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Review #1, by Evil_Toothpaste Bittersweet Consequences

19th June 2007:
I-LOVE-IT! Please! Continue by writting the story to where she meets her dad! That would be so cool! I loved it!
Poor Severus! *hugs him*
Please review my stories

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Review #2, by marjorie Bittersweet Consequences

16th June 2007:

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Review #3, by DandN Bittersweet Consequences

29th May 2007:
Another great, bittersweet chapter, I'm really developing a taste to this story ^^ I find both Snape and Narcissa very believable (I won't go into Lucius my favourite bad guy :P) and the way your story explains Severus' joining the Order is very clever. All in all I've really enjoyed reading these two chapters, in my opinion you have a real knack of writing this bittersweet style (good for me, as sweet stories alone make me cringe and bitter fic on their own make me depressed ;))

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Review #4, by DandN Bittersweet Goodbye

29th May 2007:
I found this piece very touching...I have a love for Marauders Era fics, be it either on Marauders or other characters of the Era, but for some reason Narcissa/Severus fics are far to rare. I feel that you captured the bittersweet feeling of their last moments together very well...heck you really got me go all emotional here!
All in all I found this a wonderful piece, honestly *is still loss at words after all the emotions*

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Review #5, by hillo09 Bittersweet Consequences

6th March 2007:
ah that's so sad

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Review #6, by Pronunciation_Hermy_One Bittersweet Consequences

2nd March 2007:

When I read this the first time (can't remember where, maybe a pm? lol) I fell instantly in love with it. I LOVE the idea of Severus having a child with Narcissa. And, have I mentioned how much I loathe Lucius? He's SUCH a bastard.

Everything about this fic from beginning to end make me so sad. Perfection in title, dear... Bittersweet.

Will we get to see a third installment in this series? I hope! I can't wait to find out more about Mariah... :P


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Review #7, by PennyH Bittersweet Consequences

24th February 2007:
i love it

update soon


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Review #8, by loony86 Bittersweet Consequences

23rd February 2007:
Aww, so bittersweet indeed... I'm sorry about your grandma.

As I told you, I can't see Narcissa OR Severus as loving parents, but it was definitely still a good story. I love the way you describe feelings, they always seem so real! Keep the stories of this series coming! *huggle*

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Review #9, by ElissandrAnne Bittersweet Consequences

22nd February 2007:
I was glad to read that story each time you sent it to me, always improved, each version more beautiful than the previous one. You really did great with Severus' feelings and emotions. I really felt for him while reading this chapter. No one should have to live without the one they love. Love should always be magical. It should never hurt. But it does sometimes. Love for a woman... and for a daughter he'll never see growing up. That's really bittersweet. I hope little Mariah will have a great life nevertheless. Good job, juls. :D


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Review #10, by dracoslover1 Bittersweet Goodbye

3rd February 2007:
Can I just say that I love all of your stories? I love how you put the emotion into you show that Narcissa is actually a PERSON and not just some robot for Voldemort. Same with Severus. I like this very much.

Author's Response: Thanks dear. I'm glad you liked it.

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Review #11, by almost_witch Bittersweet Goodbye

21st January 2007:
Ohhh... this was very, very sweet, heartbreaking and any other words that would possibly fit into this.

I loved how bitter Snape was, but at the same time he was sweet, and almost, almost (underline that), charming.

One thing I do want to say before I go on to praise this is that maybe describe and go into more details of when they leave the picnic. What were the surroundings like, did people notice, was he worried about how she would react, ect, ect. The only thing you need to improve on this is that you need to make the reader (me) more in the place that they are, like... give me the words so I have eyes.

Make sense?

Anyway, I do love the plot (again) and I was really glad to read this, I do love heartbreaking stories, and this was truly heartbreaking.

I like how you decribed them making love, normally people would go through details and describe it as an event of passion, but you really showed that it doesn't has to be, and that it was something that two poor lovers did for their last time together. It was different and great at the same time.

Well done, and I'm out,

Almost xx

Author's Response: Huggles Almost and welcome back to my page. (Their is a second story to this and I am hoping to entice you back to read it. It's even more heartbreaking-- really.) I was going for the emotions of the final goodbye, both off to fill the expected obligations that others want of them. I could have probably labeled it as a missing moment from Mourning's Wake also. (small giggle). I guess getting mixed into the emotions I lost sight of the surroundings. Eh..
Anyhow love reading your comments and I offer you a big squishy hug for the review. ~~juls

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Review #12, by GinnyWeasleyPotter Bittersweet Goodbye

21st January 2007:
Here I am- reviewing for the second time! Wow, I'm not sure what to say- but I loved it! Everything flowed very smoothly, except for at the end, it was a bit choppy. You opened the story well, and I loved the style you wrote in. Everything felt so real, so heartbreaking. I really enjoyed it, great fic!

Author's Response: The ending was meant to be that way-- seriously. For them the ending wasn't smooth and hurt them beyond measure. There is at least 2 more stories to go with this, so hopefully it will flow more for ya-- Thanks lauren huggles. ~~juls

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Review #13, by loony86 Bittersweet Goodbye

19th January 2007:
A wonderful story! Both Narcissa and Severus are very much in character, and I can just about see that scene happen. It's so sad, but so sweet too... which was of course the point of the story. ;) I absolutely love your version of Severus... very much so... :P Cissa/Severus wouldn't work, Cissa's family would see to that... and I know you don't want to write it, but maybe this AU would be worth a try... *huggles* ~Loony

Author's Response: Huggles loony... I'm glad you like this story (don't know how you will recieve story 2 of this though.) And between you and Skyris, I see an AU lovers runaway fic coming. It can't be helped, I always get plot bunnies from you all. I want to thank you for taking your time to review this, our love for Severus knows no bounds I guess. HUGGLES again ~~juls

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Review #14, by harrystrulove Bittersweet Goodbye

19th January 2007:
That was beautiful and sad! I feel so bad for Severus, not being able to be with his true love and having to watch her marry someone else. It broke my heart to see him seal up his broken heart, as you so eloquently put it. Great job, this was very well-written, and I loved the descriptions and the portrayal of emotions!

Author's Response: Thanks Anne-- I was going for the it has to be this way one last memory feel. Hopefully story 2 of this is to your liking-- huggles ~~juls

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Review #15, by Lyn Midnight Bittersweet Goodbye

19th January 2007:
I like it, juls! :) Sorry I wasn't able to comment on says, but I do want to point something out here -- "Twinky always does what Mistress Cissa asks" -- house elves always talk in the continuous tense, meaning it should be Twinky is always doing what... Otherwise, well done! Very tense, and awww... I love Snapely romances. :P *hugs*

Author's Response: Thanks Lyn, and thanks for giving me the correction on elf speech.. It boggles my mind rofl. huggles ~`juls

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Review #16, by Pronunciation_Hermy_One Bittersweet Goodbye

18th January 2007:
Oh Juls,

This is beautifully written. I loved every minute of it. Honestly, dearest- you have a way of bringing Severus to life like no other. You don't muck him up with flowery sentiments or overdramatic speeches or proclamations of love… you capture the true man, as I believe JKR intends him to be, and run with it.

I can't wait to follow this story further... Best of luck, dearest!


Author's Response: Squee huggle attack on Courtney!! Thanks hun, can't wait to post story 2 myself. Glad you liked it. ~~juls

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Review #17, by ElissandrAnne Bittersweet Goodbye

18th January 2007:
I liked Snape's bitterness - it was really in character. And I could see Narcissa being that obedient young woman, not strong enough to take the one good opportunity life gave her. Too bad. One should never turns one's back to real love. It is too rare a thing.

I liked the end too. it was bittersweet. And all those secrets. No wonder you have materials to write companion stories! hehe. Good job, juls.


Author's Response: Thanks Anne-- you truly show me where I went right in this. Glad I have the charas down. I feel so bad, but it's canon. No Lucius and Cissa-- no Draco. That would be soo sad. HUGGLES and thanks. ~~juls

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Review #18, by ValhallaAdonisSnape Bittersweet Goodbye

17th January 2007:
Awe, you know after reading all your stories I would love to see a happy 'What if' version where Cissa disobeys her parents and her and Sevie get married. Tis me opinion!

Author's Response: Lol.. I'd love to do that, but I think Volddy would be persuaded by an angry Lucius and Bellatrix, and our beloved potions master would be dead. That would truly be a short story. huggles and thanks. ~~juls

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