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Review #1, by Trishala Fall Into Shadow

2nd January 2013:
This is one of the BEST piece of writing I've had the fortune to read. Hats off to you dear. It's amazing what you have written and portrayed here. Truly amazing and beautiful. :)

Author's Response: thank you for your kind words

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Review #2, by Rosalie Beckett Fall Into Shadow

15th October 2011:
I was so amazed after reading this. Your writing is so incredibly beautiful! I was trying soo hard not to cry but I couldn't help it! Haha. I could feel their pain and I was there with them, which I find hard for me to do with a lot of stories. My mother lost her first child before me, so it gave me an almost understanding of what she went through. Seriously thank you for writing this! It was truly amazing. :)

Author's Response: thank you for such a lovely review and I am sorry for your mother. It is a hard thing.

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Review #3, by Christine_Nighting Fall Into Shadow

14th May 2011:
You have a true talent here unlike any I have seen. I don't really know what to say, I'm breath-taken. This piece is beautiful and enchanting. It made me cry sometime towards the end, in a good way.

I think you just put all my favourite authors to shame. I love this :D

Author's Response: wow thank you so much for such a wonderful review. i don't know what to say to such praise, i really don't. i am thrilled you enjoyed it and thank you for reading!

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Review #4, by Angel Fall Into Shadow

13th May 2011:
Truly this was the most beautiful piece of writing I have EVER had the pleasure of reading. You wrote with such sensitivity about a subject that many people try to avoid, the loss of a child. I am a certified grief counselor and I work with people that are going through grief issues and you depicted many of the struggles people go through whether it is in grief of a child, other family members or friends. You are brilliant! Thank you for sharing your talent. 10 is just not high enough-20/10

Author's Response: wow, thank you so very much hun, for both reading and leaving me such a gorgeous review. to have someone in your field leave me a comment such as this really means a lot, so thank you. i am happy that i managed to handle the subject matter realistically.

thank you again! i really appreciate it.

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Review #5, by Lillylover22 Fall Into Shadow

26th March 2011:
That was beautiful and well written. 10/10 =]

Author's Response: thank you so much!

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Review #6, by Jakeyboyxxx Fall Into Shadow

1st October 2010:
This is absolutely amazing even if I didn't fully understand it. What has damaged her so badly to make her feel like this Please answer
You are an absolutely amazing writer by the way, this story was brilliant and I love your style of writing, well done! :D

Author's Response: thank you!
she lost a baby, or should i say, they lost a baby.
i am really pleased you liked it and thank you for your kind words!

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Review #7, by katiefelton Fall Into Shadow

18th July 2010:
This was one of the most beautiful pieces that I have ever read! Your writing style is amazing, and very mature:) Draco and Hermione seemed so in love. Just a question: so they lost a baby? Did it die before it was born or after?

It was a breathtaking one-shot, and I hope you keep on writing more stories!


Author's Response: wow thanks for a lovely review hun!
mature? hahhaa if you knew how old i, seriously some of the most amazing work i have read on this site are by authors much much younger than myself, lol
they did lose a baby. when it died is really up to you.
thank you again!

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Review #8, by lauraaaa. Fall Into Shadow

17th July 2010:
whoa. So poetically written. I love it. Muah.

Author's Response: thank you so much!

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Review #9, by dead_poet Fall Into Shadow

9th September 2009:
wow. i'm speechless.
this piece of literature is so wonderful, emotional, heartmelting&sad. it is the first fanfiction that affects me so directly. i had to fight back tears.

you're an amazing, talented writer. thank you for this minutes which made my day. thank you.

Author's Response: thank you so much for the lovely review hun!!

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Review #10, by MingXi_Muse Fall Into Shadow

29th July 2009:
aw, that was so sad :( poor hermione. and draco :) i like how you didn't mention their names, but it was so obvious :)
you're really talented

Author's Response: thank you for reading this hun - im glad you liked it!

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Review #11, by brookeee Fall Into Shadow

25th May 2009:
one of the most amazing and beautifully written stories i've ever read. you're an incredibly talented author!

Author's Response: -blushes-
thanks hun! im glad you liked it!!

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Review #12, by late bloomer Fall Into Shadow

19th November 2008:
This story is so heartfelt, and creates a vision in my mind of stronger emotions than I could even dream of. It's hard for me to grasp such intense depression and longing. I hope one day to be able to experience emotions half as strong as the ones depicted in this wonderful short-story.

Author's Response: thank you so much for such a lovely review

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Review #13, by xX_Gryffindor_Xx Fall Into Shadow

12th May 2008:
Wow... BEAUTIFUL story/scene. It's so romantic!!!

Author's Response: thank you!

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Review #14, by DracoLovar107 Fall Into Shadow

9th May 2008:
that was really good, you should be a professional writer. i absolutely love the way you worded it

Author's Response: thank you. writing professionally has been my dream my entire life! im glad you think i can do it!!

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Review #15, by groteskq_fatality Fall Into Shadow

17th April 2008:
wow.that was quite emotional.
and soo well written.
gahh kinda sad...

great job though! :D

Author's Response: thank you hun

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Review #16, by Dracana Fall Into Shadow

17th January 2008:
A m a z i n g

This is just wowza!! Your words are so lyrical, it creates the whole piece to be melodic, as if strung along to a rhythm. You can just picture everything; the imagery is beautiful. Grief and sorrow seem to have been portrayed with perfection and I know that it's likely a lot of us have felt on the edge of despair before with the blackness. You've captured it beautifully.

Your work, as ever, is so inspiring. It's powerful and sways the reader into a dream. I'll shut up now . . .


Author's Response: aww helen. thank you. such wonderful comments coming from someone i admire so much! thank you thank you thank you!!

i can't say anything else! im grinning like an idiot!!!

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Review #17, by angelmaple Fall Into Shadow

17th January 2008:
All I can say is 'WOW'!! I absolutely adore this fic. I think you've heard this all before, but your attention to detail - no, not just that, your use of imagery and lexical choice - is so lyrical and imaginative that the only description for this stunning piece of writing would be amazingly moving and beautiful. The emotion that you have portrayed is so real and confrontingly raw; the melancholy and bittersweetness (is that a word? :P) really makes you ache... I'm gazing at a gloomy grey sky and this is really making me emotional...

Okay I'll stop now. You're amazing. wow...

Author's Response: wow, thank you hunny for such an amazing review. i really appreciate it. it does wonderful things for my self-esteem to read something like that, so thanks so much!!

im very pleased you enjoyed it and were moved by it! i really am!


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Review #18, by celestlyn Fall Into Shadow

16th January 2008:
Not sure I can add anything that hasn't already been said. Just an amazing piece of writing. I will read more. The deep exploration of human emotions is what keeps me reading fan fic. This was absolutely beautiful!

Author's Response: thank you hunny - im blushing. im glad you appreciated it and you enjoyed it.

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Review #19, by Ford the Prefect Fall Into Shadow

18th December 2007:
Another wonderful story. Once again, your descriptions of the characters' emotions are gripping and powerful. Very nicely done.

Author's Response: thank you so very much hun. i'm so pleased you liked it.

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Review #20, by DenijaForShuggyBlack Fall Into Shadow

1st December 2007:
oh... it wa so emotional. they lost a baby, right? hermione's feelings where perfect and draco's too. i can say it about all your fanfics, but, really, this is amazing. 10/10 definately.

Author's Response: they did indeed. thank you hun - i;m so glad you liked this one. its one of my favs!

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Review #21, by Fieryprincess Fall Into Shadow

1st December 2007:
Eh, you'd think magic would be able to save a baby, huh?
I like how you explained Hermione's emotions of this, it seems exactly how she would react, really. And Draco wanting to leave but staying behind. It was very in character.
I also love your writing style. It's very poetic. It explains everything so you can see it in your mind and sort of feel it. This was a beautiful story. =D 10/10

Author's Response: thank you hun for such a lovely review ^_^ i'm glad you liked it.

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Review #22, by Potter_fan Fall Into Shadow

24th November 2007:
wow. that was simply beautiful! i loved loved loved every bit of it! the description and detail were amazing, and the fact that shes sorry to have him comfort her like that was just awesome. poor hermione... anyway i just wanna tell u that u're a brilliant writer! keep it up. ~menka

Author's Response: thank you menka xD glad you liked it and thanks for your lovely comments!

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Review #23, by lcplpotter Fall Into Shadow

9th November 2007:
so who was the person they were missin

Author's Response: they had lost a baby :(

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Review #24, by bimah Fall Into Shadow

20th October 2007:
Wow...if THAT was just a little experiment then I would love to see your realy work...I'm sure it will put all us other mortal authors to shame. Really magnificient! I mean I don't even know where to start, it was just mind-blowing from start to finish. *sighs blissfully* A completely breathtaking piece of art!

Author's Response: haha thanks hun!! it was an experiment in tense - i had never written in the present tense like that before, so it was challenge to myself, and now i'm attempting a short story written like this!

thanks hun! i'm so very pleased you enjoyed it!!

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Review #25, by Esperanza Rising Fall Into Shadow

9th October 2007:
This is very good. I like the vulnerablity of both characters, especially Draco. But what does Hermione keep apologizing for?

Author's Response: thank you sweetie. hermione is apologising for her depression, which is because they lost a baby.

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