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Review #1, by Hippothestrowl Epilogue

17th November 2012:
This story is full of excellent ideas that are interesting and had me coming back over and over to find out what happens. I enjoyed it. The grammar and syntax are good and the pace prevents it being boring. However, it has to be said that its style is too casual, it lacks depth of character, relationships, and location description. We rarely get inside anyone's head or feel their feelings to care very much. It reads like a really fascinating news report about a moon landing so has much interest but little art or finesse. Jason and eventually Harry were such perfect, all-powerful, Mary Sues that we know they would never do a thing wrong so we can't have any intense emotions, tension, fear, tears, or laughter. In fact all characters were so thinly expressed they were OOC. The interesting thing is that, despite all this, it is still worth a read - and a good one at that - but it can never be great unless a great author comes along and rewrites it. I wish this author had persisted to write more stories and so, perhaps, improve in his/her storytelling.

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Review #2, by David Carmichael Epilogue

4th June 2011:
Firstly, I would like to say the this story is well written, and had some very good ideas. I do have some constructive criticism. Firstly, I did not like the plot of Jason and Lily's relationship and how Lily chose James over Jason, it felt as though you took away the one thing that made Harry such a great character. I also disliked the prankt that James played on Snape. Though, that's just my opinion as I'm sure many may disagree with me.
Secondly, Harry's reaction to what had happened between James, Jason and Lily didn't seem realistic. I think that he would have felt like a pawn in a grand scheme, like his mother only married his dad to bring about the Future of Hope. He would have hated Jason, and resented himself.
Lastly, While the writing was good, the dialogue didn't flow right, it was too formal ans stiff. My suggestion is to write it as a person would say it. Forget grammar in dialogue so it's easier to read. Also, Jason seemed to be too powerful. In most heroic tales the hero must complete his quest without the aid of a mentor. I would recommend that you read 'Hero of a Thousand Faces. I think it may help in your futuer stories. Again, this is just my opinions and I did not intend to show disrespect, if I have. I hope you find something in this that helps you later on. I wish you the best of luck.

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Review #3, by interested reader Epilogue

27th January 2011:
This by far was one of my favorite stories. It has similar events to another story "A very angry Harry", that I really enjoyed. You did a wonderful job. Thanks.

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Review #4, by The Wizard of Potterland That NEWT-ed Feeling

10th October 2010:
I really liked this chapter. McGonagall is hilarious in her trashing of Umbridge. Thanks.

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Review #5, by joelfong123 Epilogue

16th June 2009:
Great Story! One of the best fanfic I've ever read. Amazing plot and storyline. Everything's pretty much believable and most of the characters were present and portrayed well. Overall a great read! Cheers!

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Review #6, by kanakmp Order of the Phoenix

3rd February 2009:
so what is the betting that jason dies?

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Review #7, by tewe Epilogue

15th November 2008:
Thanks for a great story!

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Review #8, by Gryffindor016 Magic, the Universe, and Everything

30th September 2007:
YAY *mentaly kicks him self in the ass for tht display of emotion* now tht ive regained control of my senses i belive tht i have just turned my rating to a 9 yes im a big harry ginny fan

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Review #9, by Gryffindor016 Flirt

30th September 2007:
you bloody bastard now tht thts done i know it ties in with the plot but you just ruined one of the greatest love hate relationships hogwarts has ever seen except for maybe ron and 'mione 8/10

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Review #10, by BlackFaerie Order of the Phoenix

25th September 2007:
Er, Diggory?

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Review #11, by fahima Epilogue

25th August 2007:

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Review #12, by Aurour93 Epilogue

19th July 2007:
Fantastic story keep up the good work!!

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Review #13, by Baazigar Epilogue

24th May 2007:
Beautiful Story..

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Review #14, by Klinger Epilogue

19th May 2007:
w00, good stuff and to think i only came here to reread the ghost of godric gryffindor

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Review #15, by DarkHeart Epilogue

6th May 2007:
I just had to say that this is an excellent story and i hope you continue to write more like it. im sorry that i didn't do a review ealier but I couldnt stop reading once i started

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Review #16, by harrypotterfan Epilogue

26th April 2007:
you were my first favourite author, and im glad you posted this story :D Amazing , loved it. 10/10.

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Review #17, by laughhard91 Epilogue

20th April 2007:
Okay, first of all, your story is amazing. You have really cool ideas and a very nice writing style. I really enjoyed it and plan on telling to my sister. (Which is what I do with stories that I like, I tell her a somewhat edited version.) I could go on for ages about how I love your idea of multiple realities and how Jason and his ideas about the source are really awesome, etc etc, but I won't. I'm going to critic you, if that's alright. Okay, first off, I think that your depiction of Harry and Ron at the beginning of the story was a tad unrealistic. When Harry is being immature in the fifth book at least we understood why he was being a brat, it might be nice if you made Harry's anger not seem unreasonable. Also, I don't believe that Ron is quite so clueless with Hermione. Alright, next, it sort of bothered me about Jason and Lily, it would be nice if there was some sort of assurance that she loved James as well. Obviously you don't like James, but I don't think that you were quite fair to him. Next, I've noticed that a lot of the things in this story are nearly identical to events in the Ghost of Godric Gryffindor, your other story. I really enjoyed that one too, but you might want to not be repetetive if you can at all help it. For example, when Ginny and Hermione were captured (in the respective stories) Harry got the same threat ransom note thing. You might want to change that, although I really liked the threat. I encourage you to write more, you are definitely one of my favorite authors.

Author's Response: Thanks for taking the time to leave such a detailed review. About James: I have nothing against him ... and as to whether Lily really ended up loving him, I have left that to the reader to decide for themselves ... so go ahead and decide!

Glad you enjoyed my stories.

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Review #18, by Hopeless Epilogue

18th April 2007:
I enjoyed this story from begining to end. The whole Snape scene actually made me laugh out loud. Nice job.

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Review #19, by AceShooter Epilogue

13th April 2007:
Great story! Absolutely brilliant! I hope to see more great stories from you.


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Review #20, by Dark Water Epilogue

23rd March 2007:
Great story, at least as good as your other. I left this site about two years ago, but came back recently because I remembered how good The Ghost of Godric Gryffindor was. Any chance of something new coming soon?

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Review #21, by Silver_Pheonix Like a Circle in a Circle

7th March 2007:
Love VOldys black undies!

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Review #22, by Silver_Pheonix The Mole from the Ministry of Magic

6th March 2007:
Interesting Magical theory, (though i dont think that Rowling will have anything like it in her book) still it does tie in nicely with the theory of magic, you explain it quite niccly too, could have been a sticky area...

Like what you did with my story i have her repealing her anti half breed legislation woth Harry's own set of quills that do the same as he old set...loveed that last part...

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Review #23, by ILuvSiriusBlack4Eva Epilogue

6th March 2007:
yay!! snape is actually good!! the storys finished :( aww i loved it though!!! good work, great story!!

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Review #24, by ggaabbyy Epilogue

3rd March 2007:
Of course I loved the story! you have excellent writing skills and the novel was very enjoying to read! You need to write more! keep up the good work!

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Review #25, by ILuvSiriusBlack4Eva The Hostage

3rd March 2007:
omg scary!

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