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Review #1, by hanoverpretz01 Coming Aboard

15th September 2007:
Hermione ran a hand through her still yet bushy hair. ‘I cant wait for another year at Hogwarts. I can hardly believe this is my seventh year. Who is going to be the Head Boy? I know it cant be Harry or Ron because their in Gryffindor to. And everyone knows there cant be two heads from the same house.’ Hermione thought walking through the barrier. Seeing the gleaming red on the Hogwarts Express. ‘Man I miss this place,’ she thought.

Logic issue here. There can be two heads from the same house-- James Potter and Lily Evans were both in Gryffindor. Maybe you could change it to something like *Two heads from the same house was not unheard of, but very unlikely, having only happened twice in the past fifty years* or something.
otherwise, great story so far

Author's Response: Thanks for the tip. Im gonna try to fix them up a bit when I have the excess time. I think I really need help from a beta reader here in this story and in my other stories. But thanks for the help.

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Review #2, by baby Truce?

5th September 2007:
her name should be lilly

Author's Response: I um....I respectifully decline that answer because that would be to much like the Lily in the marauders era. But thank you for the suggestion.

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Review #3, by TwlightDreamz13 Truce?

16th August 2007:
Suggestion: Clarabella meaning bright and beautiful in Latin.

Love this story and can't wait for the next chapter.

Author's Response: Thanks. And I will think about it. I like the reasoning behind it. :)

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Review #4, by gangsta_lOver Truce?

5th August 2007:
wahhh poor hermione!! and ginny and ron and harry...backstabbers how could they be so selfish?! wow new powers ey? nice...and ii bet the person lookin at them over the banister was dumbledore yesh? LOL buht hu attackd her...? damn that person!!! UPDATE =)

Author's Response: Yes new powers and many many more to come. And the only clue is that it wasnt dumbledore. And you will find out in later chapters. But for shall have to wait.

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Review #5, by Tigermusic Truce?

4th August 2007:
keep it up i like it :D

Author's Response: Thanks.

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Review #6, by Torie_talks_alot Truce?

4th August 2007:
I like keep up the work!!
and for Hermione's little sisters name I think like maybe Isabella than you can call her Bella for short??

Author's Response: Thanks. I will keep that name on my list.

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Review #7, by Kat An Unseen Face.

20th June 2007:
Could be better and write more i'm dying to know what happens next


Author's Response: Thanks. Im working on it just not getting very far.

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Review #8, by holly bergman Chapter 2

11th June 2007:
It's a good story (even if I'm not a big Dramione fan) but there are a few things you may want to fix up.

You've got a few spelling and grammar errors so just read though it again.
This is set in Britain...they use 'mum' not 'mom'.
Hermione never matter how mad she is. It just doesn't work when she does.
Lucius may be a jerk but he is Malfoy's father...he's not going to be thrilled about his dad getting his soul sucked out.
You don't just get letters telling you that your parents are dead. Someone tells you in person.

Author's Response: Im working on most of that. And alot of it will be explained in later chapters and I will try to pay more attention to my errors. But dont think to critical on the Hermione one or the Malfoy one because those shall be explained in later chapters. Thanks for the review. I will see what I can do.

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Review #9, by the_slytherin_goddess1509 An Unseen Face.

8th June 2007:
wow that was a great chappie i cant wait to read more ;)

Author's Response: Thanks, but Im afraid to say I dont have the next chapter written yet so it may take a little while to read it.

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Review #10, by the_slytherin_goddess1509 Chapter 2

3rd June 2007:
ooh the story line is getting good i cant believe what harry ron and ginny said about hermione that was low and her losing everything like that wow thats intense please update soon i cant wait to see were you take this story ;)

Author's Response: This story will be one big twist after another so have a good grip on your seat so you dont fall out of it! Updating as soon as they are validated. Hope you like my next twist. ^.^

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Review #11, by AussieAnatomy627 Chapter 2

3rd June 2007:
I think that was a little too fast. And Ron, Ginny, and Harry are a bit out of character with the things they say. But you seem to have an interesting storyline going, so update soon.

Author's Response: Well they are a bit out of character I guess but Im just mostly going with what my friends would feel like if they had a know it all friend so thats probably why they are out of character. I will update soon.

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Review #12, by DMandme4ever Chapter 2

3rd June 2007:
ok i luv it so far! It sounds like an intresting plot line, and i really really want you to contiune it, no matter if you dont get any review but this one, haha

Author's Response: Thanks Im thinking I might. My muse has been around lately so I have about a few chapters done past this one.

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Review #13, by the_slytherin_goddess1509 Coming Aboard

31st January 2007:
i like the chapter a lot i thought it was going to start off slow because it's is the first chapter but it did not n e ways i like how you revealled hermione's apperence very original please add a new chappie

Author's Response: I will as soon as possible. I tried not to make it to slow because sometimes that just makes the whole story boring. Im glad you liked it.

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