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Review #1, by shadowkitty22 Chapter Four

19th September 2007:
So is there or will there be a sequel to this? Because while the title is called Healing Harry, I don't think Harry got much healing out of it. If anything, his life was still ripped asunder and left in ruins. Quick question though...Did Hermione ever tell Danny that she was a witch? If not, how will he react when he finds out that his son is a wizard (assuming of course that Harry and Hermione didn't produce a squib and Danny himself isn't a wizard). Oh well, it's just a question that would need to be answered in the event that there ever was a sequel.


Author's Response: Nope, no sequel I'm afraid. I left this open ended, and yeah, the title is slightly ironic, because he's not healed. But because its open ended it gives the suggestion that he'll heal with time. And Danny had no idea Hermione was a witch, leaving it to the imagination of the reader upon what sort of confusion will go on when the child turns eleven.

Thanks Emilie.

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Review #2, by shadowkitty22 Chapter One

19th September 2007:
Well there's an opening chapter for you if I've ever read one. Poor Harry finding out all this stuff after Hermione died. How old is he right now? Or will that be explained as I go on?


Author's Response: Ha, glad it pulled you in. Well, I never really stated an age overall. I think further on I mentioned that my OC and Hermione were about nineteen when she fell pregnant or something, so add that to the kids age, and you've got an estimate. :D

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Review #3, by LovelyMioneWeasley Chapter Four

29th July 2007:
That was the most original plot I've ever read...I'm crying right now. You did a wonderful job creating a completely original plot with heart-wrenching descripations and twisting of the emotions. I loved the entire thing and you did a fantastic job with it. I'm...completely speechless right now. Another amazing, marvelous Draca sparkled fic!
Lindsey xox

Author's Response: Aw, thanks. I really wanted to write something plain and realistic, framed by emotions. You're crying? Oh hun, I'm glad that it meant something to you!!

Thanks so, so much.

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Review #4, by Shelley Chapter Four

25th March 2007:
loved the way you write. Good sentence fluency and grammer/spelling.
the only thing I don't like about it is the lack of "Harry Potter" style writing. It was more of the characters. There was no mention of magic and Harry/Hermoine pairing was not very in depth. Other than that, I loved the story.

Author's Response: Lol, you sound like a teacher. *_*

Yeah, but fanfiction is about exploration of YOUR writing, and how to develop it further until you feel comfortable writing original work of your own - or at least, to me it is. That's why I don't make my style "Harry Potter", as you put it - because every author is different and I don't want to be like JK Rowling - I want my own individuality, not to be compared to other people.

Thanks anyway.

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Review #5, by MsPotter Chapter Four

12th March 2007:
This story is awesome!!!

Author's Response: Thank you so much!! *grins*

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Review #6, by lily_black Chapter Four

2nd March 2007:
Hello Helen! It was so sad and graceful, i'm completely touched!!

I loved it!!! Poor Harry losing his life in only a few months, looks like he's meant to suffer forever right?

Anyway, I liked it a lot, I think I'm becoming a fan!!!

Author's Response: Hey again, Lily, my dear!! Graceful? I love that word!!

I know, it's a tragedy for Harry . . . Yeah, a lot more suffering for him - his life is destroyed and a lie.

Yey, a fan!! He he. *jumps up and down excitedly* Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #7, by Unicorn Girl Chapter Four

24th February 2007:
this chapter was amazing. so full of emotion and so wonderfully written. Plan on making a sequel?


Author's Response: Wow, thanks!! I was thinking about a sequel, actually - there's a lot of places I can go with it, but due to lack in popularity and the fact that I have loads of other stories to concentrate on, I don't think I will. If I change my mind, though, I'll let you know. Thanks so much Unicorn Girl for more lovely reviewing!!

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Review #8, by Unicorn Girl Chapter Three

24th February 2007:
Somehow Hermione doesn't seem out of character. neither does harry. You wrote them very canon. :D


Author's Response: Wow, thanks!! :-) And thank you for taking the time to read and review.

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Review #9, by Unicorn Girl Chapter Two

24th February 2007:
I'm so curious about it really...curious of how it will end...

Author's Response: lol, this is just really random, this fic. lol. I was bored. :-)

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Review #10, by Unicorn Girl Chapter One

24th February 2007:
hmm...interesting beginning...I'm curious

Author's Response: Curious is good :D

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Review #11, by spaghettiemandolino Chapter One

15th February 2007:
Hello! Wonderful descriptions!! Now I'm going to read the next chap so...Ciao!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for being so kind and spending the time reviewing!! I really, really apprechiate it. *hugs*

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Review #12, by Snitchsista Chapter Four

5th February 2007:
'Harry’s house was well organised, not like mine, where the sheets remain unwashed for three weeks and the floor is littered with papers, coated in scribbles that had once been sentences for my writing until they were abandoned in frustration, a new layering carpet that I will never tidy up.'

. . . 'he was mine. He had my eyes, bright blue yet pale in places, almost icy, with the deep ebony-black rimming the outside of the colouring. His lips were Hermione’s shape, but he had a firm jaw that was determined, just like Hermione used to call my own. His hair, light bronze in colour, was Hermione’s, but it was smooth like mine and fell over his brow like a veil.'

Wanderful description into what will assurdely be a wicked chapter. Oops. Have to avert my gaze from the screen, in case I see the end of it!! lol. Ok- Scrool- NOW!! *Phew. I did it!*

I loved this chapter. Really loved it, and I'm sad to know that it was the last one, right? The sentence at the end clenched it. 'Healing Harry' was perfect. The ending was just . . . fantastic. And nearly brought a tear to my eye. Yes, I really enjoyed that last paragraph.

Phew. I can't keep going, fingers hurting, too much tapping.

Well done Helen. (I'm gonna be mega embarrased if I was wrong about ti being the end!! lol)

10/10 anyway.

x :) x

Author's Response: Wanderful, eh? Sorry, on a constant hype!! Me and Liam are discussing Pokemon now . . . I'm so glad you liked this!! Yeah, final chapter, no more, the end. Ah, you almost cried? HAHAHA, sorry, I would hug in symptathy but I prefer to laugh at you, Rach!! :-)

Thanks so much for reading and reviewing and being fantastic. Sorry if I've been MAJORLY annoying in my responses, but hey, Pokemon is taking over my mind!! lol.


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Review #13, by Snitchsista Chapter Three

5th February 2007:
Hermione shuddered out a sigh. “Yes . . . “she” and I have a lot of contradictions of late. It hurts, because we’ve been friends forever, and I thought we were so happy, but I just can’t stand it anymore.”

Excellent. I loved the way you dropped a hint to the reader that the person who Hermione was really having an arguement with was a boy because of the quotation marks- It has to be Harry!!

Why else would Danny's point of view remember her words as 'she' with quotation marks around it. lol. I hope you understand what I mean, I don't tend to make much more sense sometimes when I'm reviewing.

Yes, and as to the man's name, I thought it was great how you only informed the reader of his name right at the very end of the flashback. That is the mark of a wonderful writer. It makes me want to read on, even though I've been told to clear our my computer folders. They are in a mess, aren't they? lol.

Anyway, I am to rebel again as I have to read on!!


x :) x

PS- Sorry for the short review. I really wanted to write more, but I didn't know what else to say! lol.

Author's Response: Ooooh, I'm listening to the Pokemon theme tune now . . . yes, I'm sad. *ahem*

"Pokemon . . . gotta catch them all, you teach me, and I'll teach you, POKEMON, gotta catch them all!!"

Lol. Anyway . . . So glad you like this. No probs on the short review.

"Pokemon, gotta catch them all, it's you and me, I know it's my destiny . . ."

Sorry, can't control myself. "The man" lol - Danny, yes.

"come with me, the time is right, there's no better team, arm in arm, we'll win the fight, it's always been our dream . . ."

Sorry, I can't contain myself . . . on to the next review!!

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Review #14, by Snitchsista Chapter Two

5th February 2007:
'Do you want a coffee?' :) I think I was subconciously wondering, where's the caffiene, and low and behold- it's there!! Brilliant. lol.

Anyway, fab stuff as always. I liked the tension between the man and Harry, and the way HP grabbed him by the hair. Exciting stuff. I know, I know- I can already see you shaking your head and rolling your eyes. 'Conflict, typical.' Well, I really like it. Must read on.

Ooh, good stuff. The connection that they formed was magic. Great stuff. Poor Harry, and poor guy. It was sweet they had this interesting relationship. On the one hand, Harry accusing him, and on the other, accepting the past, and trying to bear it.

I loved the little addition where the novelist explained about writing poetry for Hermione.

Sweet. Anyway, racing on to next chapter.


x :) x

Finished. You know what? I actually really like this now, and was actually thinking: Where is James? I really want to meet him now.

Author's Response: Yeah, the coffee is ALWAYS there, its like God or something. Wow, coffee . . . I LOVE it. I'm seriously thinking of injecting caffiene straight to the vein, lol, I just can't get enough of it, and it gives me headaches when I neglect to have it. Apparently you can get caffeine tablets though, so I might try them out.

Conflict was brief but fun to write. They don't like each other much at the moment. I love how you keep calling Danny "the man". lol.

Thanks so much for reviewing Rach!! *attacks with hugs*

You like it? lol. But there's no conflict . . .

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Review #15, by Flower123 Chapter One

27th January 2007:
thats so sad for harry!poor guy. but its kind of hard to see hermione doing that to him

Author's Response: Yeah, I know. I'm just having fun. Thanks for being truthful though, and taking the time to read and review. xx

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Review #16, by Erin Chapter One

27th January 2007:
Wow!! More, more, more!!

Author's Response: Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

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