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Review #1, by ShadowHallows Chapter 24

19th October 2009:
I really like this story! either Harry summoned the moon and brought the impeding doom on the whole world or he summoned Ginny and is killed by a very pissed off Ginny. well those are my guesses :D

Great work,

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Review #2, by ranrob Chapter 24

19th February 2009:
did u stop writing this story? u should consider continuing its really good

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Review #3, by trouble_twin Chapter 24

19th November 2008:

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Review #4, by harrySQAWpotter Governors and Family

25th April 2008:
"The family is growing so fast again. Make sure to be back in time to get fitted for your robes for the wedding."

is the mistake that you already did the wedding?

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Review #5, by angelmaple Dragons and Gryphons, and raccoons, oh my!!!

2nd January 2008:
this is so much fun!

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Review #6, by mizz92 Chapter 24

7th December 2007:
very nice and i am guessing he summoned the moon or something from the moon.

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Review #7, by expectorubberducky Chapter 24

2nd December 2007:
hey now great chapter! if i had to guess it would think it was the crystal he made for ginny, if i had to guess that is but any ways i look forward to the next one

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Review #8, by ********* Chapter 24

1st December 2007:
of course he summoned the moon
anyways nice chap .eagerly waiting for the next one.
have another night go plz.

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Review #9, by 01hari Chapter 24

30th November 2007:
please continue to update this story. I'm fascinated by this story and your recent pace of uploading has hooked me into it again.I hope this will be a happy ending story

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Review #10, by o1hari chapter 23

24th November 2007:
this is small chapter. I was waiting for a big chapter after such a long time. But still you continued this story and for that I am grateful. Also this chapter is good. Not the best but good overall . That may be due to its smaller size. Thank you for continuing your story as this is a good story. I agree with your comment made about final book as I was severely disappointed with that book.

Author's Response: Thank you for your review, i have started writing again, but now i have a job that will take up most of my time...i will keep writing

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Review #11, by expectorubberducky chapter 23

20th November 2007:
HEY!!a update sweet. great chapter cant wait for the next chapter

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Review #12, by oceana chapter 23

19th November 2007:
cant wait for the next chapter.
type quick =]

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Review #13, by oceana The Real Deal with Prophecies

18th November 2007:
i LOVE it, harry learning all this stuff.
awesome plot

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Review #14, by HarryGinnyFan18 Memories of Lauren

17th November 2007:
How the heck is Lauren? Jackie

Author's Response: Unfortunatly Lauren was the murder that V oldemort used to make the ravenclaw pendant...

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Review #15, by LoonyLuna127 Memories of Lauren

9th September 2007:
awesome! although it is kinda weird to have my name the chapter title, lol...but i loved the fight!

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Review #16, by ******* Memories of Lauren

6th August 2007:
hey have u abandoned the story or wat?
if not then do not.if yes then restart it again

Author's Response: Just taking a little job and all, but 23 will be out soon

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Review #17, by ScotsRule Memories of Lauren

5th August 2007:
I thought that this is actually a very good story. I can't wait for you to update.

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Review #18, by jkrofanatic14 Memories of Lauren

27th July 2007:
great chapter

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Review #19, by A Memories of Lauren

8th July 2007:
Great chapter, those new wands seem a little troublesome but they are obviously very powerfull which I'm sure will be handy. Thar duel between Lauren and Voldemort was very cool, I'm sorry she had to die; but it would be nice to know what happened to her daughters.

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Review #20, by expectorubberducky Memories of Lauren

27th June 2007:
awesome!! not only was that a good chapter but with the name drop to boot, made it even better. great chapter lookin forward to the rest !

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Review #21, by SereneChaos Memories of Lauren

27th June 2007:
Poor kids, getting in trouble for something they can't help...
Good chapter...but you forgot to unbold the rest of the chapter after the news announcement...and there were a LOT of grammar and spelling errors this time. Watch out for those.

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Review #22, by Luna Liano Memories of Lauren

26th June 2007:
EXPECTO RUBBER DUCKY!!! *is attacked by huge yellow ducks* arrrgh, no, just when I was about to leave a review for this most excellent chapter! *scream* no *dies*

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Review #23, by matilda Dragons and Gryphons, and raccoons, oh my!!!

11th June 2007:
Hey. I loved this chapter too. But you will have to explain me something: What is really a gryphon and a raccoon? What kind of animals are they? You know, I'm portuguese, and I don´t understand some names that you give to the animals. Can you please explain me that? I'll leave you my email:
Thank you

PS: keep writting, I'm loving your story, and I only read until the 6th chapter!

Author's Response: A gryphon is a half lion half eagle mythical animal.

A Raccoon is a badger like animal that roots through trash, and are known for their intelligence.

You can get pictures easily by googling either of them.

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Review #24, by jkrofanatic14 The Final Disposition of the Traterous Snape

5th June 2007:
THAT WAS REALLY COOL!! I just read yur whole story!! continue! continue!!! pleeease!

Author's Response: Thank you, and i am really glad you like it, the next chapter should ba out in four to five days

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Review #25, by expectorubberducky The Final Disposition of the Traterous Snape

5th June 2007:
HA very nice!! i dont know if it was a coincedence but i like the you put in expecto rubber ducky very nice, and that was the first time ive read someone putting that in there. cant wait for the rest

Author's Response: That was my thanks for all the reviews that you have given me...

So again Thank you for the reviews

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