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Review #1, by writeyourheartout Unrequited

9th July 2010:
Gah! This is so sad... Really wonderfully written. It made my heart hurt, it really sucks to be in the OC's position - loving someone who is loving somebody else. A really beautiful story. Thank you for writing and sharing it. :-)


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Review #2, by Rupertluver2012 Unrequited

31st August 2007:
oh i see; oh i see.
i love love love it.

greatt jobb.


god job.




Author's Response: Thankies!

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Review #3, by padfootprongslover Unrequited

6th August 2007:
I read this along time ago and remembered it today. Sorry for not leaving a review in the first place, because this is truly excellent. I wrote a James/OC recently and it is nothing compared to yours, it moved me to tears. So Great Job...and once again sorry for the late review. 10:]

Author's Response: It's no problem. I've had my fair share of that, too, reading a story, forgetting about it, reading it again, realising I've read it before and then apologizing to the author. It about describes me in a nutshell, lol.

Anyway, thanks! I really appreciate you taking the time to write a review; it shows that you really liked it. Sorry for making you cry, though. With one-shots, it seems that I kind of have that impact on people. *sighs* I need to write a happier story...

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Review #4, by ravenlupin Unrequited

25th June 2007:
Amazing, Meg.
I love it, it was just so descriptive and I felt so bad by the end of it I wanted to cry. You are an amazing writer, dear.

Author's Response: lol. You are complimenting me way tooo much, Becca! but thanks. Really, it means a lot to me.

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Review #5, by Anony_Mouse Unrequited

11th April 2007:
After half a decade, I am here.


Don't shoot me, please!

Meg, you seriously don't think you're good? This was wonderful! The description was wonderful, and the narrative was especially effective. I love the plot too-James/OC is seldomly done, and you have managed to write a good believable, canon story, which is more than I can say for most. How heart-wenching! I'll definitely r&r more of your work, if you want, but only if you do. Please, give yourself more credit! This is fabulous! =)

Author's Response: Don't worry, Mara, I could never shoot you.

Thanks! I really this is too depressing for me. So far, my favorite fanfic that I have written was You Were Meant for Me, and I finished writing that 5 months ago! Anyway, I would appreciate it if you could, but you don't have to. I really want to see that novel you've been working on, though!

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Review #6, by Katielynn Unrequited

27th February 2007:
Awhhh. This was so sad.
Great story. : )

Author's Response: Thanks. If you want a happier story, perhaps reading one of my longer ones might do? I don't like sad stories that much either, and that's why they're so short.

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Review #7, by lunnyluna346580285 Unrequited

1st February 2007:
soory i didnt know it was from another girls pov. it actually is quite sweet, but still little sad. *sniff*
you write excellently

Author's Response: Oh, thanks soo much!

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Review #8, by lunnyluna346580285 Unrequited

1st February 2007:
this is the most DEPRESSING story I have Ever read !
try a happy story! :)

Author's Response: I have written a few happy ones. Only my one-shots are sad. lol

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Review #9, by neverfallx3 Unrequited

17th January 2007:
Aww... that was sad, sweet... *tear*

Author's Response: Thanks, and I'm sorry.

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Review #10, by ravenclawgoddess Unrequited

15th January 2007:
so. who is this mystery girl. lol good story. i feel the same way right now... you touched a

Author's Response: Thanks!

And I wasn't meaning to touch a nerve... I'm sorry. lol

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Review #11, by Marauderette Unrequited

14th January 2007:
aww that's so sad but yeah true. i feel soo bad for whatever the girls name was. definitely a good story/one-shot

Author's Response: Thanks soo much!!

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