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Review #1, by slytherinprincess999 Seeker's Revenge

1st August 2011:
Love this!! I swear I have the funniest picture in my head right now of the ending!!

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm writing a longer piece which I am going to start the upload process of today :) I hope you'll like it. Its H/D, but a longer piece with some real serious stuff in it.

Im glad you enjoyed this little piece!

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Review #2, by Unforeseen Seeker's Revenge

21st August 2007:
*Suppresses a snort she's been holding in the whole time pretends that she hasn't always wondered what Harry would look like in a Slytherin scarf* C:

Brilliant. Love the second to last, and last paragraphs. xD

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Review #3, by sunshinedreamr Seeker's Revenge

29th July 2007:

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Review #4, by lothlorien Seeker's Revenge

23rd February 2007:
hey me again. i know it's not normal to response to responses to your reviews (i know this sentesce in too weird) but then again who want's to be normal right? so yes i know that story. it's one of my favourites actually. that was the one that really got me interested in slash fics. and yes i found it necessary to tell you that though i know you're most probably not really interested in knowing that. so that's enough from me. please write another fic soon so i can read it and enjoy.
lučka (that's my real name)

Author's Response: Hey there Lucka (funky c thing! lol!)

lol! I am intensely interested in my readership's views on my work, and their passions, and other stuff. And if my story helped get you into slash, then cool! :D And I am working on another piece, if you would like to beta it for me! My email address is:

Thanks bunches!


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Review #5, by lothlorien Seeker's Revenge

7th February 2007:
lol. bloody briliant. it's really funny.
ps: yes i know i suck at reviewing, so what!
pps: i was just wandering, does you nick have anything to do with hetacamae? i found that in one of the stories (not on this site) and i was just wandering, because it's too alike for me to ignore. if it has nothing to do with that story, what does it mean?

Author's Response: Hey there!

thanks for reviewing my piece. Glad you liked it! And yes my nickname is to do with hecatemae, in fact Harry is a Hecatemus in a fan fic (Gold Tinted Spectacles) So, yeah.... Glad you saw the connection.

PS: I suck at replying to reviews

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Review #6, by Scooterbug2197 Seeker's Revenge

26th January 2007:
Hehe.awedome...I like the song...

Author's Response: Hey there

Thanks for the review, and glad you enjoyed it!



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Review #7, by ravenclawgoddess Seeker's Revenge

26th January 2007:
HAHA =) that is really odd.

Author's Response: Hey there,

Glad you found some humour here, but if I may ask, what is odd?



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