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Review #1, by rougette Stupid Boy

1st June 2009:
Very cute! Although I don't like the *~*~ in the story, it really distracts from the reading. The italics seperates the song from the story. Other than that, very nice!

Author's Response: thanks so much! :) I never really thought about how that could distract! Thanks for the advice!

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Review #2, by Haley_Pitter Stupid Boy

14th July 2007:
That was amazing! The song fit so perfectly too! Great job!


Author's Response: :) thanx

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Review #3, by SlytherinSweetheart6 Stupid Boy

11th February 2007:
oh... i really like this song.. and your fic was good too! 10/10

Author's Response: thanks!

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Review #4, by Kagome Higurashi Stupid Boy

8th February 2007:
Well, her name is Alex Alva. She has raven-black hair, violet colored eyes. She usually wears teh color black and is in Gryffendore. She has a crush on Harry, but then really likes Draco at the same time. Thanx Star! You rock and so does your story!

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Review #5, by kita granger182 Stupid Boy

8th February 2007:
yeah.. i kinda guessed that.. but wanted to make sure... no it was good! cause he has been doing the same stuff to a bunch of my friends and i emailed him the song now he gets it and has been going around and appologizing to ever girl! I luv u star! lol! hehe! MWAH! ur a wonder! i still say i am gonna be the first one in line to buy all of your books! ill sleep out side if i have to!!!

Author's Response: u emailed him the song??? wow! go Kita!!! luv u too kita! MWAH! ur more wonderous!!!! and ull probably have a copy of the book before it hits the public stores!!!

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Review #6, by Kita Granger182 Stupid Boy

7th February 2007:
AW!!! i like it!!! wait.. now what! doesn't any one love me! lol! jk! Any way! LOVE IT! totally.. sadly it does remind me of the last guy i went out with... yeah you know about that. But it is so cute. Thanks Love you and miss yoU! MWAH!

Author's Response: im glad u like it! and didn't u catch the subtle hints of who liked you?!?!?!?! geez! investigatorness skills!!! i didn't mean for it to remind you of....yeah...glad u liked it! love u and miss u 2!

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Review #7, by Kagome Higurashi Stupid Boy

6th February 2007:
wow! You're such a great author, you think sometime you can make a story about my original character? Just asking, you don't gotta! This was really beautifully put! I loved it! My rating is to infinity and beyond!

Author's Response: course i could! i need to know some basic deets! like wat u want the story bout and stuff like that....lemme know, and ill do it! im glad u liked it!!!

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