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Review #1, by norwegian girl Diagon Alley

6th July 2007:
Are you calling my mum poor?!

By the way, my cat ate my socks. (and my make-up, but that's not the point)

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Review #2, by norwegian girl Diagon Alley

6th July 2007:
Eat my socks.

I'm insane. Don't say I didn't warn you.

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Review #3, by norwegian girl Diagon Alley

13th June 2007:
Okay... now, can I have some more? please???.you nasty little ¤%&!!! Wow..., blackout! Wait, did I just write that? I dont know what came over me.
-Yes, you do.
-No, I don't.
-Yes. You. do!
-NO, I DON'T! Who are you anyway?
-I'm the voice in your head confirming that you are going mad waiting for more to read!
-Oh no, HELP ME! maybe if I had some more to read it would cure me??
-Give me something to read! please help me before it's to late!

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Review #4, by norwegian girl Diagon Alley

6th June 2007:
I think what he said was; Mooo!

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Review #5, by norwegian girl Diagon Alley

3rd June 2007:
Guess what?!! I'm back!

Thank you for answering my "reviews". It really made my day!*grinning*

James is so nasty. Love it!!

James could still be nastier you know!!

Author's Response: Haha...I guess you'll have to see how nasty James does get...
Thanks for leaving a review!!!

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Review #6, by RoMaNTiCiLLuSioNS Diagon Alley

24th May 2007:
Hehehe... Nice... I like. Go Lily! He deserved a punch!

Author's Response: Glad you liked it! He sure did deserve a punch!lol...Thakns for leaving a review!!

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Review #7, by loveisok Diagon Alley

24th May 2007:
why does lily get all the fun?? lol, i wonder wat else james has in store from lily later on

Author's Response: Lol...Thanks for leaving a review!

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Review #8, by norwegian girl Makeover Time!!

22nd May 2007:
WHY!!?!!! oh god, why?!!! Why are 'innocent Lily' so mean to me?


10/10, I'm getting really fed up with your behaviour. But don't think you can shake me. No, I'll be here all untill you answer.

Author's Response: really do write a lot! Hehe...I've responded to all your reviews now. Happy?!?! Haha..Ok, anyways, thanks for leaving another review!!

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Review #9, by norwegian girl Makeover Time!!

17th May 2007:
Luv the story! please talk to me.

10/10. don't give up an this story! Norway depends on you!! well..., I depend on you!!

Author's Response: Heh...I'll try updating very soon, I'm very busy with school work and such...

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Review #10, by norwegian girl Makeover Time!!

14th May 2007:
Wait wait!! i just rememberd what I wanted to say to you. Oh no, I forgot it again... no, no...wait.Oh, yes.
I know you proberbly think that I'm doing this on purpose(writing these "reviews"). but I'm not. you see, I love to write and talk english(although I'm not very good, as you might have noticed). But i only get to talk english Once a month. And talking to your english teacher about homework isn't very entertaining.

If this doesn't make you feel any better, you should know you are not the only one. I do this to others too.

ps:Keep in mind that I only do this because I love your story.

ps: ps: When I said that I was looking forward to when James meet the new and improved Lily, I was refering to the whole dialog, which might apear in the next chapter??(dialog is a word right??) I was not referring to the little teaser in chapter two.
I don't want you thinking. "Oh my god!! The crazy stalker says she loves my story and she hasn't even read it!!"

ps:ps:ps: I'm sorry for that all of my "reviews"(this is starting to look like a chat-room) are so long.

Yours sincerely( not quite sure what that means, but oh well) Oda.(I know Oda is a stupid name, but we can't all have some cool english name you know!! it's not my fault I was born in Norway.*sob*..)

11/10 (god, how childish of me)

Author's Response: Cool, you were born in Norway...I was born in plain. I don't mind your reviews...I enjoy them! Thanks for leaving yet another review!!!!

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Review #11, by norwegian girl Makeover Time!!

14th May 2007:
I've just realized something!!! I'm a stalker, and the only way to get rid of me is by posting the next chapter...

Have I told you my plan for the future?? I'm going to move to England and marry someone named James. I love the name James.and James, of course.

love your story.

you know what, sometimes reviewing is more fun than actually reding the stories!!

BY THE WAY, what I really wanted to talk to you about was that I'm feeling kinda hurt. Why aren't you responding to any of my reviews?? Why don't you like me??? is it because I talk to much??? i can stop if you want to(that's not entirely true)?... anywaysss...*stops to think* WHAT?? noone can hate me. no, I know what it is... You are too busy writing the next chapter aren't you??? well, apology excepted.

I know that most of, no everything I've just said is quite of topic, but stay with me. I love the way Lily is so hurt... it just makes James's coments so much worse. and I think I've already told you how much i liked that twist(can I call it a twist??.wow, deja vu!!)

Love the story. And I'm starting to get quite fond of you too. even though I'm the only one doing the talking.

You know what? I've written essay's shorter that this "review".

10/10, of course.

and one more thing(didn't think I was done did you??!!Mwhaaa!!).Great, now I forgot what I was going to tell you. oh well. I'll get back to you.

Update ASAP!!!

Author's Response: Ahhhh! You're a stalker!?!?!? I guess I have to update really soon! Haha!
Anyways, yeah, you can call it a twist, and yup, I'm quite busy with the next chapter! Thanks for leaving another review!!!! Luv you!

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Review #12, by norwegian girl Makeover Time!!

14th May 2007:
i'm bored. I want more to read!! Is James gonna met the new Lily soon? is he? is he? is he? just thinking about it makes me feel like...ehmm.. like i've just had 10 cokes!! *the suggar wears off*.zzZzz...

10/10, as always.

You know I love you right? okay, soI don't. But I will if you post the next chapter soon!!

Author's Response: Awww! Thanks! I'll update soon!

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Review #13, by norwegian girl Makeover Time!!

10th May 2007:
You know, the more I think about this story the more I like it! yeah, so there you have it. I love your story... can't wait for more. I kinda love James when he's like this, it's a nice twist. (can I call it a twist?, hmm.. not sure)

Oh my god! You aren't going to abandon this story are you?!!? I should warn you, I am Don *cough* Mariano's brothers son..I mean daughter in law!!! Get it?!

okay, so I'm just kidding, but don't you dare break my heart by abondoning this story.
I feel so left alone right now. You know, without anything to read...

10/10 and that goes for the whoel story. Even though I haven't read it yet. *grinning*

Author's Response: Hehe...Omg!! 10/10! Wow...
Thanks for leaving a review, and don't worry, I won't break your heart, I'm going to write this story up to the end!!!

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Review #14, by norwegian girl Makeover Time!!

8th May 2007:
I kinda like that James and Sirius was so mean to her. I've read like a gasillion differnt fics were James were almost too nice... love the story!! update ASAP!! I just learned what that means, haha...

Author's Response: Hehe...Thanks! I'll try updating soon, I'm really busy with school and stuff.

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Review #15, by cosmopiltan411 Makeover Time!!

19th April 2007:
luv it plz update asap

Author's Response: Thanks!!

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Review #16, by Hp Fanatic Makeover Time!!

19th April 2007:
hi!! I really like your story- its excellent. *^-^* but i dont know if you've read the storey Enigma but the main character's name is Michelle Matthews.idk if you took it or not, i just thought i should let you know...very good though, excellent start. =-]

Author's Response: Oh! I didn't know that. That's kinda weird...Glad you liked it, though!
Thank you for leaving a review!!

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Review #17, by jamesiscute Makeover Time!!

19th April 2007:
ahhwww james is being really horrible.. so sad. but isn't it a bit harsh if James starts liking her because she looks hot now? Ah well, i'll just have to wait and see.. The chapters are a bit short though..!Keep up the good work

Author's Response:'ll have to wait and see!
Thanks for leaving a review!!

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Review #18, by white_blossom Little Ms.Carrot Head

6th March 2007:
Great start to the story, I can't wait to read more! I totally sympathise with Lily, James was a real nasty idiot to say something like that to her. 10/10 =)

Author's Response: Wow..10/10!! Thanks!!
And thanks for leaving a review, i'll try to update soon!

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Review #19, by lucida stella Little Ms.Carrot Head

20th February 2007:
i like it, there's lots of tension here. I want to read more more more!

Author's Response: Glad you liked it!! There's going to be more tension later on. Thanks for leaving a review!!

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Review #20, by Brena McMahon Little Ms.Carrot Head

20th February 2007:
that was a really good chapter. please put the new chapters on soon! ASAP!

Author's Response: Aw..thanks! I'll put up a new chapter soon!!

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Review #21, by wicKeDwitch1316 Little Ms.Carrot Head

20th February 2007:
Oh my god I hate James and Sirius in this fic! What the hell was Remus doing when they were being so horrible to the girls?! Urgh-great setup for Lily's "hatred" of James, though in this case she probably does hate him---I would. Great job for your first fic! Update soon!

Author's Response: Yeah...James and Sirius are pretty nasty right now. Thanks for leaving a review. I'll update soon!!

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Review #22, by Noelle4U Little Ms.Carrot Head

20th February 2007:
Oh! Such a good start!!! Sounds like a great plot!!! And thanks so much for the review for my story!


Author's Response: Thanks!!! No problem, your story was fantastic! I was so close to tears reading it.

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Review #23, by Silver Rose Petals Little Ms.Carrot Head

7th February 2007:
I feel so sad. *tear tear,* but on the bright hand I HAVE to read more. Please?

Author's Response: is pretty sad...
Anyways, thanks for leaving a review...I'll update as soon as I can!

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Review #24, by Sweetsilvermoon Little Ms.Carrot Head

7th February 2007:
That was really sad !I cant wait until you update!you should read ma story!the marauders r jerks in that too!
luv you

Author's Response: Thanks for leaving a review..I'll be sure to check out your story!!

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