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Review #1, by Seriously_in_love Drama

25th May 2011:
its a shame you abandoned this story because it was really good

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Review #2, by SunnyRae Drama

6th April 2011:
Love your story! Hope you decide to come back to it!

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Review #3, by Tanya1032 Drama

27th November 2010:
This was, yet another, great chapter.
A few grammatical errors, but nothing serious.
I loved it, keep writing :)

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Review #4, by Tanya1032 Talks

27th November 2010:
You have no need to worry, the chapter was excellently done, aside from a few grammatical errors, of course :P
But other than that, it was really good.
Good job!

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Review #5, by Veronica Drama

21st May 2010:
I read the entire story so far just today! I looove it! Good job! I really hope you update soon and don't give up on this story. Sirius and Kathleen are soo cute :) Really well done.

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Review #6, by ochalke5 Fiery Tempers

24th April 2010:
Poor James antoehr great chapter.

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Review #7, by ochalke5 Maple Wars

23rd April 2010:
So far, the first two chapters, and excellent and a very fun read. I cannot wait to see where you take this. Great job dearie.

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Review #8, by Prongsie101 Drama

24th February 2010:
I LOVEE THIS! Update soon, please!

Author's Response: Will do! I'm happy you love it!

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Review #9, by Pen2Paper Jumping For Joy

19th February 2010:
Simply Love it! and I love love/hate relationships!

Author's Response: Simply Love You! and love/hate relationships!
Yay! but thanks!

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Review #10, by DarcyRenay Drama

9th February 2010:
Here is my review: Fantastic! I'd write more, but I've spent so much time reading your story that I am behind on my schoolwork (don't apologize, I do NOT regret it) So for now I must say few words and I will definitely be reading this through to the end.


Author's Response: You rock! I love the obsession! Even with the consequences. I'm writing this story with my own set of punishments, but I'm writing for others like you who actually enjoy my amateur style of writing. I'm happy to know you will follow me 'til the end.

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Review #11, by Fireball Nymph Drama

9th February 2010:
Really lovely awesome chapter :] Huh, I wonder when James is gonna forgive her? o-o It's okay that it took you so long to update, I take LONGER o-o not a very good author. LOL and their babies are gonna be adorable xD

Author's Response: I'm not sure. Hopefully sooner rather than later. I mean, he can't stay mad at his own cousin for too long can he?

It's nice I'm not the only one trying but failing to update at a nice pace for my readers.

And YES! The babies that would be made would be absolutely beautiful!

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Review #12, by NoCheeseCauldron Drama

9th February 2010:
Wow, is it snowing where you are too?
(you said something about that in last chapter's author's note)
Anyway, I really enjoy your story, and I'm
going to keep an eye out for your next updates.
Don't worry about being busy, I think all of us
(harry potter fans) understand.

Author's Response: This is unbelievably late, but it snowed a week after you sent this, but I was in New York at the time so I didn't get to enjoy it. (The one time it snows more than an inch in the south)

Please do continue to look out for more updates. I love reviews and they are what keep me going with this story.

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Review #13, by hhahahha Drama

9th February 2010:
upload again soon it was good :D you should update really soon haha

Author's Response: I'll update as often as possible. I promise this.

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Review #14, by jtothek42 Talks

4th February 2010:


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Review #15, by Blue Biro Talks

9th January 2010:
hey, sporry i have not reviewed any previous chapters, wanted to read the next, you know? i live in England, and im off today, been snowing like hell.. anyway, i love this story, really adicting plot line, plz plz plz update soon, im relying on this story to keep me sane
p.s i have favourited this story from chapter 2, keep up the awesome work!
your new fan, Blue Biro (Becky)

Author's Response: It's quite alright: I love reviews no matter how often I do or don't get them and the fact that you gave me one is enough to make me smile.
Oo, Englad? I've always wanted to go there. I'm happy that you love the plot though and the story in generally. Sometimes addictions are good. I will update as soon as possible. Life has been one crazy rollar coaster for me right now.
Blue Biro or Becky, YOU ROCK!

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Review #16, by calilover Talks

14th December 2009:
bahahahaha "shit" is basically the best way to describe that. or karma maybe? i don't know.
and dude...why is reggie so freaking psycho? that kid has problems. does he not realize that any girl would replace him with black if given the chance?
i was wondering an earlier chapter she had a confrontationish thing with lestrange? is that gonna come up again at all?
and i love that you have regulus semi involved in their relationship...makes it even more interesting :]
can't wait for the next one!

Author's Response: Precisely; Even though originally Kathleen wasn't replacing him.
As far as Lestrange goes: Yes a confrontation will probably occur again. I always bring my characters back after a conversation, but I'm not too positive on how it'll go. Regulus should play an interesting role too.

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Review #17, by Soleil et Lune Talks

8th December 2009:
HAha, it was really good. Especially the ending.. that would be a heck of a way for everyone in school to find out about that.. can't wait for number 28!! I just started reading your story recently and I've been addicted and have been reading every chance I get. Sorry for no reviews on many other chapters though. =/

Author's Response: Yay! Addiction isn't always bad. It's alright though, at least you left a review in the end and that I appreciate.

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Review #18, by Soleil et Lune A Visit

6th December 2009:
“You’re nasty, please leave me alone.”
isn't that from a Lily Allen song?
haha, funny chapter..

Author's Response: Yes it is, I thought it fit in perfectly at that point.
Thanks though!

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Review #19, by TheGryffindorLioness Talks

5th December 2009:
Oo finally the secrets out! Can't wait for more!

Author's Response: Yes it is! Sort of.

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Review #20, by Mrs Lutz Talks

5th December 2009:
Love it! I can't wait for more : ]

I really thought it flows well and was smooth. So you don't have to second guess yourself!

Author's Response: Aw thanks! As much as I don't like to second guess myself, it's like second nature for me. But I'll try not to next chapter.

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Review #21, by siriusonlygirl Talks

29th November 2009:
this story is amazing!!! very intriguing :P good luck with school, everyone knows it takes up our whole life. but this chapter had a great ending. is Reggie gonna fight sirius or something? that would be a good chapter. anyway, keep writing!

Author's Response: Yay! Thank you! But hopefully I'll get a chapter up at Christmas time because I've been feeling uninspired but with reviews comes inspiration.

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Review #22, by Soleil et Lune Maple Wars

29th November 2009:
haha, Sirius sooo started the pancake fight! I loved how her bedroom was a mess, mine's like that a lot of the time, my dad's given up on telling me off for it anymore.

Author's Response: Yeah, me too. My room isn't ALWAYS completely messy, it's just ALWAYS mostly messy. My dad will never understand. This was my favorite chapter, or atleast one of them, to write. SO I'm happy it entertained you.

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Review #23, by Soleil et Lune Jumping For Joy

29th November 2009:
haha, I loved it! I liked how it started at the end of the school year instead of the beginning like most other stories.. I like how much she's like Lily but doesn't seem to realize the extent of it, also it was a good laugh and I love her carefree nature.

Author's Response: Yes, she's exactly like Lily, in every shape and form except not really. They're only alike in their personalities. But still!

I'm happy you enjoyed it though!

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Review #24, by Adrielne Finally

17th November 2009:
Prompt and I will review :)

>> Is the progression for Sirius and Kathleen okay?
>> Is it just me, or it time for Lily and James to be together?
>> Was the writing okay on this chapter?

1. Good pace, though I'd think Sirius would play around more, like in the Quidditch pitch, getting her angry :)
2. Definitely, I thought so a few chapters back, but decided to wait out the criticism.
3. Re-read once before posting and fix sentence flow, that bothers me more than grammar, actually. Like how sometimes you have these great dialogues and sometimes they're... Well... Boring. Sorry, I know it happens in every story, but I always say it.

Author's Response: Yeah I understand, hopefully I'll be able to keep this story up. I've been suffering some intense writer's block on it.

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Review #25, by Adrielne Annoying

17th November 2009:
I love prompted reviews :)
So your questions are as follows:

>> What did you honestly think of this chapter?
>> Were any of the character too over the top?
>> Was the S-E-X word mentioned too much?
>> Any other critiques or compliments you have for me?

1. Honestly I think this chapter was really good, especially the Sirius stuff - hand on thigh in Great Hall and stuff.
Oh, and I loved the funny dialogues. "Not the brightest candle in the Great Hall" just made my day and will probably become one of my often-used sayings.
2. No, all the characters were... well... in character :)
3. The word that rhymes with Rex and starts with an S wasn't metnioned too often. Don't worry.
4. No other critique at the moment.It probably went and hid under the bed. If I find it, I'll let you know.

Author's Response: Haha, Thanks for the review! :D I'm pleased that nothing was too over the top then.

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