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Review #1, by Greys_girl Chapter 4

16th September 2007:
Great!! nice twist at the end so unexpected. what will happen next? please update soon!!

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Review #2, by Gred Chapter 4

25th March 2007:
I WANT PART OF THAT BAGEL! It was really good. Wow, i didn't she that one coming. i beat everybody! ha, take that! there were a few spelling mistakes (bext and dam), but other than that, i loved it. keep up the good wrok. and yay for writing! now i don't have to bug you about that! (but i will anyway-KEEP WRITING!!!)

Author's Response: yeah *gives bagel* and yeah i wanted some stuff to be a surprise! but i have like 200 reads and what 10 reviews? this is not making me happy, but i think my other story (not posted nor have u read it) will do much better cuz i actually like that one-and i have everything planned! but i will finish this one just so that it is finished and so yeah thanks gred u rox!!
Love ~Forge

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Review #3, by Gred Chapter 3

18th March 2007:
so i wasn't the first person to review, but i was the second. hey, it's not my fault that the last time that i could check was early tuesday. whatever, i love it. no clue when the next chapter will be up (slow validators), but i will be eagerly awaiting and checking as daily as i can. why must you mock me, WHY!?! i love drama (as it dominates our teenage lives), and this is the story that you won't let me read first! as your editor, it's my job to bug you to write more. so, here is your bugging for the day:WRITE MORE so that you can post as soon as each chapter has been updated.

Author's Response: thanks Gred and yeah i have seven chapters wtirren so i just need them to be validated and then the next i send the next one! and yeah this is a drama story and i want you to be suprised when u read it. and yeah i'll write more for you. ~Forge

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Review #4, by aries_black Chapter 3

16th March 2007:
That is better then the last chapter!!!
Please i beg you, continue! if you stop, i will die!
It is such a good story. update soon, please!
Pritty please? pritty please with a cherry on top? you dont know how much it will mean to me if you update!!!

P.S Thanks for dedicating the chapter to me! and the story is sooo much better the 10/10 its just i can't say it because it wont let me!

Author's Response: Thanks so much for reviewing it means so much to me! i already have ch 4 being validated so it shouldn't be long! i have seven chapters written so there will be more!! thanks so much for reviewing you rox! lots of love ~Lily

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Review #5, by Gred Chapter 2

13th March 2007:
well, pretty much, this is the ony way that i can talk to you b/c of the time change, unless you call me, WHICH YOU DIDN'T TODAY!!! are you trying to give me a HEART ATTACK?!? do you want me DEAD?!? i was going to call you after dinner, but it was 8:30 here, 10:30 your time, so i thought that it may be to late. you better call tom, or i will wake you up at 10 in the morning (cause i'll be up then)-which is a threat durring spring break. YOU BETTER CALL ME TOMMORROW!
(how was that for a threat? not bad, huh?)

ps-your story still gets a ten

pss-i still love the references to me

Author's Response: Thanks Gred and i have three more chapters written but i need ch 3 to update then i will send them in! and yes i will call u don't wake me up please!!!! Love ya~Forge!

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Review #6, by dew Chapter 2

11th March 2007:
Interesting story. Umm just a bit of adivice, don't hit enter so many times after each paragraph it makes the story unnecessarily long.

Author's Response: yeah i can't figure out how to not do that, when i copy paste it does that i'll see what i can do to stop it. THanks soooo much for reviewing and the advice on how it bugs people. lots of love ~lily

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Review #7, by seeker4u Chapter 2

24th February 2007:
it is so sweet i'm just tellin u that since u reviwed 4 me i wanted 2 review 4 u!

Author's Response: well thanks! it means a lot that u reviewed! lots of love ~Lily

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Review #8, by aries_black Chapter 2

23rd February 2007:
That was really really good, i cant wait until you update.
Please do it soon, please oh please!
if you don't get more on i think i will go mad with wondering of what will happen next!
other people haven't reviewed yet, does that mean they haven't read it?
Cus if they haven't they don't know what they are missing out on. It's so great. To good for words!
P.S its better then ten but i can't say it with the score thingy, it will only let me do 10/10

Author's Response: WOW!! thanks soooooo much that review was great and just made my day! and yes i plan to continue and in the next few chapters there will be some major drama that i am really looking forward to writing!! and yeah i've only had like 6 reads on the second chapter so not alot of reads but i will write more for the ones that do like it! thank you so much for review and keeping me motivated to write more!!!
lots of love ~Lily

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Review #9, by aries_black Chapter 1

9th February 2007:
it was a little bit hard to follow, but otherwise fantastic writing!
i think you should continue because... its a good story and i want to find out what happens

Author's Response: Thanks! i know it was a bit hard to follow and i couldn't figure out how to make it easier so i ended up posting that chapter. but i have more written i just have to get in validated. but thank you so much for the boost and the emcouragement to keep it going it means alot!
You Rox my sox!
lots of Love~ Lily

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Review #10, by Gred Chapter 1

2nd February 2007:
a little bit hard to follow, but i got it
i laughed, alot, but that's because i got the little jokes that i don't even know if you meant to put in there
i say-finish the story

Author's Response: OKAY thanks! i'll try to make it a little bit easier to follow but i wanted it to be a quick pace kinda thing. and yeah i worked on this like last year so i put in some of our little quorky jokes, hope u don't mind! anyway thanks Gred your a SWEETIE PIE!:)
Love, Lily (Forge-boo ya!)

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Review #11, by seeker4u Chapter 1

2nd February 2007:
its absoletly awesome and wish other people would review so rude!

Author's Response: Thanks and yes everytime i read something, wether i am signed in or not, i review becuz i know how it feels to write and then get no feedback.
Thanks sooo much for the review! u rock! ~Lily

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