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Review #1, by Storiesbooksandnovels October 31, 1981 to Sept.1, 1991

21st July 2016:
Short, short, short!! Cmon. Give me more than that

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Review #2, by Death Eater11 October 31, 1981 to Sept.1, 1991

11th May 2007:
THis is to clarify my Authors Purpouse,
ChocoFrogo was correct, James is supposed to have Hazel eyes and glasses, but that will be broached in a future chapter. The Marauders will rise again, more great and headache-full than ever before.

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Review #3, by chocofrogo October 31, 1981 to Sept.1, 1991

14th April 2007:
I'm not sure if I like this story or not... I mean, it seems like its going to turn out good, but I just haven't made up my mind... Ron seems to have a bit of a vocabulary. I could have sworn James was ment to have glasses and hazel eyes, and then one last thing, wouldn't Voldemort choose to flee rather than kill himself? I dunno, maybe I'm over analizing things too much. 7/10 for confusion. Continue writting!

Author's Response: Danke Schon! I am on Holiday in Germany currently, but am still updating! My latest story idea is a completely insane One-Shot. 'The Marriage of Dolores Umbridge and Lord Voldemort' (Laughs Evilly) R&R please, More Marauder Madness in the Merry month of May! P.S. Happy TITANIC Day!

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Review #4, by lilyandjamesfan October 31, 1981 to Sept.1, 1991

10th March 2007:
ok this is slightly weird but great at the same time.

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Review #5, by cameo ruby October 31, 1981 to Sept.1, 1991

3rd February 2007:
woah..this story idea was a bit weird when i readed it but now its a wonderful idea! brilliant! excellent! gret!...okay i will be quiet now!
this story is the best so far! 10/10 is my opinion!

Author's Response: Ha!! Thank you, Sean Newman you owe me $5.00! He said it was a stupid idea.! Boy, was he wrong. There's more adventures of Sirius, Remus, James, Harry, hermionie, and Ron comming soon

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