I never finished it. That actually is a bit wierd.....
lol. oh well, just know it wasnt on purpose.

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Review #12, by Anony_Mouse Chapter 1

16th February 2007:
Anjii, that is one awesome start.

At first, I thought it was just going to be a Founder's fic, but the part between Harry and his friends.you've made me incredibly excited about where this is going!

Your description is good. I love this line, "There were tears in her eyes; her mesmerizing green eyes were moist with tears." It put a really nice image in my mind, and that wasn't the only one.

I also like how you did the dialogue. It can be so boring when people constantly use "said" all the time, but you did more than that. Though there were a few minor errors that halted the flow-I can tell you what they are, if you want-but you really are getting so much better, it's amazing (and nothing against where you were were before)!

I love where this is going. I'm definitely going to add it to my fav's!

-Mara, :-)

Did I tell you that my new oneshot and "Chapter Five" of LAF are up? (I haven't checked my reviews yet). If not...well, they are! :D

Author's Response: thank you, and I wl re-read thiss, because I am sure you are right about the flow but I asked for someone to beta this, and sent it to them, but they didnt send it back and it had been over a week, so I just posted it. Anways,I checked out LAF, and I begato read i, but havent had a chance to review yet.Glad you liked it tho Mara

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Review #13, by sweetredrose Chapter 1

14th February 2007:
:D Yay! I like this so far, its very beautifully written, especially when describing the Founder's relationships. And you've got all the characters very..in-character. Which is hard to say for a lot of stories. ^.~ Salazar is such a coward! :P And Helga is loyal. Godric is brave. Rowena is clever. :o And you got Harry, Ginny, Ron & Hermione down right as well! Well done! :D

Author's Response: wow thank you, and I do hope you will continue to read the story :) Wow. I was home sick today, and you have just made my day! I have been so eww today, so thank you. I am so happy now, you just have no idea, plus, this is my first shot at a novella/novel on hPFF, so so glad you took to it! ohhh yay... thank you soo much!

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