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Review #1, by menabear Epilogue

7th February 2016:
favorited! well done with the plot, and well written xox menabear

Author's Response: Thank you.

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Review #2, by Jen Epilogue

27th October 2015:
That was a fantastic story!

Author's Response: thank you very much

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Review #3, by DevilsMistress Come Back

29th June 2014:
I love the plot of this story, and Draco being a softie has gotten to me. I love him this way. My only negative point so far would be that I love erotic literature so I'd like a little more detail (or a lot more ;) ) in the bedroom. But you've done a wonderful job of telling this story...I'm off to the next chapter :)

Author's Response: Thank you - I'm pleased you like it.
More detail in the bedroom scenes would violate the Terms of Service of this site, sorry.

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Review #4, by DevilsMistress Something's Burning!

28th June 2014:
So far I really like how you write. Draco seems a little soft but I actually like him like this, I'm not to far into the story yet so I don't know if some of the old Malfoy is yet to be seen. Either way...keep up the good work.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review.

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Review #5, by Anna Marie Epilogue

22nd May 2012:
I loved it! This was a really great story, good job :)

Author's Response: Thank you - I'm pleased you enjoyed it

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Review #6, by Megs The Truth of it

10th January 2012:
*pop* i love it so much!

Author's Response: Thanks so much

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Review #7, by Atlantean_Diva The Truth of it

2nd July 2011:
This is a cute story.

Author's Response: thank you.

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Review #8, by Kat The Truth of it

25th March 2011:
Great chapter.. Love the spy twist :)

Author's Response: thanks! i'm glad you are enjoying it

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Review #9, by mskairijade Epilogue

15th March 2011:
Originally wasn't sure if id enjoy but was wonderfully surprised. It was greatly written with a beautiful and mysterious plotline. Great work.

Author's Response: wow thank you. this was my first fanfic. glad you enjoyed it

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Review #10, by Jimmi08 Epilogue

25th February 2011:
Hello MajiKat!
I'm writing to you because I was wondering if you gave your permission to translate your stories into Czech and Slovak languages.
That is because a story called "Her Decision" has been translated in 2008. The original translator, Leena, who assured me she have had your permission, gave up on translating so I had to finish translating your story instead.
Why I am asking about it is because I would like you to know about it, even if you gave Leena your permission. I would also feel better if I had your kind permission. :)
I hope this isn't bothering you much,
Thank you for your answer,
Best regards,

Author's Response: oh gosh! yes i did, that was ages (years) ago though. wow.
yes, of course - go ahead. i don't mind in the least as long as i am credited as the author.

thanks for letting me know, Jimmi!

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Review #11, by coolsilver Deliverance

26th November 2010:
The ending was cute. I liked "Her Decision", and I know that yes, it's definitely out of canon, but the storyline and some things could have been adjusted to seem to fit into the canon world better without changing the story's essentials.
It was nicely written, and for that, you deserve recognition. My taste is normally a little different, but I do like your work, and I'm glad I read this.

Author's Response: thank you. im pleased you enjoyed it!
i will defend my non-canonness by saying i wrote this before I had read HBP and DH, lol. plus, it was always going to be AU cause dramione would never exist in RL ^_^

thank you again!!

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Review #12, by phoenix_potter Epilogue

1st November 2010:
Great story! I loved it! Not too cheesy, not too angsty and not too out of character! great combination! Loved it!!

Author's Response: omg wow
i can't believe people are still reading this, lol
thank you and i am very pleased you liked it!

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Review #13, by shamsilly Epilogue

30th September 2010:
Well i absolutely love this HPFF of yours! i just love so much about it! I love how Draco has changed, I loved how Hermione is the less judgemental one and always the one to listen, I love how Pansy shows love for her child and remorse (which often is not seen so much in Dramiones) but i love how Draco's love is unconditional and he respects Mione so much! Excellent work! :D:D:D


Author's Response: thank you so much!
i can't believe people are still reading this, lol. it was my first fanfic here and im glad it's still getting a good reception!
cheers for reading hun!

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Review #14, by Appreciative Misconceptions, dinner and something more?

14th May 2010:
After going through pages of search results and starting to read two stories that both turned out to be crap, I've found this... truly great story! Thank you! I can't wait to keep reading this!

Author's Response: thank you! i hope you continue to enjoy it!

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Review #15, by 0sweety10 Epilogue

15th January 2010:
Aww.I Loved It.♥
Especially the “Never upset a pregnant woman, Malfoy,” Harry chuckled, and Draco sighed deeply, tugging at his hair.

“No, Potter,” he agreed, striding across the room and grabbing his coat from the wall peg. “Especially if that woman happens to be my wife.” part.

Another amazing story completed.(: Congrats.
This story is defenatly going as one of my favees.

Author's Response: glad you enjoyed it hun - this was my first fanfic and i still love it!

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Review #16, by 0sweety10 Dumbledore's Army

15th January 2010:
I think it's great that the D.A. was in this chap.
Love it.(:♥

Author's Response: thanks very much

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Review #17, by 0sweety10 Misconceptions, dinner and something more?

14th January 2010:
Oh yay.
Ginny said he likes her which is probably true.(:
And they're going to have dinner.
p.s. as always Ron is the one to

Author's Response: lol, ron ron ron
poor ron!
thanks hun and im glad you like it!

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Review #18, by 0sweety10 Surprise!

14th January 2010:
totally loved the chapter.
And he got a that made me laugh!10/10

Author's Response: hahah yeah draco and his dog. it makes me laugh thinking about it, lol

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Review #19, by iscreamdraco Epilogue

5th January 2010:
haha beautiful beautiful story! i could not keep my eyes away from it..

Author's Response: thank you for reading!! glad you liked it!

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Review #20, by 0sweety10 Memory

30th December 2009:
I am here to read another one of your wonderful stories.
It sounds good.
going on to the next chapter.(:

Author's Response: thank you very much - hope you like the rest

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Review #21, by justme_ Memory

25th November 2009:
Interesting start!
I feel this story is going to be very promising!

Author's Response: thank you - i hope you enjoy it!

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Review #22, by nikka Malfoy Uncovered

1st November 2009:
What an excellent twist in the story! All four of them being couped up together. I am excited to see what happens next :)

Author's Response: hahaha yeah, it will be interesting
thank you!!

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Review #23, by Isa_bell Epilogue

24th August 2009:
Oh I loved it. Especially the ending.

Author's Response: thanks hun! glad you liked it!

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Review #24, by MingXi_Muse Deliverance

30th July 2009:
ahh! sweet! draco and hermione are finally going to get married! :)

Author's Response: lol, yes they are! i debated about including it - but in the end, i wanted a happy ending, considering so many of my fics lack the sweetness of this ending!

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Review #25, by MingXi_Muse Come Back

27th July 2009:
awww, that's so sad :(
poor hermione! and draco: he's so brave. in a, big, handsome, noble way. like yeah. and he's still so sweet to hermione. sniff :'(

Author's Response: hahahaa yes. totally draco in this fic.
thanks hun - glad you like it!

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