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Review #1, by Ryans Charming Girl LEAVE ME ALONE!!!

2nd January 2008:
Some of the people you mentioned weren't even around in the 70's, (Lily & James' era). It's really good.

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Review #2, by +) LEAVE ME ALONE!!!

31st August 2007:

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Review #3, by alexa_jane_weasly LEAVE ME ALONE!!!

21st August 2007:
definitley keep writing i can't wait to read more of your stuff!

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Review #4, by GraceANNE LEAVE ME ALONE!!!

19th August 2007:
Ummm like James and Lily would have been in school in the eighties or earlier... so lindsey lohan wasn't even born

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Review #5, by theblack_knight LEAVE ME ALONE!!!

30th June 2007:
cool!! want a sequel!!

Author's Response: really? a sequel? hmm...never actually thought to have one...well thanks for the review! ~Lil

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Review #6, by al3x LEAVE ME ALONE!!!

15th May 2007:
it thought it was great for the first story put on here =D very sweet ^_^...I hope to here more from yu =]

Author's Response: Thanks so much for reviewing! and yeah i was just testing the waters to see if i could turn into a writer. i have a new novel in the works that i believe is much better and should start posting in the near future! but thanks so much for reviewing! ~lils

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Review #7, by Zokara LEAVE ME ALONE!!!

15th May 2007:
For a first story, this was really good! For any story, this was really good!

Author's Response: THANKS!! i didn't think it was that good but i am so glad you thought it was good! thanks so much for reviewing! ~lils

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Review #8, by Amy Brooks LEAVE ME ALONE!!!

15th May 2007:
For a new author this story was really good, keep writing!

Author's Response: WOW! thanks i thought i did awful! i am writing a new novel that i am honestly really excited about so it should start being posted in the next few weeks! thanks so much for reviewing!! ~Lils

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Review #9, by A Diffrent type of Flower LEAVE ME ALONE!!!

14th May 2007:
pretty cool...=]

Author's Response: thanks sooo much for reviewing it means a lot! ~lils

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Review #10, by Amy LEAVE ME ALONE!!!

10th May 2007:
You do realise that panic! at the disco, The Fray and Lindsay Lohan were not around during the years Lily and James were alive?

But good choice of bands, I love Panic! and The Fray!

Author's Response: yeah i know i guess i should put that in there somewhere i just thought that the music fit so i put it in there. but thanks for reviewing and yeah i love them too!

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Review #11, by siriusly_strawberry LEAVE ME ALONE!!!

19th March 2007:


Author's Response: i put that in there becuz i hate her too! yay someone agrees! and thanks for reviewing!! lots love ~Lily

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Review #12, by dew LEAVE ME ALONE!!!

11th March 2007:
Interesting story! You should definately write some more!

Author's Response: WOW thanks i will. i have some ideas that i have already started writing i just need to post them! Thanks so much for reviewing! lots of love ~lily

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Review #13, by wicKeDwitch1316 LEAVE ME ALONE!!!

9th March 2007:
That was pretty good! Lily made a pretty big turn around though didn't she? Great job. By the way, I would love to help you out with some scenes, I couldn't find your email address though! Just send me a review or change it on your page or something. I look forward to (agh, I can't think of another word for 'corresponding' so think that word except less pompous) with you more/later!

Author's Response: yeah i do need some help so thanks for reciewing and the offer to help i will review urs again and leave it there!
Thanks so much!
lots of love ~Lily

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Review #14, by seeker4u LEAVE ME ALONE!!!

24th February 2007:
I LOVE IT! and i reviewed 4 u'r other one!

Author's Response: thanks!!! i'm so gald someone liked it! and ur story is really good too!!
lots of love ~Lily

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Review #15, by tim LEAVE ME ALONE!!!

15th February 2007:
man that sucked. possibly the worst story ive ever read

Author's Response: um okay thanks, u couldn't even tell me what was bad about it? i would have listened to what u said and changed somethings if u told me what was so bad about! but thanks for letting me know what u thought about it

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Review #16, by aries_black LEAVE ME ALONE!!!

1st February 2007:
It was good, a bit short but otherwise, nice.
Are you going to continue?
because i think you should.
I really like it. It was... Great, Fantastic, Good, Lovely, Romantic, Super and lots more

Author's Response: lol! THANK u SOOOO much and i will continue writing, i have stuff to post soon for some novels. i will get on that to post but thank you so much!~Lily

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Review #17, by Silver Rose Petals LEAVE ME ALONE!!!

1st February 2007:
I loved your story, and you should definetly keep writing.

Author's Response: WOW thanks! i will i already have some chapters written i just need to get 'em up here! thank u so much for the awesome review!~Lily

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Review #18, by Lily in Wonderland LEAVE ME ALONE!!!

31st January 2007:
i really liked the music references and stuff but it was kinda rushed and not too long. as ur first it was okay and i look forward to seeing more of u! 8/10

Author's Response: hey thanks! yeah i know i just kinda hit a writer block and ended up with the story that u read

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Review #19, by manya LEAVE ME ALONE!!!

31st January 2007:
Aww... So very sweet, in the best way! I love it. :) Well done. :)

Author's Response: Thank u sooooo much! i haven't had like anyone review and it means a lot to me that you did! Thanks!:)

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Review #20, by if you don't know who this is, you are a DORK!!!! LEAVE ME ALONE!!!

29th January 2007:
ha! i win! i beet everyone else to review! i, of course, loved the story. there are a few little typoes, but nothing that can't be read over.
i'm screaming with you!!
ps-the stupid little rating deally won't let me give a score higher than a 10

Author's Response: LOL!!!!Thanks!
u edited it and u missed things? i am shocked! but thank u for the support and being the one who screams with me!
Much Love, Forge

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