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Review #1, by snowfallingonroses The Mystery Girl

25th March 2009:
Interesting...this chapter is a nice prologue to the story. It flows well, and it isn't hard to understand. Nice job! :)

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Review #2, by MillionDollarBaby The Mortuary

20th February 2008:
I absolutely love your story. But I just now saw that you haven't updated in a while and so, I felt a review was in order. And I never review ;) This fic has so much potential and I really hope you're still writing.

Author's Response: aw!
I am still writing, but this has just been one that got put to the back burner. it was the first one I had up actually, and i plan on finishing it, but it's not one that I'm going to be updating frequently unfortunately. it's a story that I enjoy writing, so I write it only when I feel like it. :)
I'm glad you like it though, and I hope that you continue reading, whenever the next chapter comes out :)

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Review #3, by OvergrownEden9 Another Chance

8th January 2008:

Plot Thickens... Duh duh duuuh...

Really really good -- I'm hooked.

10/10 .xo

Author's Response: lol, I'm glad!

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Review #4, by OvergrownEden9 The Mystery Girl

8th January 2008:
I really like it so far. Good, very very believable perception of Harry. Don't you just want to hug him? ^_^

I'm surprised this story hasn't had more reviews! It's frigging great so far.

10/10 .xo

Author's Response: I'm surprized too, but I always get really nice reviews on this story, so I'll take the limited amout :) like this one :)

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Review #5, by kerri240879 The Mortuary

1st November 2007:
This is absolutley brilliant. Looking forward to more.

Author's Response: thanks so much!!

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Review #6, by MajiKat The Mortuary

22nd October 2007:
nice hun. very very nice. i have missed this fic so much!! i love it. nice and dark and very very angsty - saturated with sadness and confusion and pain. beautiful writing!!

characterisation is wonderful, as it always is, and i love your draco so much. waht a tortured soul! you write him perfectly like this - excellent stuff!!

sorry this is short - i've got reviews to catch up on everywhere! but i loved it and i can't wait for the next chapter!!

Kate xx

Author's Response: lol, I'm glad you liked draco in this. I took the opertunity to get into his character a little more at the beganing of this chapter, and I thought in a way it was a little fluffy for Draco, but I'm glad that you liked it!

Aw Kate don't apologies, any review from you is a good review dear. :) and I know about being behind with reviews, so don't worry lol.

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Review #7, by Crysal The Funeral

16th September 2007:
I hope you'll put the following chapters soon!! I don't know how I will manage to endure the wait. XD
(I love very very much the title too ; it's so poetic... for some reason, I feel like "Judas kiss" is like a serpent kiss. That fits well with Draco.)

Author's Response: lol, I'll try my best to get it out as soon as possible, so just keep checking in :D

as for the Title, I like it too. It's actually a song title, which is kinda corny... because usually I don't like to do song titles, but it fit really well. Just because of Judas, and well, a kiss, it just fit, as you said :D I'm glad you like it, it took me a while to actually come up with a title, so yeah lol

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Review #8, by Crysal Death to The Boy Who Lived

16th September 2007:
"The Boy who Lived no more" I love this sentence!
"You die doing my command. If you would have been killed doing it, you do it anyway, because, and you should know, it's better then being killed by me." That's also brilliant! It's so true. It fits him so well to say it. It's so horrible.

Author's Response: aw, thanks so much, it's nice to hear from new readers of Judas Kiss. and I'm so glad you like it!!

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Review #9, by Crysal The Plan Begans

15th September 2007:
I love your story more than ever! The last few lines are BRILLIANT!!! It sounds so right, so real. I think my heart stopped beating for a few seconds.
You said that sometimes, the way you wrote between Draco and Harry doesn't seem to flow right. But I think that's a bit normal. Your Draco is much more mature than the one in Rowling's books. As you keep telling, he's changed too, so to me it is normal that their discussions sound (maybe) a bit "unusual" or "unexpected"... But it's charming and it makes your story very interesting because the characters have more depth.

Author's Response: awww thanks!! I guess in a why your right. I try my best to write Draco as the character I see him, changing and everything, but still make him slightly canon as well, because he's in the transition, and i always find it a little awkward, but in the same way, I guess it would be a little awkward for him, because he is changing.

and I'm so glad that you liked this chapter!! it is difinately my favorite so far, just because i worked a lot on it and it turned out pretty much exactly as I wanted it. I wanted to go for a chapter that made you read and different paces (you know, quick during action, slow during intense, quiet moments lol) and I think I did my best at pulling it off, so it's good that you liked it!!!
thanks so much dear!!!

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Review #10, by Crysal Dining With Draco

15th September 2007:
O_o To me it's the most amazing chapter since the beginning. So dark! I like how you goes from Draco's mind to Harry's to see what they think. It's so odd to "see" them face to face having breakfast... :-) It would be funny if the story wasn't that sad. I like very much how you see Draco too. I think that the way you see his relationship with his parents is quite correct. Thanks for the story. It's a pleasure to read it.

Author's Response: thanks! I sometimes think the way I wrote between Draco and Harry didn't flow right, so it's good to hear that you liked it!

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Review #11, by Crysal Unexpected Acquaintance

15th September 2007:
I love this "fight" between Draco and Harry! It's so well-written.

Author's Response: thanks! i spent a lot of time on it, so I'm glad you liked!

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Review #12, by Crysal Another Chance

15th September 2007:
Unexpected events!! I like very much this chapter. I like how you write it.

Author's Response: aw, thanks so much!!!!

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Review #13, by LovelyMioneWeasley The Funeral

1st September 2007:
OMG...what an amazing, addicting plot! I love, love the idea you've put in this plot. It is simply mesmerizing to read and I've loved the full descripations and you've kept the characters perfectly in character! I love this story as well.
xx Lindsey xox 10/10

Author's Response: yay!
I love Judas Kiss so it's great to hear from new readers who say they love it too. it's like my baby, so, yeah xD I love that you love it!!

I'm glad you think I kept them in character! gosh that's probably the biggest thing I worry about in stories is because that's pretty much my biggest pet peeve, so it's great that you think my characterization is good! :D

thanks again for the review!!

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Review #14, by MajiKat The Funeral

6th August 2007: wow!!

i love you!! this was fabulous danielle!! i'm so happy you updated. i don't know where to start, actually. description - perfect. imagery - perfect. characterisation - perfect (i really liked the way you wrote ron in this - very well done. there was a wonderful maturity to him that i rarely see - more like the ron we got in DH - eventually, lol).

this was brilliant. draco. ah my. love him. i adored the meeting with hermione in the church - it was very well done, and there was this beautiful emotive sense beneath it. i could really feel for each of them, you know.

nice touch with the draught too. i like it alot.

you know, i'm more than slightly outraged you do not have more reviews. this is spectacular writing and a wonderful plot. i'm going to go on a crusade, okay? this needs to be read. its simply beautiful, and will be my first recommended read on my site (once it is fully operational!)

luv ya hun
Kate xx

Author's Response: you liked it?! GOOD! because this chapter was like 'ugh' for me. I hated it. idid it over so many times that I was just like 'fine, it's good enough' and put it in the queue before I changed my mind! xD

oh and you have no idea how many times I was talked out of putting in the daught idea. I only put it in because i really had no other ideas xD it was horrible, but It's so great to hear that you thought it was good. I was all worried that it wouldn't make sense.

reveiws *sigh* I think with this one it's because I start it off with this really 'cliche' beganning, and i think I lose a lot of readers with that :( but oh well, then I just get the ones that love it that continue, and i get great reviews like this one! xD

website! I've been wanting to see this website forever lol! hurry up hun! no, I'm kidding, take your time lol.

luvs ya back :)
Danielle xox

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Review #15, by Snitchsista The Funeral

5th August 2007:
Wow . . . .

Author's Response: aha!
that review was pretty much one of the best reviews I've had lol.

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Review #16, by Oneirik Death to The Boy Who Lived

11th July 2007:
AH! Awesome! Cliffhanger = gr! But I'm eager to find out what happens next! More!

Author's Response: sometimes soon. probably after the queue opens up after being closed, because i have plan on started a new story this week, so :P

really glad that you liked it though. and yeah, sorry for the bit of a cliffhanger :(

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Review #17, by MajiKat Death to The Boy Who Lived

25th June 2007:
wow. hunny, i'm so pleased with this chpater!! OMG so much happened and so much mystery. i get the feeling harry is not dead - why else would draco say what he did to Hermione?

you described hermione's feelings over harry, and then over draco, beautifully. the shock at seeing him and then the confusion at the way he looked and the way he spoke was wonderful. you have such a gift my darling.

the scenes in the manor were excellent. i love the way you described everything, from Bella and what draco thought of his aunt and her obedience, to the dark lord and his methods. beautiful writing hunny.

there is such darkness in this fic - it makes me shiver sometimes. i'm guessing the funeral scene will be coming up soon, and i loathe to thihk of what is going to happen there. i'm getting chills thinking of it...

i'm so glad i found your writing, really, i am. its just so real and natural and thought-provoking! what a wonderful talent you have hunny! i love this fic! your characterisation is excellent, but i think i have said that before xD i adore your draco, by the way. he is mysterious and conflicted and i love it!!


Author's Response: haha. I can't telllll you!! XD

aw, I'm so glad that you thought this chapter was good though, I spent so much time revising it because I didn't like how I wrote Hermione or how i strung anything together really, so it makes me really happy to know that you thought it was good :D

I think the darkness of this fic is what makes me like it so much. Usually I'm not a person who can write humor or fluffy stuff very easily. I get bored with it. But this fic is always in my mind because everything in it is so raw and natural, real, and I love to write it because it keeps my attention always.

but then, I also hate it because i would love to be a reader of it and not a writer, I want to know what it is like reading it without knowing what's going to happen! XD lol, but oh well, I guess that's what you give up in being a writer.

aw, I'm glad you found my writing too, because you are probably my best reviewer by far lol. I can always look forward to a review from you and it's great!



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Review #18, by Snitchsista Another Chance

27th May 2007:
Ooh. Wow. I loved this, and am adding it to my favourites!!

Author's Response: yay thank you!!

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Review #19, by Lamouneh The Plan Begans

20th May 2007:
WOW that was GREAT!! i loved this chapter SO much... 10/10 you deseve it.

Author's Response: aw, thank you so much!

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Review #20, by MajiKat The Plan Begans

19th May 2007:
oh oh oh oh oh!! that was amazing!! oh my it was simply brilliant hunny. you know how much i love your writing, and this was no exception!

i really liked the scene with Alania. i loved that she left harry pondering and feeling slightly guilty. that wa very well done and i lve her character alot.

i loved that harry told hermione, so simply and so plainly. that was a great show of his character i think. okay, the scene wtih Draco in the attic was amazing! you have both their characters so well understood and it shows. i really liked that the focus was on harry for that scene - if it hadn;t have been, it may not have been so effective. i liked the way his thoughts danced around but he was quiet controlled in waht he said to draco. very slytherin of harry at times, he was a bit mean :D but it fit.

i think this is my fav part in the whole chapter - "Cooperation." Draco replied in one word, a haunting tone taking over him. Harry had never heard this tone either, and in a way, it scared him more then anything he had seen or heard coming from Draco that night. The boy had something hidden; something that had changed him from the last time Harry had seen him. Last year he had been a naïve teenager, that had been a fact, but now. Now he was an adult.

to me, this is where harry truly realises Draco is not the boy he used to think he knew from school. and i really liked how earlier on, you used the word tainted to describe Draco - thats perfect and exactly what i feel he is.

10/10 darling as always! this is brilliant!

and thank u so much for the dedication!! You're awesome!

Author's Response: haha, I knew you would like that, yeah I felt in necessary because you were so worried of waiting for this chapter, and of course I knew that it was a chapter worth waiting for xD

yay. your reviews always bring a smile to my face. thank you so much. seriously xD I always look forward to when I see your name on my new reviews.


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Review #21, by MajiKat Dining With Draco

19th May 2007:
i loved this chapter hun. seriously, i think you handled such a senstive theme very maturely - it was lovely. heartbreaking and sad, but lovely. you made it real and not trivalised at all. i have never been that depressed before in my life, but i can imagine what it may be like. well done.

i love your draco so much. he is still powerful and strong, arrogant and cold, but at the same time he is so vulnerable and broken, totally damaged and torn by what he has gone through. you write him in this way very convinvcingly *sp?*

i really liked that Harry went there. and i loved the scuffle with Draco in the hall - it was believeable, all their emotions and their actions, and you justified their behaviour from both parties. excellent stuff!!

oh i can't wait to read the next chapter. this story takes my breath away. its beautiful and i love it. you should have more reviews!! when i get my website happening, i want to put your story on my list of favs.


Author's Response: Oh wow! on someone elses website xD that makes me all giddy inside.
I'm so glad you like it because this story had been circling around in my head for so long and I've never really know if people would accept it or not, and it's amazing that I'm having such good feedback. thank you so much xD xxxx

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Review #22, by shaunrae The Plan Begans

19th May 2007:
I love the turn of the story and I really believe Draco doesnt want to be bad and its just all around him and he cant help but be sucked in deeply by it. I also think he does want to escape and have a normal life, i love the portaral of angsty Harry as well.

Author's Response: haha, well thanks

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Review #23, by MajiKat Unexpected Acquaintance

15th May 2007:
oh wow! that was amazing hunny! god i love your writing. you have such a way of taking me right there. brilliant stuff - again! the thing i loved most about this chapter was the fight between draco and harry. it was just dripping with malice, with regret and with confusion, becuase you have shown two boys who hate each other, but who, i think, are not entirely sure why any more. i may be reading too much into it, but thats what i felt from that little scene.

you are doing a fabulous job with Draco - you are so inside his head, and you are writing his anguish out so well. i just have a bad feeling about harry being there, from Draco;s words to Alania at the end of that chapter.

honestly, this is dark and chilling and i loves it!! i want to read the next chapter but i want to restrain myself cause i don;'t know how long it will be until you update this one!

*hugs* you rock babe!

Author's Response: AW I LOVE YOU! xD
hows this, I have a chapter for Playing Cat and Mouse in waiting right now, but right after that I will put the fifth chapter of Judas kiss up :) it's done, it's just sorta, not at the same time lol.

you have no idea how long that this story has been circling around in my head, so I would only hope that it would be as good as it is in my head, actually, I can only hope that it's HALF as good, and it seems like it is so thats GREAT!

Draco is my baby. I've thought him out so much it's not even funny, so, yeah xD

THANK YOU SO MUCH for your reviews. they always make me so happy!

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Review #24, by MajiKat Another Chance

14th May 2007:

that was absolutely fantastic!! i loved it so much! your imagery and the poetry of your words - it took my breath away! gorgeous writing hun! i loved the black/white dicotomy of the scene in the manor. it was perfect and totally visionary. i loved it!! i can't explain what it did to the imagery, but it intensified the scene somehow. i guess black/white = dark/light= evil/good...perhaps? thats kind of what i was thinking.

this is a fab story and these are some of my fav lines:
Rain cascaded down like the heavens were crying, and wind blew through the trees making them sway and dance eerily.

The wonder in them was gone; they no longer shone with life and happiness. They were lifeless and dull, and though her hands where still warm he could feel the death in them. He held one of those limp hands between his, trying to keep away the cold that was sure to take over her, like it would help to keep her with him, but she was already gone. No longer did she smell of her expensive perfume. She smelt like fear and stress, tears and pain. - that is such a tragic image! its beautiful and sad and just perfect!

The boy felt like a mouse being tossed around by the paws of a cat, Voldemort tauntingly poking a prodding at him as he entertained himself before the kill. - that is the best line! its a perfectly ept way of describing the way i image the dark lord would make people feel. well done!!

oh i knew it! i knew she was not what she seemed. Draco's cousin. hm. this shall be good!

this is a wonderful fic hunny - its so dark and chilling already and i love it!! 10/10 for this stunning chapter!!


Author's Response: YAY!!!!!!!!!
yes, Draco's return from Hogwarts is by far my most thought out sense in general. it started as just a one-shot, but then someone suggested I make a story around it, and BAM! Judas Kiss was created xD

you have no idea how happy I am to read that. I am seriously grinning from ear to ear right now. it's amazing to hear that someone likes what their reading, espeically being a reader myself, I can understand exactly where your coming from, and I know being a writing it's your worst fear that what your writing isn't getting to your readers, so I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOO glad, thrilled really, that you enjoyed it.

thank you for such a lovely reveiw. It really just made my day.
after all I just realized that I'm going to have to wait ANOTHER day for my Blaise/Hermione chapter to be validated xD

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Review #25, by MajiKat The Mystery Girl

14th May 2007:
nice beginning hun! i have to say your summary really grabbed my attention, and your banner is fab! i love it! anyway, onto the chapter. you have done a fabulous job of getting inside Harry's head, and you desrcibed privat drv and that middle class surburban life so spot on! well done!

oh aly is interesting.i shall have to keep an eye on her. i haven't decided if she is on the level or not yet.

can't wait for Draco to make an appearance. oh i alos really liked how you included that part about harry missing draco - well, missing what he stood for more than the actual person. that was nice, and i like how it carried on from the end of HBP, where harry feels that little bit of sympathy for draco. actually, i love how this story has picked up so well after the end of HBP. well done!!

i really want to read your sirius fic but i have to go!! i said i was before, but i never moved!


Author's Response: yeah well, middle class surburban life is so my life really xD other then the fact that the streets are probably a bit better paved in harry's life then in my lmao. sorry, bit of an inside, but still.

yes well, Draco is a loverly character, and you gotta at least love him a little, even when you hate him xD

so so so happy that you liked it :) :DDDD

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