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Review #1, by Akira Shinigami Potter

4th March 2015:
So Harry can start using kido as well in this story?

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Review #2, by Kazama Yuuki Shinigami Potter

10th July 2009:
wow nice one shot. will there be a full story on him and rukia?

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Review #3, by gudik Shinigami Potter

5th June 2007:
Really nice story. It's rare to see an HP/Bleach story so this was very much enjoyed. I hope you will write another one like maybe a little longer or perhaps a continuation? Any ways very nice story.

Author's Response: Wow, thanks for the compliment. Actually, one of the reasons that spurred me to write a BLEACH/HP story is because the site doesn't have very much of it. The sequel is in the works, and so are several more stories that cross HP with other anime series. I hope you enjoy those as well. ^_^

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Review #4, by Regina Noctis Shinigami Potter

27th March 2007:
Wonderful! Is there a sequel coming out soon?

Author's Response: Maybe? :) I don't want to keep you guys on your toes or anything, but I've been writing out a plot...the thing is, I have to complete my other stories first. Then I'll consider writing the sequel.

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Review #5, by Wraith Shinigami Potter

27th February 2007:
Love it, keep going.

Author's Response: I, er, hate to tell you this, but this story is a one-shot. I'm really sorry...I know people have been wanting to read the next chapter, but there won't be another one. A sequel maybe, but after I sort out the other stories I've already started. Thanks for liking the story, though. :)

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Review #6, by BluEyedAngel Shinigami Potter

18th February 2007:
Cool! This is like Bleach EP 1 - but cooler cuz it's got Harry, LOL.

This is just enough to geek me out. Although, I would've loved more description of HP standing there, all decked out in his shinigami garb, his hair blowing in the wind, holding the soul slayer. That would've been H-O-T.


Author's Response: Well, considering that we're talking about Harry Potter in a Shinigami costume, the thought does make us drool. ^_^ I'll consider about the descriptions if I make a sequel. Which brings me to the question: What would Harry's Soul Slayer Shikai look like? Better yet, his Bankai?!

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Review #7, by Emmie_Dragon Shinigami Potter

14th February 2007:

SOMEONE wrote a good anime/HP crossover on this site, I'm glad. ^^

The plot at the moment looks good too, I can't wait to see the update. So please, Update ^^

Author's Response: I appreciate your enthusiasm for the story, Emmie, I really do, but...well...this story is a one-shot. Which means I won't be updating the next chapter for this story, ha ha. Really sorry. Though I might make a sequel. :)

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Review #8, by dw431 Shinigami Potter

4th February 2007:
plz make a new one

Author's Response: Er, a new one? You mean a sequel? Well, I'll have to think about it. I'd have to complete my other stories first.

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