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Review #1, by Fanfiction Double Date

28th June 2013:
This is amazing. I love how you put Harry and George together. And hermione and Fred. Keep writing!;)

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Review #2, by Rica Double Date

22nd April 2008:
VEry Cute. The dates are sweet. The couples do seem to work quite nicely. I suppose you weren't very happy when Fred died in the Seventh Book. I still view that event as not having occured.
THe narration is different than most. Not bad. Personally, I like things unfolding in front of me through the point of view of the characters. I think it makes it more exciting. This way I feel so removed.

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Review #3, by omgitsthefatlittlehobomuncherwhoeatscheeseandchocolate Start of the Summer

20th January 2008:

Author's Response: ummmmmm... ok?

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Review #4, by Ginny_Alamalexia Double Date

28th December 2007:
lol don't worry about that 'TREVOR' guy. It's actually quite funny that he actually read a slash story just to complain!

Anyway, good story do far. I hope you update soon.

hehe 'TREVOR' guy.

Author's Response: haha... thanx. I'm not worried about the trevor guy. I'll try to update on this one soon.

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Review #5, by lothlorien Double Date

27th September 2007:
great story. will you post the next chapter soon?
sorry but i have to say something to trevor as well. wtf man? is that like a joke or something? if it is then i have to admit it's not really monty python material, and if it isn't then all i have to say is wtf?
anyway, great story.

Author's Response: I'll try 2 post soon... yea... I'm a lil confused about that Trevor person 2... I like I know who it is cuz I recanize the email address... but... im not sure.

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Review #6, by TREVOR Double Date

11th September 2007:

Author's Response: uuummmmm... sorry? I guess... but if u rele dont like slash then why did u read a SLASH story? I SWEAR, DON'T PPLE EVER READ THE WARNINGS!!!???!!!???!!!???

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Review #7, by chiQs09 Double Date

19th July 2007:
Why are there the big gaps between the paragraphs? OMG, Harry's gay in your story...that's gross...but interesting. But do you know what's sexy and hot? Hermione being attracted to girls...Read my fic...^_^ if you like.

Author's Response: O... I read ur story... or 2 of them... they were awesome! Hermione and Pansy were never a pairing I would have thought of... I may have 2 steal the idea... but I'll be different in the way I do it if I do. I dont like 2 plagerize... thanx 4 the review

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Review #8, by VampireGirl Double Date

10th July 2007:
i remember u telling me about this story it's really great 10/10

Author's Response: thanx... I feel special... a 10/10! I didnt think it was that good! thanx!

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Review #9, by wired2damoon Double Date

30th June 2007:
Wow I really love this! Harry and George? Such an interesting couple! Hehe you should be really proud of yourself hun its wonderful!! I can't wait for the next chapter!! UPDATE SOON! lol! I rate it 10/10 for its sheer excellence and I'm adding it to my favorites (you're already in my favorite authors) well done again! luv wired2damoon (Lyndz) XxX

Author's Response: I kno... I love them together... Thanx... I feel special to be one of ur faves cuz ur such a great author... I'll try 2 update asap... just give me a lil time.

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Review #10, by riku13 Double Date

19th June 2007:
it is a very good story, please continue

Author's Response: thanx, I will

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Review #11, by icydreamer Start of the Summer

1st June 2007:
Omg... Harry and George aren't gay!!! And they'll never be gay!!! Seriously stupid that you people are making characters, that will never be gay, gay! I mean seriously.. Ew. It gets a one. I don't like it at all.

Author's Response: -rolls eyes- if u read the warnings every once in a while, u would realize that I told yoou there was gonna be some gayness... I rele dont care that u only gave me a 1 cuz there has been a few pple who have given me 10s... I always say, u win some, u lose some. Get over the fact that I made Harry gay u homophobe

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Review #12, by RoN WeAsLeY Is HoT Double Date

25th May 2007:
OMG this is flippen awsum!Lol wow an hour of spicy and twentty times on a roller coaster!! ACE!!!

when the next chappy?!?!?!?!?!

i think molly willl find snapey but thats just weird lol

bye x x x

i will read da other chappy as i wll keep checking!!

do u have this in microsoft words?!?!

plz i wanna no wat happens!

send send Aamibovered(the at thing)

or if ur gunna be fair and make me wait fine *folds arms*

Author's Response: Thanx for reviewing again. I'll try to update asap! I will also (when I'm done writing it) send the next chapter 2 u if u want. Yes, I do have microsoft word. l8r

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Review #13, by RoN WeAsLeY Is HoT Start of the Summer

25th May 2007:
Oo i love this!wo!thanks for the review in my first finished story with the notes but am so dumb i got the times rong in the last chapter!i have to edit dat lol!!just gunna read the next chappy of your story!!!ill leve a review if its good!!oh what am i fooling of course its gunna be good!lol love the bit where the twin(cant mine which one lol) loves harry! i bet harry wood do cart wheels for him lol!!at first i thoguht draco but then u put da twin in!!im gunna love this story!!wow this is the longest review i have ever put to a story!!!consider urself speacial in every way! 10/10!!!

Author's Response: I do feel special! Thanx for the review AND the rating! I loved ur story! I like Harry with Draco but I love it when Harry is paired with either of the twins. Anywayz... thanx

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Review #14, by Missy_497 Double Date

17th May 2007:
it was awsome 10/10 on both chapters

Author's Response: Thanx 4 the review and the rating.

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Review #15, by ADangerousGame Start of the Summer

5th May 2007:
i couldnt even finish reading the chapter it was that bad. i had to review to tell you that the formatt of the story is annoying and that when you have no conjunctions whatsover(is that even right?) in a paragraph, it's really. kinda. annoying. that what it felt like. i looked becuase the summery wasnt half bad. so if u make it out to be like the summery u should be in good shape. honestly i dont like to flame but this needed to be said. sorry :(

mucho love

Author's Response: uuummmm... thanx 4 the constructive criticism... i guess... anyway... thanx 4 the review... sorry u thought it sucked.

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Review #16, by taylorj828 Double Date

3rd May 2007:
Well, the story is alright. I'd suggest taking time to put in more details. You're telling us the gist of what happens, but leave out all the details that readers enjoy. What thoughts are in their minds? What jittery nervous feelings are there? What conversations happened? What gentle brushes of the hands? I'd say slowing up a bit and putting yourself into each scene - with Fred and Hermione, with George and Harry, and with Remus and Tonks - put yourself in that scene and tell us what it's like, not just what happened in the end of it. (o:

Anyway, you can take or leave my suggestion, just some thoughts I had. (o:

Author's Response: Thanx for the suggestion... I rele appreciate it... I'll try but I'm having a little trouble putting myself in there cuz I dont wanna disturb their privacy... lol... anywayz... thanx 4 the review

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Review #17, by taylorj828 Start of the Summer

3rd May 2007:
Well, you've filled in the background info for us, though I'd just that it's nice if you can work the information in around some action or some conversation... You can pull the readers in with something happening, and fill in the gaps of information as you go. (o:

Author's Response: thanx... i am pretty new at the writing thing and ur review kinda made me feel good

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Review #18, by 53 Start of the Summer

30th April 2007:

Author's Response: ok ok... dont read it then... it says slash in the warnings k? dont read em when they say that

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Review #19, by Dark Crys Double Date

25th April 2007:
Happy, Sad, Sweet . . . I'm running out of words here!
Anyway, Loved it again! Please, Please, Please Update soon!!!
Anyway. keep you the good work. Looking forward to the next chapter!
Gonna give you a 10/10. For almost getting me kicked out of the school library, for laugghing too loud.

Author's Response: oops...srry about almost getting u kicked outa the skool library...I'll try to update asap but it may be a little while

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Review #20, by Dark Crys Start of the Summer

25th April 2007:
Adj: Exciting, Interesting, Mysterious, Questioning, Teaser, Just enough information to get the imagination going, Perfect.
That pretty much sums up, my thought on this story’s plot, characters and what ever else is involved in writing a story.
Loved It! Keep writing, its defiantly something to get you thinking.
I'm going to give you a 10/10. becuase it caught my eye, and got me interested.

Author's Response: YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! thanx 4 the rating! Ur review just made me really happy!

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Review #21, by jabberwocky09 Double Date

23rd April 2007:
I love it...just try to put a little bit more detail into it next time...but I really think you are doing good!

Author's Response: thank you...I'll try ro put more detail next time if thats what you want...anyway, thanx 4 reviewing

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Review #22, by Ananka Potter Double Date

11th April 2007:
though is it a good story. there arent any details, like where george and harry when on the date, and stuff like that.

Author's Response: srry....I'll try 2 add more details next time

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Review #23, by Ananka Potter Start of the Summer

11th April 2007:
No Charlie!... no fair... SO harry is Gay, and so is George.. I knew it! Ha!

Author's Response: Im sorry 2 dissapoint u wit the Charlie thing...and of course they r

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Review #24, by hpfanatic2010 Double Date

5th April 2007:
The plot is a little odd but I like it. Keep writing. ~hpfanatic2010

Author's Response: o but thats hoe I like it...odd...anywayz...Im glad u like it...thanx 4 reviewing

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Review #25, by hprbdfan Double Date

31st March 2007:
i still like it please keep on going its anwsome!!!

Author's Response: Im glad u still like it.....and thanx.....Ill write more as soon as possible

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