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Review #1, by Katie Understand

13th April 2011:
D'aaw this is sooo cute!! I love this pair. You're doing a fabulous job with this. Keep 'em coming!

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Review #2, by DracoMalfoys_girl Understand

17th September 2009:
Oh my! This was updated a very long time ago! I'm afraid I've fallen out of my diligent reviewing--or I had, at least. But I am back!

First off, I think it's adorable that Lily's so small, because James can take care of her and protect her and it's the cutest thing ever.

Second, I love Emily and Sirius as a pairing. LOVE them.

I also love the way you're integrating the war on the outside of the castle. So many fanfictions leave it out entirely or don't integrate it throughout the story and then tack on a battle at the end. I'm extremely grateful you know how to maintain the balance between war and peace.

All in all, incredible as usual. I really hope you're still checking these reviews and still posting. Otherwise, I'd feel pretty terrible for not reviewing sooner.

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Review #3, by DimondMoon Understand

14th October 2008:
cute, Sirius is finally settling down.
but what drives me crazy is that Emily says "what if you don't love me anymore" they just barely kissed. sure he likes her but it takes a bit to get up to the love...
oh well
good chapter

Author's Response: oh yeah. I suppose Emily was thinking in terms of the future, and if they fall in love and then he falls out of love with her. Also, they do love each other as friends already, and have for a long time, but they are just starting to find romance.
I she also feels that she is in love with him, but she ain't seen nothin' yet ^_^

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Review #4, by jacks_angel2007 Understand

13th June 2008:
that was great cant wait for the next chapter

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Review #5, by Miss Lily Understand

11th June 2008:
Cute! I loved it! Please update soon! I love your fanfic! You are a great author!

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Review #6, by Miss Lily Romantic Advice

11th June 2008:
AW! Poor James! I feel bad for him! Hopefully, Sirius and Emily can help with Lily. Great job on this story by the way. :)

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Review #7, by harry 101 Understand

5th June 2008:
ahdorable!! great job keep up the fantabolous work and update soon! 10/10

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Review #8, by jameslily1313 Understand

3rd June 2008:
AAWWW... thats sooo cuh-yoot!!! ive probly said that like 3 BILLION times, but its so awsum, and u no wut i luv most? it wasnt a cliffie!!! iv started not liking cliffies, speshaly wen teh person duznt upd8 often. but i lurve siri and ems so i felt bad at first, and now its just so cute. and at the beginning, i had almost 4gotten she was little. lily i mean, so i wuz like how could she fit in his pocket? but it wuz awsum and i hope u upd8 soon! (wow, my review wuz actch kinda about the chappie!!!) 10/10 times however many times ive said 'awww... that;s so cuh-yoot'!!! xP

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Review #9, by RupertsPheonix Understand

3rd June 2008:
I'm totally just as emotional as Emily. Haha. Pretty sure I just had the same type of convo with my bf. =P

Another good chapter!!

=) Kate/RP

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Review #10, by jamesxlily Understand

3rd June 2008:

hehe, i liked it a lot!

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Review #11, by anouk Understand

2nd June 2008:
oh now isnt this lovely!
i enjoy the shrunk Lily aspect of the story.
its rather different, no?
anyways, i just spent the last hour reading this start to finish, and i enjoyed it very much. i cannot wait for more. and i am excited for the plot to unfold more.
the Sirius and Emily kiss bit waswould happen between two good friends.

cant wait for more.

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Review #12, by gitgit Understand

2nd June 2008:
YES! they are together atlast i think... You know what part i liked the best the part where sirius is thinking that he knew at the moment that from now on he would keep her and there was nothing anyone could do about it
that was awesome

nice work cant wait to see wht happens next :D

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Review #13, by la vita è bella Understand

2nd June 2008:
Hi!! Finally a chapter! Yay!! Really nice one too!! Toodles!

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Review #14, by Wizzo123 Understand

2nd June 2008:
YAY Sirius and Emily yay they are so cute !

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Review #15, by RoseLolly California Girl

2nd June 2008:
The Sirius/Serious/James line was clever. And funny. Haha. I didn't mention that. It's only early on, and your characters are nicely developed. Nice and light and fluffy, definitely enjoying it so far. Butbutbut...where's Peter? xD


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Review #16, by FalconFeathers Understand

2nd June 2008:
interesting to say the least... and three cheers for sirius

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Review #17, by jacks_angel2007 Can't

20th April 2008:
this is a really really good story. i hope you update soon!!!

Author's Response: Thank you! Hopefully I will be able too. :D

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Review #18, by XxlizizayxX Can't

18th April 2008:
Wow this is amazing! But the funniest thing is Natalia and Emily are like me and my Best friends because we can freak out at the smallest things like this morning I found a box of milk duds and we all screamed and jumped. I loved the part where Emily was doing a handstand and Sirius holding her feet because 've done that and you seriously can't stop giggling well I can't wait for more so Shall leve you in peace to write instead of listening to my rambling hahaha! DO NOT PAY ATTETION YOU WILL LOSE BRAIN CELLS! (It's happened)



"What are you ding??"-BFF
"Talking to the dead!"-Me
- Hamburger day at school

P.S.:This is officially the longst review i've ritten. But I just wanted to add that you don't need to do anything diffrent the story is amazing so UPDATE SON cant wait luv it
LATERZ TATERZ do not pay attention to the ramblings I'm overly hyper!

Author's Response: LOL
You're funny xD I don't have time to reply in detail, but thank you :D

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Review #19, by DimondMoon Can't

2nd March 2008:
great chapter
that was soo cute
poor Sirius though
his heart must be shattered
Rating: 10

Author's Response: hehe, Sirius will be fine. You'll see :D

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Review #20, by jameslily1313 Can't

21st February 2008:
*indignant voice* well if u would have put me in ur favorites, then u would at least have 4!!! *grins* hahehee, jk. me no cares!!! 10/10 4 this ah-mazin (altho long-time-coming) chappie!

Author's Response: ha ha, I'll think about putting you in the next chapter's faves... xD
Thanks! :D

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Review #21, by xox Can't

14th January 2008:
Oh My God, Oh My God.
Update ASAP please
this story is awesome.

Author's Response: I'm working on it, I swear!

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Review #22, by crazyaboutitalia Can't

14th January 2008:
the end of this chapter is so suspenseful, so please publish more!

Author's Response: I know, it was supposed to be ;)
I'm working on it!

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Review #23, by lilyflower1022 Can't

13th January 2008:
YAY ANOTHER CHAPTER!!! update much much faster this time! whyyy must she run away?! poor sirius! anyway, the chapter was still awesome (even if the end was puzzling/annoying!)


Author's Response: You'll find out soon enough... ;)
Thanks for the high rating!

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Review #24, by DracoMalfoys_girl Can't

8th January 2008:
Oh, my goodness, what a story. I was giggling through most of this chapter, but my word, you better explain why she suddenly ran. Gr...*is frustrated with amazing story* You're lucky it really is amazing, you know. Anyway, 10, update soon!!!

Author's Response: Hehe, thank you! You'll find out in the next chapter.....
I'm happy you think it's amazing! *huggleglomp:

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Review #25, by Nari Can't

7th January 2008:
Poor Sirius.

The tiny Lily was really funny! I like this. Please continue!

Author's Response: lol I'm working on it!

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