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Review #1, by merlins beard Home Again

12th April 2017:
Are you getting sick of the lot of us yet? Tell us where the flag is hidden and we’ll leave you alone 😝
Wow the relationship between Aleesha and her mum really isn’t a very good one. I for one would not like to be stuck in the middle there. Why is Aleesha’s mum looking so sickly? Is she actually sick or is it emotional turmoil or something else entirely?
Oh there’s the voice again, but (again) Aleesha ignores it’s advice. Ummm I keep wondering who it is she keeps hearing. And how it works. And why she’s hearing it. And if it’s really just inside her head or if someone else technically could be hearing it too.
Hmmm her room doesn’t really sound right. Spotless? Dust? Also, I didn’t picture her room to be spotless in the first place.
Wow her mum really is reckless in this. Removing all her father’s things without telling their daughters first isn’t exactly a great thing to do. Not warning them that they’d be coming home to find everytrhign gone is even worse. I mean if my kids’ father died I’d ask them what they’d like to keep of his stuff. I’d hug them and comfort them and make sure they knew they could come to me if they needed to talk or anything else. I’m not surprised at the way Aleesha reacts, but very much so at her mother’s reaction to the accusations… maybe she’s not a cold, heartless shell after all???
Is aleesha always hungry? I thought that was a guy thing?
Wait, how does grayback fit into this? Ugh I didn#t see that coming at all. I mean the woman hates werewolves, and now she introduces aleesha to the one who changed her???

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Review #2, by manno-malfoy Home Again

12th April 2017:
Hello there! Dropping in midway through the story is not ideal, but I'm here for CTF.

I've read a couple of the other chapters, so thankfully, I do have some idea of what is going on.

It's a bit intimidating to come upon such an emotional chapter for Aleesha already, but it's so well-written and you've articulated her emotions so well, I could easily relate to all of it and I did swept up in the narrative right away.

I was actually rather relived when she went all out at her mother. It really isn't healthy to stifle emotions the way I've seen her do. It makes me think she was still in denial until this point. But this outbreak could mean she's moving onto anger, and that means she can begin dealing with this and getting over it.

I had barely recovered from the discovery that she is a werewolf when Fenrir popped up and I didn't know what to think. But it's safe to say that I was quite shocked. It also worries me because that will further destabilise her emotionally and I didn't really get to relish that she might begin to deal with her feelings towards her 'father's' death.

I'd love to see where this goes next and possibly read the whole story as it really does seem very well-written and interesting.


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Review #3, by azimuth Complicated

12th April 2017:
Hi there! I'm back again for CTF :D

Nice chapter once more! The nervousness was well portrayed by you. I especially liked how you added that little tid bit about her restlessness coinciding about the full moon--usually I read fics where the werewolves are just tired, but I like how you made her seem a little anxious and hyperactive instead.

Also, nice description on how she feels about almost killing someone-- although that line about it being 'just a greasy haired boy' comes across as a little rude, even if it was just in her head. I mean, she did almost kill him. Would she really be thinking such uncharitable thoughts about him or be more sick to the stomach at being a murderer? I think you should have expanded on that feeling a little more.. Although, she must be feeling very conflicted--seeing she is also sad at not being in Sirius' life and being blackmailed..

So this Tommy works for Voldemort? Why isn't she contacting anyone in authority? Maybe she's being blackmailed? Hm...

Okay so, first she was with Sirius, then Remus, then Regulus? All this 'every boy being attracted to her' comes across as a little Mary Suish, I think...

When Regulus says, her voice sounds melodious, yet fierce, I admit I laughed a little. I mean, how can a voice be like a melody and fierce at the same time? lol

I liked how you ended with another sort of cliffhanger. So who was listening to them apart from Regulus? hmm..Again, I like how you play with mystery.

Nice chapter again; it was fun reading :)


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Review #4, by Dirigible_Plums Fear Love and Confusion

12th April 2017:
Hello again!

I have returned to see if the flag is hidden in this chapter. I fear we will never find it at all 😭

Okay so I am actually really conflicted about Aleesha. Under no circumstances do I believe that she deserves what she's going through. I think it's awful. The Death Eaters are a disgusting terrorist organisation and to be forced in their ranks in order to save the life of both yourself and someone you love... Well, let's just say I would never wish it upon anyone. It's terrible and throughout it all, she only seems to have Remus to fall back on. No wonder she's depressed.

I can't believe that she's contemplating suicide. It's honestly heartbreaking when someone reaches that point. No one should ever have to feel this way.

Onto what's conflicting me about Aleesha: her feelings. Now, I have never ever ever been one to condone cheating. It makes me intensely uncomfortable. To promise yourself to someone and then break that trust? I don't know how people do it. I know that she's technically not with anyone at the moment but having feelings for so many people and stringing them along is just plain wrong. We see later that she cuddles with Remus in the common room yet she's kissing Regulus at the Astronomy Tower, still loves and misses Sirius and apparently has feelings this Tommy, I think. I just can't fathom how.

Also, please tell me that when she says "I still felt that odd love for him", she is most certainly NOT talking about Voldemort. Because all I can say to that is ??? HOW?

It seems that Aleesha's mother is the biggest bloody hypocrite ever. She kept uprooting the family in fear that someone would find out that Aleesha is a werewolf, despises her for being a werewolf... and yet is in love with a werewolf?

All very complicated ish, really.

Plums xo

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Review #5, by merlins beard Birthday Wishes

12th April 2017:
Hey there – I guess the flag wasn’t here either, and another of my friends went to Jail. Seriously, someone owes me a new nail file, mine’s worse for wear after filing away at so many cells today.
Hmmm I understand Aleesha’s feeling of needing to be by herself and withdrawing from the others around her after a traumatic event like losing a loved one. I guess it’s a coping mechanism, isn’t it?
So she gets a gift from her dead father and it kind of upsets her. I understand that she didn’t want to open it right there at the table. She’s so used to locking it all up inside of her that she barely even realizes she’s doing it. This might be coming back to haunt her one day, but it is a mechanism that works for her for now so why not use it.
Wow James is being so arrogant in this chapter. Who died and made him king?
But Sirius is being very adorable, trying to tell Aleesha about how he is feeling about her. It’s really cute and well written. I enjoyed that part a lot.
Aw he kind of shocked her with it, didn’t he. Took her a moment to see what was going on and by then he thought he was being rejected and had turned to leave.
Aww she just stops him.
I would have liked to see a bit more of that here, there was such a nice little bit of sexual tension going on between the two.


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Review #6, by AbraxanUnicorn Home Again

12th April 2017:
Hello. Yep, 'tis me again! Here to continue reviewing Dare.. :)

I wonder what the matter is with Aleesha's mother to cause her to appear skinny, ill-looking and gloomy? Aleesha is unlikely to know; there seems to be very little love lost between her and her mother. The voice plagues Aleesha again and offers some advice, which she decides not to act upon immediately. I really want to know who is behind the voice? It's beginning to bug me now!

Aleesha arrives home and goes into her room. I'm a bit confused by the description of the environment; spotless would not be a word I would use to describe a room with a thin layer of dust over the windowsill and books.

I had to laugh at Aleesha's hunger pangs - she always seems hungry! Is it a facet of lycanthropy, I wonder?

How sad that her father's belongings have been removed from the house, and how heartbreaking that her mother didn't think to tell her that she was going to have a clear out and prepare her daughters for the sight of an empty home. Does this woman not have a single maternal bone in her body? I don't blame Aleesha for losing it with her mother over this. However, her mother's reaction surprised me a little - maybe she does have an ounce of emotion in her after all?

But wait! There's an extra twist to this chapter. Her mother introduces Aleesha to Fenrir Greyback and tells her - dun-dun-dun - that Fenrir is her REAL father?? Holy Moly...

Brax X

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Review #7, by merlins beard Midnights

12th April 2017:
Okay so let’s make a deal. You hand over that flag right now and I won’t go crazy and burn down the internet. No? well then I’ll have to stick to jailbreaking.
You’re in for some really strange musings with this one, I apologize in advance.
So yeah I just read Plums’ review too and I agree with her, Remus is awesome and it’s been really good to see more of him in this chapter. He’s such a sweet and honest person and he cares for those he loves in every way he can. Well we do see that he has feelings for Aleesha too, so that started my musings. Since they’ve both been turned into werewolves by Fenrir Greyback, I wonder what a transformation like that does to the Human/Wizard DNA… I wonder if their DNA changes and, that way, makes Remus and Aleesha a kind of brother and sister (which would be very weird considering that’s not entirely what Remus seems to have in mind here). (sorry, I’m a scientist. We always think about crazy things)
Ah, one Kiss can make or break everything, right? In this case, it broke quite a few friendships – hopefully only temporarily… Remus is the only person of their friends who’s sticking up for Aleesha here and comforting her when no one else is around.
Ooooh another kiss. How sweet. Totally reckless, shouldn’t have happened, but oh well. Adorable all the same.

got to go break out the next prisoner

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Review #8, by azimuth Birthday Wishes

12th April 2017:
Hi there! Here from CTF again! :D

I think you portrayed the fact that in the beginning, Voldemort wasn't that famous or well known quite well. Maybe there were just whispers of a dark lord lingering in the shadows, but the people seem so unaware (except Dumbledore obviously) that some dark lord might be on the rise. And why does Voldemort sound familiar to Aleesha? Hmm...

So, Aleesha had recently lost her father, then? I think you explain her desire to get away from the real world quite well. Disconnecting from reality, and a sort of denial /is/ something a lot of us do in unpleasant situations, and I found it very apt for the story, even if it is not really healthy to do so.

Again, the interaction between the marauders is very well written. I think this is one of your strong points in writing. :) The characterisation is very well too- how boisterous James is.

The scene where she gets a birthday present from her mother, and blocks away all her emotion, not letting it show to others is also very in line with how you began this chapter. But it makes me wonder if Aleesha would just burst one day from all those pent up feelings?

Haha, the way James tried to tell her about Sirius' feelings had me laughing. I loved that scene- the subtle looks, the teasing and everything.

The end was a little abrupt? Lol. I thought you'd darg on the sexual tension for a while, but it was pretty sweet. I do hope you expand on their relationship more? And describe Aleesha's feelings on the matter more :)

Nice, long chapter. I really enjoyed reading it


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Review #9, by Dirigible_Plums Midnights

12th April 2017:
*slides in*

Bet you thought you'd seen the last of me, right? 😏

Not to fear! I am back and I am loving it because my Remy boy is in this chapter. And I do love me some Remus. Honest to God, he's my favourite Marauder and I'm not really sure why. Something about him is just so loveable. He's a real sweetheart, isn't he? Always willing to see good in someone.

(Until they wrong him and his friends. Then, the wrath of God descends upon all his enemies.)

(Or so I've heard.)

My point is: I love Remus and I loved seeing him in this chapter. When I first started this fic last night, I wondered whether the couple would be these two instead of Sirius and Aleesha since they share a bond that no one else understands. They're both werewolves and both ashamed of it. They were even turned by the same person! Either way, I knew that there'd be something inherently different about their relationship.

And it seems that there really is. When everyone broke it off with her for kissing Regulus (still confused about that, by the way - can't wait until I get to see what happened), he stuck by her. And they're even cuddling in the common room. What cuties. And ahh, a kiss. How sweet.

Although I'm not sure how I feel about this, I admit. She's still in love with Sirius so it's not fair of her to string Remus along. But maybe Remus would be good for her? If her feelings for Sirius faded, he'd be an excellent choice. Someone who makes her feel good even when her world is crumbling to pieces. Someone who stays by her throughout the good times and the bad. Someone who understands.

Plums xo

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Review #10, by merlins beard Wait

12th April 2017:
Hey there, Brax is in Jail again so guess what – another Jailbreak by me.
I’ve always thought that December at Hogwarts, as pretty as it always seems must be one thing first and foremost: freezing.
What’s in that package? I mean she finds it while packing, alone in her dorm, while evading everyone else and she’d obviously stored it away safely, hidden from prying eyes before… and now I wish I knew what was in it. UGHHH NOW I REALLY REALLY WANT TO KNOW WHOSE VOICE THAT IS. It keeps turning up and it’s getting eally frustrating and it tells her to open the package and now I agree with the voice. I wanna know what’s in hthere… so it’s not her dad bc it talks about her dad? Is that fair reasoning? Or is it her dad and he’s just saying that because he feels that way but doesn’t want her to find out it’s him? I guess we’ll find out eventually, right? Please tell me we’ll find out. I NEED TO KNOW
Wow that kiss… quite the show on the platform there, right? There are parents everywhere too, families picking up their kids from school. But I guess when I was that age I would have probably done that too. *sighs* *shakes head* teenagers.
Regulus isn’t exactly happy with Aleesha and Sirius’ relationship, is he? Oh well, he’ll have to deal for now.

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Review #11, by Dirigible_Plums Lifeless

12th April 2017:
Hello again!

It's me: Plums. I expect you're sick of seeing my face by now, but I am on a mission and it's to break out one of my teammates for the CTF event.

I have to admit something. I know that it's a very serious subject matter and the scene is intense but when this paragraph popped up: "Then, out of no where, a pain shot through my stomach. I screamed loudly, and doubled over in pain, falling off my seat and having the whole class turn to look at me. The pain began to spread all across my body like waves in an ocean. It was like being crucioed, except it was worse and I couldn't hold in my screams at all." my immediate thought was 'sounds like cramps' 😂😂 #darkhumour. Either way, I know that it's not cramps but I can definitely empathise with Aleesha by pretending it is (or it feels like it anyway). Like TMI alert but I have also passed out from cramps before. Aleesha, I feel you, girl. I really do.

Since this is quite a few chapters before the one I just came from (20, I believe), it's startling to see the change in Aleesha. I mean, she's well and truly happy here, you know? She's even trying to get Remus to dance for her in the middle of Potions! That's what life should be like for her. Impromptu dances in classes and whining about boredom. Not being forced into being a Death Eater. Not having all of her friends hate her. Not even contemplating suicide. It's truly saddening to see what service to Lord Voldemort does to someone. She's just a kid, after all.

Onto a little concrit: in a few of the chapters, I've seen you switch between first person for Aleesha's POV and then third person to recount what is happening elsewhere without her knowledge. I really think that simply sticking to third person would make the transition a lot more fluid. I always find it a little jarring to suddenly switch, even though it's to provide us with an insight into the bigger picture.

That's it for now!

Plums xo

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Review #12, by merlins beard The Fight

12th April 2017:
Hello again! Here with another Jailbreak for the CTF (sweet merlin let this be over soon)

Wow this was very emotional and confusing yet again. Is everyone fighting yet? Are there even any healthy relationships left?
Wow Sirius is really conflicted isn’t he? I mean I guess I would be too, if my girlfriend had kissed my brother (and chased a bunch of other guys as well) Regulus really isn’t acting very nicely though.. I guess this is causing an even deeper rift between the brothers and I guess that was to be expected.
It hurts a little bit to see Sirius and Remus being pulled apart so much here. I understand what happened now but I think Remus needs his friends just as much as Aleesha needs them and all this separation and fighting isn’t good for anyone in the long run.
Aleesha really needs to straighten out her story here. I mean she’s a death eater for Sirius, she kisses REgulus and says she loves him but Lily thinks she’s with Remus? And then there’s that other, older guy (whom I have no idea what happened to, probably because I’m jumping back and forth so much here)…
I do not think Remus would do this to Sirius tho. Bros before you-know-what, right? They’re very loyal to each other so I think it would be an absolute no go to date someone the other friend is in love with.
I agree with Lily here. Aleesha needs to get a lot figured out and quickly.

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Review #13, by azimuth Lifeless

12th April 2017:
Hi there! Here from CTF!

SO this starts with a flashback of sorts? Or is this a change in the point of view? And who was that woman and the man? They are talking about Aleesha, right? So, they are after her /power/. And what kind of power is this? Overall, it was a nice touch with the flashback thing, but I was a little confused. Because if this man was talking about the dark lord, will he just give up like that? I mean, you say that the woman was about to give in! Surely, a man working for the dark lord would be a little more...cruel? But this is just speculation, of course, since I don't know anything about the scene. :P

And then, as the chapter gets going, first Aleesha is behaving like a little kid, and then all of a sudden she just collapses, like that? I thought the transition from the fun to the deathly serious part of the chapter was a little abrupt, but perhaps, that is what you intended, since it made us readers take a step back, like what happened?

One thing that was weird was that she compares it to being under the cruciatus curse, but what would she, a normal teenager, know about that? You could have just said, 'it was pain beyond imagining', I think, and it would have flowed better.

And oh what was that voice saying 'Join Me'? Hmm... I think you write the mystery aspect of the story very well. ANd what is this about Sirius hearing that strange woman? That just got a lot stranger. If Aleesha is the one that is having some sort of psychic episode, why does Sirius also hear the voices? Curiouser and Curiouser. That was nicely done.

The chapter ended nicely, I think, with the Marauders all showing concern and the teachers worried, as if they know what's going on? Or they don't? Hmmm.

Nice chapter, I enjoyed reading it. :)

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Review #14, by AbraxanUnicorn Wait

12th April 2017:
Hello again. You must be fed up of me by now, surely?!

There's a period of undisclosed time between the end of the last chapter and this, so I'll assume nothing of interest has happened and Aleesha has been permitted to live perfectly normally, which must have been a nice break for her, poor girl. December in a castle the size of Hogwarts, in the highlands of Scotland, in winter, must be pretty Baltic. However, it seems a shame that it's so cold that the students are forced to huddle together in corners. Unless they are lucky enough to be huddling with someone they want to huddle with, I suppose ;)

Whilst Aleesha was packing, having eventually got the dormitory to herself (Lily being in the common room and I'm not sure who else she shares with), she finds the package that her father gave her, tucked into some abandoned robes that she stowed under her bed. Argh! I was hoping to find out what was in it? The voice makes a reappearance and tells her to open it. Is it her father's voice? No, hang on; maybe it's not, as it mentions that her father would want her to open it. Gosh, WHO IS IT? It's driving me nuts not knowing.

The train ride home with her cousin and the rest of the marauders leads to a passionate kiss with Sirius. Wow. She's brave to indulge in a spot of tonsil-hockey on King's Cross platform with all those parents around! Regulus isn't impressed by the scene, is he?

Brax X

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Review #15, by merlins beard Me, Myself, and I

12th April 2017:
Hi! here for CTF to jailbreak Ineke

I’m confused again, sorry. Who’s the kid? I mean voldy talks about a kid here but who is he referring to? And he keeps checking on his Death Eaters? He kind of reminds me of my mother when she used to come up to my room and check if I was studying like she told me to or if I had snuck yet another book in.
Noble to the point of stupidity. That’s the phrase that comes to mind when I think of James and Sirius and the rest. OPEN YOUR EYES PEOPLE, SHE’S EVIL AND DOING A BUNCH OF WEIRD STUFF.
Even as her friends who want her to be okay and to protect her, they need to realize that sometimes being in trouble for something you did can be good for you. A wake up call or something like that. I get that they don’t want to tell on her or anything but they need to realize what’s happening. I don’t really get why they aren’t telling on her. She’s hurting people left and right and doesn’t even seem to be noticing half the time.
Ummm now does Remus have feelings for her? Or for Sirius? Why would he not care if their relationship was ruined? I think remus is a better friend than that.
The effects of the full moon on Remus are fairly obvious here but what about the way the moon affects Aleesha? Shouldn’t the others realize what’s happening here?
Anyway gotta go break out plums if she’s jailed yet.

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Review #16, by Dirigible_Plums The Fight

12th April 2017:
Hello again!

Long time, no see. It's Plums again with another review for CTF. Checking between the lines to see if you're hiding the flag :)

Well, this was certainly a rickety chapter in terms of emotions. It seems that all the relationships between the main set of characters are crumbling down, aren't they? Sirius and Regulus are getting even worse in their arguments which is to be expected but Sirius and Remus? I now know what the fight mentioned in the chapter was and know why Remus stuck by Aleesha even when the other Marauders didn't. He was the one actually fighting with them.

And on top of that, it seems he's her boyfriend. I confess, I am a little confused about Aleesha's feelings (probably because I'm not reading this in the right order lol). So, she's in love with Sirius to the point where she became a Death Eater to save his life, right? BUT she kissed Regulus for some reason and in the next chapter, she says she loves him. Like a lot. But she's Remus' girlfriend according to Lily. Okay. Whoa. There's clearly a lot going on here. I admit that I'm not sure why Remus would date Sirius' ex-girlfriend (who kissed his brother!) given the level of loyalty between the Marauders. (Speaking of which, where's little Peter at?) I can see him staying friends with her, especially given that she's also a werewolf but I didn't think it'd go this far.

I do feel sorry for Aleesha but I have to agree with Lily. Her actions are badly affecting the group and she needs to step up to own up to it, no matter how much it hurts. At some point, yiu just have to draw a line.

Plums xo

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Review #17, by merlins beard Voice

12th April 2017:
Hello! Here for CTF… busting out Brax again. She needs to learn to stay out of trouble…

Wait what? Aleesha kind of just passed out and then had some kind of fit or something? And now she can’t remember anything? So does the screaming indicate pain or that she was seeing something? Maybe some kind of vision? Is there a reason this happened in potions class? Mabye something triggered it? I wonder what she was saying to Sirius then? He must have more insight than the others at the moment, right? I wonder if there really are visions and if they turn into anything. I wonder if something will come up like this.
What in the name of merlin has Dumbledore so freaked out? I mean he’s the face of calm every time in the HP books. I don’t believe we ever see him stressed. Only angry a few times, but never really worried. I mean he’s happy to sit by and watch harry battle dark wizards – but maybe he was less relaxed back when harry’s parents were at school.

Wow, I totally get her confusion. I’m not entirely sure what’s going on here either.
Cheese and Salami? Really? Well, I don’t agree with that at all 😝

I agree with sirius. Not being allowed to eat is torture. Man I hope she gets food soon. It’s bad enough to be stuck in the hospital wing without entertainment, but not being able to eat? That gets old really really fast.

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Review #18, by merlins beard Exams

12th April 2017:
Hey there – jailbreak for Plums because it’s getting late and we need all hands on deck!!
Okay seriously though – try to use spellcheck in everything you write from here on out?
Well honey you kind of brought this upon yourself, did you not? You were not exactly being a great friend, so it was to be expected that they are a little upset with you…
Wow Aleesha you really do fall in love quickly…
How are the full moons different from earlier ones? What makes them harsher now? Remus is still around for the transformations, isn’t he?
Well, don’t hook up with Voldemort and his death eater buddies and you won’t be in that much pain. Does that make sense? Yeah? Maybe you could stop whining about all the pain then? (I’m sorry, I know this sounds harsh but I’m more annoyed with the annoying character than your writing. I’m not criticising you here, mainly Aleesha’s actions)
Wow exams on top does make life fun. I speak from experience here. Yeah, aleesha annoys me but in that one regard I do feel for her. Exams really are horrible.
Late night studying sucks always but it’s okay when you study with friends, so maybe she should go apologize to her friends and ask them for help.
Oh cue Remus coming and talking to her. Of course they both look tired, it was a long day of many excitements.

I’ll come bust Ineke out next

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Review #19, by AbraxanUnicorn Voice

12th April 2017:
Hello! CTF goes on...

So, carrying on from Chapter seventeen, Aleesha is still in the hospital wing. It transpires from what James is saying to her that she happened to pass out on the floor whilst talking to Remus, and then underwent some kind of seizure or fit - possibly having a vision as she was screaming? James also mentions that she was talking during potions, but only Sirius could hear her. Was she conscious during the potions episode, or had she drifted off into some kind of prophetic vision? Strange. Will we get to find out what the visions are all about?

Aleesha remains in the hospital wing for the duration of this chapter, and we find out that Dumbledore also visited. He seemed extremely stressed, and I wonder what is on his mind to cause this, as he's normally quite a calm type of person?

I'm not surprised that Aleesha is confused. As an outsider looking in, I'm a bit lost in all of this too!I did laugh at the old cheese and salami comment as a cause of the blackouts/seizures.

OOh, the voice reappears. I'm intrigued by this and wonder who is talking in her head. Is he friend or foe? I don't understand the comment of "the one from the garden" but maybe it's something I've missed somewhere in this story, or perhaps I'm not supposed to understand at the moment?

I hope she gets to eat something soon. I guess food interferes with the potions, perhaps?

Brax X

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Review #20, by merlins beard Christmas

12th April 2017:
Hey there – I need my Brax back so I’m reviewing for the Jaiilbreak
Oh, presents. Presents are always great. Can’t wait to see which ones.
Wow Nicole is a bit snarky, isn’t she?
Ummm wow She’s giving quite the presents, isn’t she? How does she have so much money? I’m just saying, this doesn’t really make sense, does it? A new broom is really expensive. And Invisibility cloaks are really really rare… no way could James have purchased one for her.
If Remus can give presents that expensive, how can he not buy himself new robes?
Hahahaha Peter’s gift is hilarious though. That one I really like. Except I hate Christmas Carols and it would be torture to have chocolate sing to me. But that’s just a personal thing, I really do think the idea is hilarious.
Slytherin’s locket? Wow, really? This is after it has been turned into a horcrux right? Ooh a lot of the later stuff makes sense now. I have no idea why she has it tho. I mean yes regulus sent it to her as a present, but why would he? Does he have evil intentions? Or does he not know what he’s doing?
Aw I love that the boys like their presents. And that they’re there for dinner. It’s so cool that all of them get along so well.
I wonder what she’s going to say to regulus next time she sees him??
I really need to hurry on so I can jailbreak some more now.

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Review #21, by Dirigible_Plums Exams

12th April 2017:
Hello there!

I have returned to see whether the flag is in this chapter or not. Let's see, shall we?

For some reason, it's dawned on me that the reason Remus probably doesn't want to let go of Aleesha and their friendship is because they're both werewolves. Support from the Marauders is one thing but to truly understand what he goes through is another. And Aleesha can provide that camaraderie for him which explains why they rely on each other so heavily. As for whether that'll extend to knowing about the Dark Mark
.. well, that's another story. (Of course, he might already know about it, but since I'm still all over the place, I'm not 100% sure so I'm just going to assume he doesn't.)

I found it interesting how she says she loves Regulus, especially in light of the whole kiss business. I mean, she was - is, even - in love with Sirius and the brothers are rather known for not getting along. This probably deepens the betrayal Sirius feels. But seeing as how I'm a sucker for some good ol' Regulus, I'm not complaining here 😜 I am concerned with how heavily she relies on him (and Remus) though. Humans are social creatures and live for interaction, no matter what shape or form it comes in. But relying on two people so heavily doesn't seem all that healthy. Especially because she believes that they're going to leave her someday (and in Regulus' case... well, we know that he does for definite).

Sidenote: I know this is abandoned but I think you used the wrong word in one of the sentences: Oh jeez, I thought smugly. Why can't I seem to remember this one? I was a little confused when I read this because I'm not sure why Aleesha would be smug that she can't remember something in an exam?

Plums xo

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Review #22, by lovegood27 Lost Love

12th April 2017:
Hi, I'm here for Capture The Flag again! ;)

Oh jeez. I was going to say 'poor Aleesha she just lost Sirius', and then I thought 'wait, it's kinda her fault'. So...poor Sirius. Why did this have to happen??? :(

But what I liked about this was that at least Aleesha feels sorry. I mean, it would be nice if she could take it a step further and apologise to Sirius, but it would probably be a bit early. And James and Peter might try to kill her *sighs*

Aw, Remus! He's so sweet. I love how he's so understanding and just knows that Aleesha needs someone she can talk to at the moment. It's so comforting for her, even if it's only one person. I sense some rough times ahead though. Does Remus have a crush on Aleesha? Will Sirius even forgive her? Will he get jealous if Remus and Aleesha start spending all their time together? (I realise that the first question could probably be answered by myself if I hadn't just jumped headfirst into the middle of this story)

Wow, Aleesha is such a drama queen (I'm being so sympathetic towards her...) Like that line "I deserve to die", before she dramatically runs off and sobs her heart out in a toilet. Sorry, that makes it sound really bad. I kind of have mixed feelings towards her in this chapter. I think it was a bit stupid of her to kiss Regulus, and then to just be crying about it later. It is her own fault, after all. But I also feel sorry for her, because she feels bad and knows she's done wrong.

Anyways. Good chapter! I hope things turn out okay for everyone :)

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Review #23, by ANightingaleInAGoldenCage Me, Myself, and I

12th April 2017:
Hi! here for CTF!

I wonder who the little boy is who Voldemort adressed? It is an interesting turn of events, really, to make this happen. It's also an interesting way of Voldemort to keep checking in, if I need to be honest.
Also - James and co are way too noble. Of course there is something going on with her, and it's a something she definitely deserves to be in trouble for, even if you don't want to get her to be in trouble. Besides, she's hurting friends and family alike, as well as Snape but he might have deserved that as well. Come to think of it, is that one of the reason's they're not gonna tell on her in the first place? Because they attacked snape?
Also, is the last sentence meant to imply that there is something going on between Remus and Aleesha? As in that Remus might be having feelings for her? She did think he was very attractive so I could see it happening.
Besides, if full moon is near, then why isn't it affecting Remus so much and why aren't they catching on on her lies in the first place? They know Remus is a werewolf, and they are clever enough to put one and one together, so I'm honestly left wondering why they haven't done it yet. It would add to their suspicion, but... It is needed, if you ask me.

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Review #24, by AbraxanUnicorn Christmas

12th April 2017:
Hello again :)

Christmas, and Aleesha, to my surprise, has received presents. I can't imagine Christmas is much fun at her house, TBH, given that she doesn't get on with her mother at all, Fenrir is her mother's boyfriend/partner/FWB and Voldemort keeps dropping in to give her lessons and/or punishments. Being the eternal optimist, I hold out a little hope for some festive joy in this chapter. Let's see.

So, Nicole is opening her presents in her room and Aleesha is doing the same in hers. A spotted owl turns up with a delivery for her and it's from Regulus. Oo-er! I wonder what he's sent her!

Aleesha got James a broom because his old one was tattered? I mean, that's really sweet of her, but wow, what an extravagant present for a student to buy! Do these kids have unlimited funds or something? the other thing I'd query is that James is supposed to be an excellent Quidditch player, therefore I'm surprised he didn't shell out for his own new broom long before this one became such a state? Anyway...

Aleesha gets an invisibility cloak from James. Wow! Another expensive gift. Wait!Is it THE cloak, as in the Hallow? Or did he buy it for her? He's lucky to procure one as I thought they were very rare indeed.

Lily's and Remus's gifts were sweet.

The Blacks seem to be vying with each other unknowingly with their jewellery gifts. The locket - is it the horcrux locket or coincidentally silver with an S on it?

The chapter finishes with the Potters and Sirius arriving for dinner. Nice to have a bit of light-hearted fluff in this chapter :)

Brax X

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Review #25, by ANightingaleInAGoldenCage Sorted

12th April 2017:
Hi! Here for CTF!

Is.. Aleesha pretty much swooning over everyone? Honestly... I can't find the words to describe my thoughts bout that now. Okay it seems to be more or less minor than the other one's I've read about but still.
Also, why is she so afraid of running into a wall? Surely she's known about magic and hidden doors and all that? How is she so surprised about it at all?
And how come Nicole's going off on her own? She's new at Hogwarts too, so she wouldn't know anybody yet. Wouldn't it be more handy then to find people she actually knows so she can have some comfort into going some place new then?
Also, fun fact, the fact that Aleesha is sorted into Gryffindor surprised me, because I honestly thought that she was a Slytherin for some reason. It threw me for a loop here, if I need to be honest. Nice touch though, also that Nicole is a Ravenclaw. I kind of expected that already at least, but then again, I also expected that they'd be taken apart from everybody else and than would be seated in the Great Hall before the firstyears would come in and the hat would sing it's song. it is a nice touch though, that they have to go through the same thing everybody else had to go - and that is in front of everybody else.

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