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Review #1, by Kimberly 3

3rd November 2007:
This was really sad

Author's Response: it gets better i promise

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Review #2, by kyrandia 4

2nd November 2007:
this is good keep up the good work

Author's Response: thank you very very much

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Review #3, by kyrandia 3

22nd October 2007:
aw cute write more soon

Author's Response: thanks very much

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Review #4, by lollipop_marauderette 3

21st October 2007:
sad sad sad hehehe i lk snape...


Author's Response: you LIKE snape? weirdo actually i do too!
thanks for the reviews

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Review #5, by lollipop_marauderette 2

21st October 2007:
oh deary...


Author's Response: oh deary indeedy

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Review #6, by lollipop_marauderette 1

21st October 2007:
awwa sweety sweet gag but good story anyway


Author's Response: thanks

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Review #7, by Wave03 3

21st October 2007:
Sad.Oh,so sad.I wish you to update soon.I'm interested in your story.Pls. update soon.

Author's Response: i will try i promise
thanks x x x

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Review #8, by chiQs09_II 2

18th July 2007:
Why don't you use chapter titles? ^_^ This is an interesting chapter. And Oliver Wood is good. Even his reactions...nice job.

Author's Response: I like to have a theme for chapter titles and seeing as this is a WIP i don't have a theme yet. I'm not the only one just to use numbers ya know!

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Review #9, by chiQs09_II 1

18th July 2007:
This is written like a stage

"Hi," she said, giving him a tender kiss on the cheek.
"What's that for?" he responded, blushing while rubbing the spot she'd just kissed.
"Nothing," she answered, wrapping his warm hand into hers.
"You can tell me," he said, squeezing her hand.
"I can't," she whispered, not looking up.

Maybe you should vary. But all in all, nice start.

Author's Response: Did i write that? I don't think i did :S i write a lot of speech thats my style don't like it? don't read it.
Sorry but its how i write

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Review #10, by lil t 2

23rd June 2007:
no remus is mad @ aurora =( *cries* i .< its like the first story i wrote EVER n that includes the short stories mah teacher makes us write in class >.< n yea i meant botox...heh

Author's Response: hey long time! Thanks

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Review #11, by ihaveprettysocks23 2

21st May 2007:
Ohhh, Aurora pretty much screwed up at the end there. I would like to here more about this Luca guy, does he come up again? I thought this was cute:

“No you’re not!” Oliver laughed. “You’re a boring man!”

:] Continue writing!

Author's Response: She did just a tad didn't she? it gets better tho! Yes Luca will come into it again I promise, thanks for the review

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Review #12, by Kender_Elf 2

2nd May 2007:
Oh, how sad! So, Oliver's father.Hmmm.? Poor Remus, taking care of another man's kid with the mother who he loves. So sad. Sob! Lol. Really great chapter! Thanks for updating! Can't wait for more!

Author's Response: It is a bit sad aint it? Glad some one likes this story it isn't getting as many reads as my other one *sob* lol
but i am still writing it i promise! thanks for reviewing

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Review #13, by Kender_Elf 1

29th April 2007:
Ooooh! So is Oliver, like, Oliver Wood? And is Remus his father? OH, come on! We needa know! So many unanswered questions! No cliffie, but still wondering! That's so good how you made this story. Quite, quite interesting! Now, please update this story!

Author's Response: Yeah Oliver, Oliver wood, I just didn't write in because I wanted people to think about it and not have ideas about how a character is meant to act. This story all stems from one simple line in GoF, about how at the world cup Oliver introduces Harry to his parents and it made me think who is parent were. There is a prequal to this story that I will post when this one is finished with that sort of explains all about his Mum and Dad and everything alothough you can read this story without that stuff! Glad you liked it and reviewed! I l-o-v-e LOVE reviewers! oh yeah second chapter has been submitted and should be up today or tomorrow! so keep ur eyes peeled!

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Review #14, by ihaveprettysocks23 1

3rd April 2007:
Ohhh, interesting! I really like the idea of your original character being Oliver's mother, it's very different and it makes things more.damn! I already used the word interesting.oh well. Anyways, good job! :D

Author's Response: Woooo! thanks for the review! I'm glad you got who Oliver is, I was scared know one would get it lol! Thanks again!

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Review #15, by Blueflamme 1

26th March 2007:
It's a really good story! Do write more, please? I like the plot line so far, keep it up!

Author's Response: I will, soon, i promise, just A levels, so much work! Soon, soon, you can always occupy yourself with my other story, The Girl, and maybe leave me a lil review *wink*wink* lol thanks for R+Ring!

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Review #16, by Madluv 1

16th March 2007:
I think the story is good so far. :)

Author's Response: Thanks, I haven't updated in a while.... i feel really bad about it too, there should be another chapter soooooon, well i hope. Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #17, by lil t 1

7th February 2007:
writin mah first storie ever...

Author's Response: I checked it out and wrote a comment

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Review #18, by Andy_C 1

6th February 2007:
I was pleasantly surprised as I finished reading this chapter. This is much better than I'd expected it to be from the short summary. Well written, although some parts were a bit rushed (like after Aurora finds out about the attack on her parents' house). But the dialogues are well written. I'll definitely be following this story from now on!

Author's Response: Yeah summary's are not my forte, if you like this story have a lil old look at my other story, The Girl. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #19, by lil t 1

6th February 2007:
cant wait for more n yea i kno wat u mean...thats y ive ben tryin to update mah storie every chance possible n hopefully SOMEDAY get some kinda review

Author's Response: Are you an author on here? I'll go look for your stories!

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Review #20, by lil t 1

6th February 2007:
lolz i think most ppl wait for there to b more chapters to even start readin! thats wat i usually do...but it was 5 somethin in the mornin n i was watchin t.v for skewl closings...n got bored n the stories i usually read has stopped updatin...=/ but i hope u dont!!!

Author's Response: Yeah, i get what you mean but its so hard to continue when u feel like no one is reading it. But just as a little secret... this story is already hand written, so the story is done just some major typing up is in order.

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Review #21, by lil t 1

6th February 2007:
omg its so sweet! i hope u keep up with the story!!! i like the part abt livin with sirius n oliver knowin who his mom was...that was funny!

Author's Response: Yay first reviewer! Thank you so much for reviewing I was getting a bit worried no on liked the story!

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