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Review #1, by nicecupoftea1107 He comes...

9th December 2004:
hmm very nice take on this story although its not likely to happen but its still very good, but what happened to caitlin when hagrid picked harry up from the house to bring him to the dursleys? i hope you update soon and let us know lol

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Review #2, by hermioneluver333 He comes...

3rd June 2004:
Cool! I really like the idea! Please keep writing. What sort of powers does a maige have? Please keep writing and please read Bonded By Blood, witch is my fanfic. Thanks!

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Review #3, by Hermione Tonks He comes...

2nd June 2004:
I think this was a very good story that showed some really good points. But don't change J.K. Rowling's stuff! If Caitlin was still alive, where is she now?

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Review #4, by Lolacita He comes...

27th December 2003: first i wasn't sure what to think about the whole "sage" thing saving Harry. I've always kinda been a fan of the idea that a mother's love took her to her death (to protect her son). But...after a few minutes of thought I decided I liked it because you have such an interesting direction you can go into for this story now! Please update!

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Review #5, by Anamarie He comes...

27th December 2003:
Well written, with a few technical errors... but very wierd, very wierd take on the way Harry survived. I like it though... in a sort of twisted way.

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Review #6, by utada He comes...

26th December 2003:
Cool Update soon

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Review #7, by Caitlin He comes...

26th December 2003:

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