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Review #1, by KML Bouncing Off the Ceiling

16th May 2007:
I like how you left the ending hanging, although I didn't really like your characterization of Hermione. Maybe this is just because it's a Draco/Hermione fic, which I'm not fond of, but she just seems kind of out of character. Actually, Hermione reminds me a little bit of one of my friends here, but that's not a bad thing. Good job!

Author's Response: thankz.

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Review #2, by dolphindreamer20225 Bouncing Off the Ceiling

29th April 2007:
...You didn't even write his answer! Aww, come on! You were talking my cliffie in my story. At least I wrote a sequel. :p

Author's Response: hahahahaha.
I wrote this b4 i read yours.
but that's a weird cawinkidink =p

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Review #3, by Danz_Girl_4eva Bouncing Off the Ceiling

12th March 2007:
SEQUEL! ... plz?

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Review #4, by holly bergman Bouncing Off the Ceiling

8th March 2007: was good but your spelling and grammar was a bit dodgy and Hermione's character was a bit all over the place. There's got to be a reason why she suddenly likes Malfoy. Another should start a new paragraph everytime someone speaks. It just makes it easier for everyone to read.

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Review #5, by hollywood_princess Bouncing Off the Ceiling

18th February 2007:
great! One of my favourites. But... what does Draco say? Is there a sequel? Lol, sorry for all the questions.:P I just loved it, thats all. Ok bye.

Author's Response: I'm thinking about a sequal i just have to find a song i like. haha

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Review #6, by XoXo_Future_HeadGirl_XoXo Bouncing Off the Ceiling

7th February 2007:
Sequel sarah!

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Review #7, by YunaDances Bouncing Off the Ceiling

5th February 2007:
Oh no! What does he say? There has to be a sequel!

Author's Response: i never thought of that but okkk

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Review #8, by TheFalk Bouncing Off the Ceiling

4th February 2007:
I liked it alot.

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Review #9, by kingdom_hearts_2_rocks Bouncing Off the Ceiling

4th February 2007:
... it was good and different, i liked it.

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