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Review #1, by deadendjustice The Beginning

3rd March 2011:
Aw! Loved it! The end made me tear up.

"But here we are, together, counting the days until the laughter behind the Veil is no longer a teasing destiny, but instead our reality"

So beautiful that line... they'll finally be together!

Knowing that you writte this kind of stories, just wanted to recommend you this one: Survivor by atruwriter. You'll not regret it!
(I didn't write it, but I love it)

Author's Response: Thank you very much! I'm glad you enjoyed the story, and thanks for quoting that line. It was written so long ago, that sometimes I even forget what I have written! And thanks for the story rec, I'll try to keep it in mind!

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Review #2, by xCailinNollaigx The Beginning

2nd September 2009:
Well, I'll start off by saying that I adored your story. It was very well crafted, and I thought the losses were handled extremely realistically. They didn't get over it in a week, but were still haunted a year on. Realistic. Especially where war is concerned; people are haunted for decades.
The progression of Harry and Hermione's relationship was also very well executed and you handled it brilliantly. It was not done too quickly, nor too slowly. Though, admittedly, I was wishing for Harry to ask her to join him at the start of the "Norway" issue, but I think all readers were.
My favourite parts; the fight in Bill's bedroom after he told them he was leaving; When Harry went into Hermione's bed; all the times Hermione entered Harry's room; The long hug -- you know the one I'm talking about, haha and finally, their fight and the lake.
I also adored this chapter -- more specifically, the talk. It wasn't overdone, or exaggerated, but very good.
I thought the letters were a little cliche, but I suppose that can be overlooked!haha Everything is cliche in HP fandom xP

So, in conclusion to that overly long review, I adored this story and hope you write more H/Hr (I haven't checked if you have, but I sincerly hope you have!lol)

Keep writing this fabulous stuff,

Author's Response: Hi Cailin! Thanks so much for your review! I loved hearing from you, and you should never mind about overly long reviews, because I adore them. (o: I always have overly long replies! Haha!

I'm so glad you liked this story and that it was so well done! It's the first HP fanfic story I ever wrote, and the first writing I ever posted publicly and started trying to learn how to improve my writing. I remember that I wanted it to be really realistic and also the kind of story that was emotional in a close-to-home kind of way. I wanted readers to really understand what the characters were going through.

It's something that's important to me, in my writing. (o:

I'm glad you felt the relationship didn't progress too quickly or slowly. And though I know many may have wanted Harry to ask Hermione to join him in Norway, it just wasn't something Harry could do. It was hurtful to Hermione, but I think Harry did need some time to himself, and probably Hermione did too, even if it was painful, even if neither of them wanted it, exactly. Sometimes what's good for you doesn't always feel good.

I think a lot of your favorite parts are also my favorite parts, too! Hee! I love any scenes with intensity and they are always the most fun for me to read and to write. (o:

As for the letters - I'm not sure, any more, what's considered cliche or not cliche, but it was just what I felt was right for the story, at the time. I'm sure if I edited or re-wrote this now, it would look much different. But I'd like to leave it as is, at least for now. It's a part of my writer's journey. (o:

I'm so glad you enjoyed the story! I do have another H/Hr story on here (in which Ron doesn't die, hehe). It was the first pairing I ever enjoyed in HPFF, and what I originally wrote when I first joined. I always have a soft spot for their relationship though, so even when I write them as fiends, I can't help writing in that special connection between them. I think their friendship (potential relationship? haha) is truly beautiful.

Well, thanks so much for reading and reviewing!

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Review #3, by WeCunningFolksUseAnyMeans The Beginning

30th May 2009:
aw!!! i loveeedd thiss story!! my only question, what was the scar on ron and harry of? like was it any shape or anything? cause didht they have the same scar?

Author's Response: Aw, I'm so glad you loved this story! (o: As for the scars... I believe Ron and Hermione both had small scars on their foreheads, similar to Harry's lightning-bold-shaped one, but smaller, and less pronounced.

As for Harry, the scar across his chest and torso had no particular shape, just an ugly winding scar.

This was written before we got all the answers in the last book. So in this story, the scars Ron and Hermione received were from someone stepping into the Avada Kedavra curse to save them - a mark left from the "sacrifice." Only, Harry didn't die (for a second time), instead he received the large, ugly scar on his torso from receiving the Curse.

I don't know if it makes sense, but that's how it was in this story. (o:

Thanks again so much for reading and leaving all these reviews for me!

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Review #4, by WeCunningFolksUseAnyMeans Foolish

30th May 2009:
oh goollyyy here we go, get ready for the

Author's Response: Hahahahaha, not screaming...?! Hee (o:

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Review #5, by WeCunningFolksUseAnyMeans You Left

30th May 2009:
i completely aggree with hermonie... but it is harry potter were talking about here, not some great prat. sooo i would have been mad, but i would take him back.

Author's Response: Hehehe, you would have been mad, but would take him back? (o: I'm glad you agree with Hermione. She may love Harry like family, but it doesn't change the fact that she's not afraid to tell him what she really thinks. I've always liked that about her.

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Review #6, by WeCunningFolksUseAnyMeans Letters from George

30th May 2009:
RONN! i moss youu!! his letter to hermonie made my eyes water, and in harrys letter i lost it, this story makes me cry every chapter! its so good!!

Author's Response: Awww, it wasn't my intention to make you cry in every chapter, but I did want to strike an emotional chord with the reader, so I am glad that it reaches readers in some way. Thanks so much for reading and leaving me these notes. (o:

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Review #7, by WeCunningFolksUseAnyMeans Graduation

30th May 2009:
yaaayy. it should be interesting when harry finds out about seamus.

Author's Response: Hehehe, yes, I do think it will be interesting. :oP Watch out, Seamus!

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Review #8, by WeCunningFolksUseAnyMeans Apart

30th May 2009:
whoaaa. hermonie and seamus!?! well i guess she is moving on...for now ;)

Author's Response: Hahahahaha! Naughty girl, that Hermione! (o:

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Review #9, by WeCunningFolksUseAnyMeans Alone

28th May 2009:
COME HOME HARRY! pleasasseee!

Author's Response: Haha, shout louder so he can hear you!

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Review #10, by WeCunningFolksUseAnyMeans Goodbye

28th May 2009:
ok. so harrys talk to "ron" has me legit crying. i like need to stop reading for the night, cause im crying. butt i love it, as for hermonie, i realy didnt think he would go.. wow. but yeah, he will be back, love the story, ill finish tomorooww, lol i need some air. lol

Author's Response: Aw, legit crying? I hope you have a box of Kleenex handy! Thanks for sticking with the story for so long! And I hope you took a nice long break before returning. (o:

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Review #11, by WeCunningFolksUseAnyMeans Too Much Change

28th May 2009:
awww. poor harry, this made me cry. he wanst hermonie so bad, but even though ron is dead, he cant :( he is such a good friend. i love him, and this storyyy.. oh and btw, im crying. lol

Author's Response: Awww, crying? There, there. *pats you gently* It'll be okay. Yeah, Harry feels like he's wanting things he's not allowed to want, and it doesn't make the situation any easier on him. He's trying, but Harry's never been perfect.

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Review #12, by WeCunningFolksUseAnyMeans Time for a Change

28th May 2009:

Author's Response: Are you shouting at him? Hehe. (o: I don't think Harry can hear you! But I'm glad you're loving the story!

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Review #13, by WeCunningFolksUseAnyMeans The Dementor's Kiss

28th May 2009:
haaa. wow. who knew their first kiss would start as a dream, lol

Author's Response: Hahahahaha! Not me! :oP

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Review #14, by WeCunningFolksUseAnyMeans Time Marches On

28th May 2009:
DO IT HARRY, but then you leave hermeonie alone, and she is kinda a mess right now.. so, hmmm.

Author's Response: Between a rock and a hard place. Sometimes there's no easy decision.

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Review #15, by WeCunningFolksUseAnyMeans Weasley Hauntings

28th May 2009:
poor harry, he knows it wasnt his fault. ron WAS alive, just like hermonie, some random DE killed him. not voldy. poor harry,

Author's Response: Yeah, it's a bummer. And it's all part of his mourning process, trying to do deal with all this - something he shouldn't have to deal with. But what can you do, but find a way to persevere?

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Review #16, by WeCunningFolksUseAnyMeans Anywhere But Here

28th May 2009:
awww. hermonies parents too!! this is horriable. this story is so depressing, but its so well written that i dont want to stop! lol great job!!

Author's Response: Yes, poor Hermione. It's very sad... and depressing too, I guess. But thanks for the kind words about it being well written. It was my first fanfic to post, and I rather cringe if I have to read it again. Haha! Thanks for reading and leaving so many comments!

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Review #17, by WeCunningFolksUseAnyMeans The Woes of Mrs. Weasley

27th May 2009:
why did you have to die ronn!! dumb death eater! love the story btws

Author's Response: Because that's just what this story is!! Haha. It's sad, but life isn't always happily-ever-after with a bow on top, you know? Anywho, so glad you're loving the story!

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Review #18, by WeCunningFolksUseAnyMeans Missing You

27th May 2009:
omggg. poor hermoniee. i hope she finds like rons diary or something that shows how he loved her.

Author's Response: I know. Sad day. )o: Hopefully she'll find some way to cope.

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Review #19, by WeCunningFolksUseAnyMeans The Burrow

27th May 2009:
awww .this is sooo sadd!!

Author's Response: Sorry... )o: Some stories are sad tales.

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Review #20, by WeCunningFolksUseAnyMeans Surviving

27th May 2009:
poor hermonie and harry. i miss ron!!!

Author's Response: I know, me too!!

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Review #21, by WeCunningFolksUseAnyMeans Awaking

27th May 2009:
awww, i thought only ron and hermonie would haveit, cause he saved her.

Author's Response: Well, I do believe the answers come in the end. But we shall see. (o: Thanks for your review!

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Review #22, by WeCunningFolksUseAnyMeans The End

27th May 2009:
WHO DIEDD!! omg please not harryyy

Author's Response: Oh wow, you've gone to town, reading my stories, haven't you?! Thanks for your comment. Again, sorry for my delay in responding.

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Review #23, by mugglebornwitch The Beginning

26th March 2008:
Your writing is just so right on track; especially for the readers who wanted Harry and Hermione to be together! I am 52 and you brought me back to a place where I first fell in love with my husband! Your words are wonderfuly written! Ihope you have written more; I know I will enjoy whatever you have wrote!

Author's Response: Wow, thank you so much. It means a lot to me that my writing would appeal to a variety of readers. I always want to connect with my readers and hopefully give them something they can connect and identify with. Your words were so kind and I'm so pleased that it could bring you back to that special place. Thank you so, so much! I have written some other stories. They're all hosted here. I'm not sure if you'll like them, but please let me know what you think if you try them!

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Review #24, by Jessi The Beginning

26th February 2008:
This was really good not gonna lie i cried a little

Author's Response: Thank you! And... well sorry you cried a little. But maybe it was good. (o:

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Review #25, by HaRrYs_GrIFfYn_GrIl The Beginning

23rd January 2008:
I so throughly enjoyed this story. I teared up too many times to count and even shed a few of them. Your story is so well written that while reading it, it played in my head like a well written movie.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it! And it means a lot to me that it played in your head like a movie! Wow! Thanks so much!

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