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Review #1, by spencefa Heroes Die

28th June 2010:
wow that was very good...

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Review #2, by hermioneginnyluna Heroes Die

1st January 2008:
I really like this! Except for the ballet fic that you are writing, this is your best! Keep writing!-hermioneginnyluna

Author's Response: Thanks hun ^_^

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Review #3, by sunshinedreamr Heroes Die

11th August 2007:
That was really good. It was odd seeing Draco so evil. Different from most other fics that portray him as kind of the misunderstood hurting soul who really isn't capable of causing any real harm. But anyway, what I'm trying to say is I liked it a lot, especially how you wove that whole bit about the cycle into it. 10/10 :-P

Author's Response: Thanks love ^_- and I know exactly what you mean. Sometimes it is refreshign to just read about a good ol' dastardly Draco.

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Review #4, by GryffindorGirl29 Heroes Die

29th June 2007:
That was really good, kinda depressing, but hey, thats life. So, yeah, 10/10

Author's Response: Thank you love ^_^

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Review #5, by elle25253 Heroes Die

5th May 2007:
that was really good.
i loved it.

the only thing is that, the death scene of James and Lily is supossed to be a little different.

Author's Response: Ah yes, but the beautiful thing about fan fiction is it can be anything I want ^_- Thanks for the review elle

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Review #6, by elle25253 Heroes Die

5th May 2007:
that was really good.
i loved it.

the only thing is that, the death scene of James and Lily is supossed to be a little different.

Author's Response: deja vu?

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Review #7, by padzy *padfoot* Heroes Die

1st May 2007:
good! :) it was really good! so wait do they both die?

Author's Response: They did ^_- I'm glad you liked it Padzy ^_^

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Review #8, by MajiKat Heroes Die

12th April 2007:
that was simply stunning Celtic. I loved it so much. there was a real rawness to it that only added to the reality, and i loved the shifting of time. it really contributed to the ending, and Draco's statement that the whole thing is a cycle. beautiful metaphor by the way!

i think my fav passage is this one: "His mind hurtled back to years before, when they had been ten, and standing lost and scared in the midst of a grand and overwhelming hall and the blonde had come to him, with an outstretched hand. And he had not shaken it. Now here they were, ready to battle out that first indignation."

that was so fantastic and it tied in Draco and Harry's past so well. oh and i loved the inclusion of Percy being a traitor. that was brilliant.

excellent work and a definite 10/10!


Author's Response: Thank you so much Maji ^_^ Your reviews are always so refreshing. That passage you quoted... I toyed with the idea of making a fic out of it.. but.. eh. Thank you so much again darling.

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Review #9, by SammyRay Heroes Die

8th April 2007:
I really liked how you personified Draco in this one, since it's not really the usual route you take. I also enjoyed flipping back and forth between the past and the present, because you were able to accomplish it so well and make it understandable. Good job Celtic!

Author's Response: Hey babe ^_^ Thank yo so much!Aww congrats on your first story!!!

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Review #10, by Lions_Rule8065 Heroes Die

20th March 2007:
Wow! I really liked the way you came back and forth from the present to the past where James and Lily were trying to protect Harry. That was really gurd! (I might be doing a one-shot soone based around the last night of James and Lily... I dunno yet tho). I'm still a bit shook up that Draco wouldn't die... hm, a bit confused but never mind. Still liked it! I was also a bit shocked to read that Hermione died... wasn't expecting that at all! But I liked it all; twas v.gurd! 10/10! :)

Author's Response: I love marauder fics ^_^ I don't know why I haven't written more ^_^ I'm glad you enjoyed it so much! Draco did die; they both died. The impression you are meant to be left with is that Harry's child will carry on after him, and that someone will take Draco's spot as he took the previous dark lord's. The cycle will just continue as it did in the Marauder era, and then in the Trio era ^_^

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Review #11, by lilyandjamesfan Heroes Die

17th March 2007:
the lily and james part is so sad, all of it is really i like that you put the verse in at the end it seemed v. appropriate

Author's Response: Thank you so much ^_^

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Review #12, by wicKeDwitch1316 Heroes Die

9th March 2007:
Wow that was really sad! I just feel so bad for all the people who were left to mourn their dead loved ones! Very well written, though not exactly cannon. Great job!

Author's Response: Heh heh I don't believe in canon in most of my fics... so don't expect it in many of them ^_- Thank you for reviewing me again!!

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Review #13, by taylorj828 Heroes Die

8th March 2007:
Hello Celtic! I finally made it back again. Well, this was a cool idea, neat story. I've never read much James/Lily but it was kinda cool. I like the idea of heros, and of the circle continuing on and on.

It does seem to be the case. If you destroy all the evil, what are people left fighting for? Seems logical that hard as they try, the cycle goes on and on. For every Superhero, there's a Villian. Always seems to be that way.

Question: Why did Lily say "torn"?
And I like the idea of baby Harry laughing at Voldemort. Very cute. Muahaha. Well, I gotta run, but anther great story!

Author's Response: lol I'm glad you liked it. I know it's not my best but it was aplot bunny that wouldn't go away... I hate those. Lily said "turn" because you're a fruit. Look at it again. Sh's saying "Tom" haaha you're cute. ^_-

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Review #14, by xXsilent_tearsXx Heroes Die

17th February 2007:
Ohhh I loved this! Thank you for writing this! I've been wanting to see a fic about this song, it's perfect! You did a wonderful job on it!

Author's Response: I love this song! It just practically screamed this plotline at me.. heh heh I love it when they do that ^_-

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Review #15, by Misty_Rey Heroes Die

17th February 2007:
Hiya Celtic!

Haven't talked with you in ages. When I saw you had a new one shot out, I just had to check it out. :).

Gotta love the angst, very well written, very well done. You didn't babble on and on, using meaningless words to portray what happened. Clear, concise and straight to the point, you explain everything well. You kept the pairings canon, which is how I like it ;). It was sweet how you showed the friendship between Harry, Ron and Hermione as well as the Marauders. It was a very interesting story while thought-provoking at the same time, I liked the dialogue between Harry and Draco at the end.

Great Job!

P.S: Go to my Author's page, I got a surprise for you *wink*


Author's Response: I checked it out and left an uber long message for you ^_- You're so cute! Thank you! You ready to check out Atonement? It was just published ^_^

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Review #16, by scarletheartedlioness Heroes Die

15th February 2007:
Wow. I cried. It is a rare thing for me to cry from any book of some sort. Usually I have to see what's going on to have such emotions. But my tears are proof that you write such vivid, entrancing stories. I felt as if I was there. You painted everything so well. It's just the little details that make your writing so fantastic. I hope you know you are great. You could really go far with your talent. I'm looking forward to reading your new stories when they are validated. Especially 'Atonement'. Keep doing whatever it is you're doing to make these stories what they are. Goodness knows it's working! 10/10, as always. ^_^

Author's Response: aw scarlet you are such a sweetheart

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Review #17, by Belle_Rose Heroes Die

9th February 2007:
*sob* so...Harry died? Oh...did Draco have any unknown children so that one day new Potter and new Malfoy will have to battle it out? Hmm...

However, no matter how sad your stories are (and they all seem to have a dark twisted ending, I just hope Arabesque will have a happy or at least decent ending) they are all amazing and extremely well written.


~ Leah

Author's Response: Yuppers - hands hanky- Harry died. Draco did not have unborn children.. although Harry will have a child if Ginny lives through the rest of the war.. buuuut... Draco wasn't Voldemort's son.. and there will always be another Draco.

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Review #18, by lupa_mannera Heroes Die

7th February 2007:
I will take a listen to that song. This was very well written, and the switches between timelines was seamless. I appreciate an unapologetic sad story...makes you wonder why on earth they would choose Peter over Sirius...and over Lupin...
But we all make mistakes.

Author's Response: Thank you for such a wonderful review. ^_^

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Review #19, by Crosby Heroes Die

6th February 2007:
That was crazy good, sad and great at the same time.

Author's Response: Thanks hun! ^_^

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Review #20, by Lady Serendipity Heroes Die

5th February 2007:

I liked the story but it was rather sad. So Hermione did die? Mmm such a shame. I liked how you had the different on a different edge in a way. With the cycle. I liked it alot.

Author's Response: Thank you so much ^_^ Yes, she did die... sad -sniff- I know :( But I am glad you enjoyed it ^_^

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Review #21, by mickeybee Heroes Die

3rd February 2007:
yay again for a marvelous story!

Author's Response: Thank you ^_^

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Review #22, by Harrys_Patronum Heroes Die

1st February 2007:
*tear* Celtic, as always you cease to amaze! Gah I love it! I wanted to Cry when James died, i was like NO lol. Well, TTYL, write more lata.

Lizzy Dearest

Author's Response: lol aww thanks hunni

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Review #23, by Unicorn Girl Heroes Die

1st February 2007:
I loved it. It was amazing, simply amazing and the lines at the end were incredible.


Author's Response: Thanks my love!

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Review #24, by Hushabye_Mountain Heroes Die

31st January 2007:
Wow, that was great :D I really enjoyed this one - especially the Marauders section - remind me to check out your marauders series wont ya lol :D if you can awe me with just this little bit here - I cant wait to see what you can do with a series on them :D

I'm glad you didn't put the song lyrics between the story, for this one, it was perfect as is :D I really enjoyed this one Celtic, you're so talented *sighs* I'm jealous lol :D

Have a great day sweetie! :D I'm off to make banners, huzzah! :D Love, Kate xoxo

Author's Response: Heh I LOVE the marauders.. I dont get to write them often.. which is sad :( I hope to be able to finish my marauders story very soon.

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Review #25, by ILoveLost1888 Heroes Die

31st January 2007:
Hey! I love it. It is nice that you pit James and Lily together and then Harry and Ginny too! I was reading it is Gin going to have a baby? UpDate! 100-100! I love it, *_*! This is your first stroy?

Author's Response: Ha ha no, I think I ahve seventeen published stories here ^_- And its a one shot so I'm afraid there won't be more updates.. but I'm so very very flattered you are looking for some ^_^ Yes, Gin was pregnant and she did survive the battle, at least in my mind, so yes, the cycle will continue with her baby. ^_^ Thanks for the review my darling.

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