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Review #1, by amy Sweet Sacrifice

6th August 2012:
holy crap this was good. i never EVER wanted to read d/hr but for some reason i was compelled by the summary. i am glad i read it. quite amazing. well done.

Author's Response: thank you so much

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Review #2, by Angelica Sweet Sacrifice

17th February 2012:
Wow ouch, that was intense. Great story though!

Author's Response: thank you - glad you liked it

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Review #3, by the_edge_of_love Sweet Sacrifice

8th May 2011:
Oh, my god! I love this!
You had a talent at writing this is certain: your ideas are very good but the best thing about your stories is the way you write. Especially the first part of this- where you describe them looking at each other at the battlefield- is very well-written! I think it has something poetic in it, something cannot really specify but your writing makes your stories vivid.

~ Angie

Author's Response: hey Angie
thank you so much hun. im really glad you enjoyed this - this was the first fic i wrote and i am still rather proud of it.
thank you for you lovely compliments!
Kate xx

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Review #4, by Salogel Sweet Sacrifice

11th August 2010:
That was incredibly written, and it was haunting! (in a good way) I love it!!

Author's Response: thank you so much!!

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Review #5, by coolsilver Sweet Sacrifice

29th April 2010:
Oh. My. God.
What are you, a goddess? And yes, I cried. AM Crying actually.
This was so very well written, and oh so haunting. The lyrics were perfect for the story, and i could feel the despair of both hermione and draco throughout the story.
I feel like the ending was definitely deserved. I, at first, was against hermione killing draco in the end, but then I saw that the characters couldn't go that way. They couldn't stay like that, in an existence and that was the purpose, or destiny anyway.


Author's Response: hahaha no not really, lol
i am so pleased you liked this. i had to use this song - there was nothing else that would work. the fic arose from listening to the song.
i could think of no other way to end it so thanks for understanding!!

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Review #6, by HP0247 Sweet Sacrifice

2nd November 2009:
Wow - that was truly haunting. Really well written and detailed emotionally.

Author's Response: thank you for reading and leaving me such lovely reviews darling!!

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Review #7, by FallenAngel4 Sweet Sacrifice

26th September 2009:
wow. this truly was a beautiful story! it was like nothing ive read before. i basicaly only tend to read dramione and if anything its always draco who is the bad guy, neer hermione. i really quite enjoyed this story and am adding it to my favs. o and btw the ending with the 2 worder was amazing :) "i know".so haunting and chilling.

well thanks for the magnificent story and check out my oneshots!


Author's Response: thanks for such a lovely review hun. im pleased you liked it!!

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Review #8, by cassie meadows Sweet Sacrifice

31st August 2009:
I have honestly never read anything like this before, and i've spent many a late night here.

that was perfect in a most beautiful and terrible way.

grr jealous

Author's Response: thank you cassie! im glad you liked it hun!

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Review #9, by TheDirigiblePlum Sweet Sacrifice

18th August 2009:
By keeping him here, by not letting him leave or giving him the death he craved, I was finally controlling him.

That line was very creepy! But good! I like creepy. This whole story was so intense and slightly insane, which I loved! I love things with a dark edge, and that made it the perfect story to go with Evanescence! I adore Sweet Sacrifice, and this story, so I was pretty much a very pleased person whilst reading this!

I could almost hear the song playing while I read it, which took the story to another level! The end, where she just says "I know" is really chilling!

I could go on raving about Evanescence and your story, but I could go on forever! So I'll stop now. :D

Anyway, I really enjoyed this!

10/10 :)

Author's Response: creepy is good ^_^
thank you darling - im pleased you enjoyed this!

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Review #10, by nothing is real Sweet Sacrifice

28th July 2009:
that was the best story ever! oh my god! OH MY GOD!

seriously, i've never read ANYTHING better than that.

Author's Response: wow thank you so much! im happy you enjoyed it!

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Review #11, by winnie Sweet Sacrifice

20th June 2009:
honestly! i'm a bit scared now!

Author's Response: lol
thank you hun ^_^
glad you liked it and yeah, tis a little scary!

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Review #12, by brookeee Sweet Sacrifice

1st June 2009:
Wow. Dark and very twisted, yet so enticing and breathtaking, as your writing always is. You have the ability to make your reader feel like they're actually watching the story play out, instead of only reading words. Your talent never seizes to amaze me, with each story that I read by you.

Author's Response: gosh! thanks for such lovely compliments!! i really appreciate it and im glad you liked this!

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Review #13, by inkless_quill Sweet Sacrifice

12th February 2009:
wow. that was really deep...and disturbing. i loved it!

Author's Response: thanks hun!

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Review #14, by late bloomer Sweet Sacrifice

15th November 2008:
Wh...wh...Did she really kill him?!?! N-N-N-N-O-O-O-O-O!

Author's Response: yes, she did :( thanks hun

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Review #15, by B Sweet Sacrifice

25th May 2008:
Oh, Hermione. Poor, sweet, Hermione.

Author's Response: i know! -tear-
thanks love

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Review #16, by endlessly xx Sweet Sacrifice

8th April 2008:
This was probably the most intense story I have ever read. Truly, truly amazing.

Author's Response: thank you love. im very pleased you enjoyed it

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Review #17, by sweetsin Sweet Sacrifice

6th March 2008:
NO. The end was so bittersweet.
This was very well-written. It is great to see this war-embittered, cold Hermione and a vulnerable, submissive Draco.
Utter beauty.

Author's Response: thank you hun. im pleased you liked the way i characterised both of them. *hugs* thanks!!

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Review #18, by Fieryprincess Sweet Sacrifice

1st December 2007:
Wow. Your writing literally scares me, but in a good way. I loved the feeling of helplessness in this story. I also liked how it felt like they were the last two people in the universe. Also, I'm glad you didn't put life and death into the simplicity of physicality. It was great how Draco already seemed to be dead when Hermione found him so she got him to live just so she could end it. It was a very haunting concept but also full of originality. 10/10

Author's Response: thank you love for your wonderful comments. this is one of my fav fics and one of the first i wrote, so i am very happy you liked it. thank you ^_^

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Review #19, by LIPGLOSS Sweet Sacrifice

26th November 2007:
Loved it.I was wondering if you would write a sequel for I will never forget you.I loved that story too. Please.That story made me cry and I want a sequel if you can give me one.Please contact me at

Author's Response: thank you hun. i won't be writing a sequel to I will Not Forget You. sorry hun. that fic is over in my mind :(

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Review #20, by Sexy Little Fishy Sweet Sacrifice

17th November 2007:
Marvelous. Amazing. Beautifully written. Simply perfect.

I adored this story. It was so touching and it helps taht you are an aaamazing writer. Perfection.

But, sadly, I didn't cry. I almost cried at the end but... I didn't.

It was still a fabulously written story.


Author's Response: what> no tears? hmmm read Bad World then :P that made heaps of people cry! heehee
thanks hun. i'm glad you liked it!!

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Review #21, by Gabby_Nini Sweet Sacrifice

22nd October 2007:
This...this is so...beautiful!!! It's a beautifully sad piece of literature. This is gorgeous. I listened to the song as I read this and I felt all the emotions portrayed in this beautiful story. Writing this review I am forgetting why I read this story in the first place. I came to you looking for somebody to make me a banner. I am happy for I have found a beautiful story that will forever be in my favorite stories and (hopefully) A person to make a banner for my story (which isn't even half as good as yours. I worked on it and then just quit. It's been a long time and my writing style has advanced alot so this story isn't really that good. Very amateur) Please contact me if you can make a banner for me. My email is
Again, this is a gorgeous story and I love it. I am looking forward to reading more fan fictions from you. (wow! This is the longest review I have ever written!)

Author's Response: thank you for your lovely comments Gabby. i'm very happy you liked the story. about the banner - i won't take requests through a review. you need to request at the-dark-arts or request through my website (link on my authors page).


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Review #22, by dramoine16 Sweet Sacrifice

16th September 2007:
i thought that was beautiful

Author's Response: ^_^ thanks.

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Review #23, by mirrormask Sweet Sacrifice

24th August 2007:
oh woah!! I had so much tears in my eyes. It was sooo moving and emotional. It was absolutely wonderful. It was so angsty and sad, there were just so many torrants of emotion just overflowing in me!! For both their pain. I loved the way you described it. Their pain was just so much as if they were both just withering away in it. I really wish there was some other way, but i guess not. If there was only a compromise... ah well, I loved the way you ended it lol ^_-
Simply marvolous Maji *shakes Maji's hand but then can't resist the urge to hug her too" =P haha

I adore these stories so much. Truely a good read such wonderful vivid imagery. Your words flowed beautifully.
You're such a wonderful author Maji, truelly you are, to strike up such
powerful emotions in a reader is truelly an uncommon gift, and you do such a wonderful job with it im so entirely greatful, your becoming one of the truely amazing authors of all time on HPFF.

Both of your stories Sweet Sacrifice and Fall Into Shadow, have inspired me to start writing again.
Thanks for that. really! =P
I normally suffer from bad cases of writers block LOL
well when theres nothing really to inspire you whenever you look out the window and see the desert sprawled for miles on end.
But i guess you can find inspiration in stories, YOUR stories especially
^_^ Thanks =D
I just got hit with a major plot bunny for a Draco/Hermione one-shot

You truelly do inspire me MajiKat^_^

10/10 for your story and the will to evoke such emotion in readers.
well done on ya mate =D =P


Author's Response: OMG mirrormask, thank you for such a wonderful review hun!! i'm extremely flattered by your words, and very happy that i am able to inspire you to return to your writing. that means more than i can say. its funny, because i came to fanfic by accident, after telling myself to stay away from it, and what i found, here in particular, is an amazing community filled with amazing authors. i myself have been totally inspired and blown away by some of the work i have read here, so i am so very flattered that you consider my work inspiring, particularly when i compare it to the work of people who inspired me.

thank you.

when you write that dramione, PM me on the forums. i'd love to read it hun.

Maji xx

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Review #24, by sunshinedreamr Sweet Sacrifice

19th August 2007:
That was amazing!! Seriously, one of the best Dramione one-shots I've ever read. The descriptions made it so powerful and intense and the emotions and pain were so real. 10/10 :D

Author's Response: thank you so much. i'm very pleased you enjoyed this!

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Review #25, by delfy Sweet Sacrifice

9th August 2007:
this is a really haunting, touching story. it's one of those horrible and beautiful stories and really nice. i lov it!
delfy x

Author's Response: thank you sweetie!! i really appreciate the review!

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