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Reading Reviews for The New Age of Misfits
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Review #1, by Drunaisbest4evr4623 Chapter 21

17th December 2015:
“That’s the point Tina; he wanted it as much as you did. He knew how much you wanted it and he did it to prove that he loves you,” Corey explained, standing up from the bed and walking to stand right in front of me. “Do you know how much it killed Derry to lose that game; it was the first time he hasn’t given 200%, ever. He only lost because of your stupid obsession with getting noticed. When will you realise that the only person that you want to notice you is Derry? Not only does he already notice you, but you’re hurting him by being so obsessed by being noticed by everyone else.” Corey told me angrily.
Best. Part. EVER! You lay it on her Corey! I'm sorry, but I really don't like how Valentina treats Derry, and after seeing this scene I realized, I like Corey even more! so glad he laid it thick on her! She needed a wake up call!

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Review #2, by why don't you just guess? Chapter 2

7th June 2009:
Oh yes, how dare he defend your honor from some wannabe Adonis pig. and then how dare he make you like him. That's just wrong on so many levels.

Author's Response: she's a little thick sometimes

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Review #3, by tEars_leSs Chapter 22

18th April 2009:
ello again! plsplsplspls make a sequel! i love this story sosososo much!

Author's Response: i've been asked this a few times, maybe

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Review #4, by Skylar Chapter 22

9th April 2009:
I was reading the review left before me and I was shocked by how critical it was. For one thing I don't think anyone has a write to have a go at someone's work when they have obviously spent ages working on it and lets not forget this is a friendly HPFF community. The stories are here for people's pleasure, not to get slated.
I have to say that yes, your story could do with a few tweaks and a bit more pacing but no one's is perfect (mine sure isn't) and that I still ADORE your story! It kept me hanging on till the very end and I just loved Derry. Valentina and Derry's relationship is so sweet and I couldn't wait till they got together.
I hope you write another Next Gen story soon and congrats for writing such a lovely story now!

Author's Response: thanks hon! :D i'm hopefully going to write another next gen when it gets to school break :D

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Review #5, by epsilon Chapter 3

28th March 2009:
Ok i have to say that this story deeply annoys me, number one because your descriptive techniques leave a bit to be desired, you jump from sequence to the next without rapping it up properly and you repeat your self repeatedly, and yes that was done on purpose, repeating things can only be done if something really needs to stick out otherwise its just plain annoying and the way you form some of your sentences are just i really cant begin to explain how badly there done, secondly i find your main character to be VERY annoying because she is hypocritical, bitchy and just well makes no sense, this kind of mix can be done but you just haven't pulled it off well at all, sorry but i really am that annoyed that i needed to say it.

Other people have obviously enjoyed this story so pay little mind to my opinions

If your that annoyed with me you can terrorize my story with bad review if you like, but i expect you to read it first i would actually like someone to go through with a critical eye and tell me what i need to improve, that's the only reason im so harsh is so that you know what is wrong so that you can fix it or know how to write better in future, people are just far too nice sometimes.

Author's Response: no, it didn't annoy me, it was useful in thinking about character developement

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Review #6, by smirkyhaha Chapter 3

8th March 2009:
I'm confused it says "I mean come on Tina, you’re in sixth year and you’re doing four advanced seventh year classes that barely anyone got into, we don’t want to get my hopes up,” in one line and in the other it says “What are you doing in seventh year advanced classes, you haven’t done you’re O.W.L.S. yet,” So is Tina in 5th or 6th?

Author's Response: woops!! *bangs head against desk*
i originally wrote tina as a fifth year then changed it... and obviously forgot to change that! woops!

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Review #7, by groteskq_fatality Chapter 22

7th March 2009:
lmao. that has got to be the best.
hell i even skipped going to teh movies to read this.
yea insane i know.
but this was amazing.
love the characters and the plot...sooo cute. :]

freaking amazing job! :]

Author's Response: wow!!! skipped going to the movies??? *blushes*
:D :D
I'm really glad you like it :D :D

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Review #8, by gummybear Chapter 22

16th February 2009:
Awesome! Never herd that twist! Write on!

Author's Response: maybe. we'll see if i can come up with a good idea to keep going... i don't want to make a lame sequal :D

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Review #9, by Cedrics Blueyed Girl Prologue and Chapter 1

16th February 2009:
Hi! I just happened across your story and, as I'm writing a Next Generation fic myself, thought I'd read at least the first chapter.

Your semi-AU approach is actually really intriguing and I'm looking forward to seeing where you'll go with the rest of the story.

Oh, and by the way, your banner is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen! It's absolutely amazing - did you make it yourself?

Anyways, I just wanted to leave a quick review - I know how appreciated they are =] Great job so far!


Author's Response: thank you! :D I wanted to do something different :D

yes i did make the banner, and thank you :D

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Review #10, by V.H. Chapter 22

14th February 2009:
Hey, sorry, me again. btw, this is the 4th time reading this story. anyway, i was wondering if you could make a sequel to this cause i really really like this story.ty:)

Author's Response: a sequal?? i never actually thought of that... I've thought of writing other next gen fics but not a sequal... i may, i'll see if i can come up with a good idea, if not then i won't do one, but i'll think about it :D
I'm glad you like the story so much tho :D

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Review #11, by V.H. Chapter 22

12th February 2009:
hey, though the facts are not exactly 100 % corect, i love the story, especially the Tina and Derry pairing!

Author's Response: thanks :D yeah, i started to write it before DH and never got around to changing it...

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Review #12, by hayley Prologue and Chapter 1

10th February 2009:
i love the banner! Blake Lively is the best!

Author's Response: thanks :D she is indeed awesome :D

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Review #13, by prettypinkpony Chapter 21

9th January 2009:
he freaking did that but he shouldn't have but he loves her so GAAAH! whatever, i'm still happy with the outcome! *hugs*


Author's Response: it's true!
and so am i :D :D

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Review #14, by prettypinkpony Chapter 20

9th January 2009:
gawd, she hates the one she loves, and i sure as hell have felt that before (now it's just love though, haha, even tho he doesn't know i-- wait, why am i telling you something totally irrelevant?!)

awww, but her cousin elijah is so freakin cute! the potters and weasleys are so lucky because they have the most good looking, cutest, bravest, smartest, etc family in the whole of the wizarding world!!!


Author's Response: well the family's so big that they're likely to get cute/smart/brave kids in there somewhere

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Review #15, by prettypinkpony Chapter 19

9th January 2009:
ohhh, snap! *cheers sadistically* derry got seeerved! except this situation is actually really sad...

haha, what is so endearing about their relationship is how they fight constantly but are so madly in love with each other! it's so adorable! :D


Author's Response: i love their relationship and the dynamics of it!! would be frustrating to be in it, but is interesting from the outside

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Review #16, by prettypinkpony Chapter 18

9th January 2009:
- "The way my mum looks at my dad... the same way he looks at you when he thinks you're not looking... the way I look at you." - awww, poor, sweet Viktor! i felt so sad when i read that, cuz he's so in love with her, but knows that she doesn't love him the same way he loves her.

*sigh* well, at least the mess is slowly starting to get fixed, eh?


Author's Response: slowly but surely

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Review #17, by prettypinkpony Chapter 17

9th January 2009:
oh, i noticed this the first time that i read the story and i just wanted to tell you - you wrote "slurry" insted of "slutty" when you said "I walked out of there before you could say "slutty"." i knew what you meant when i was reading it, but maybe you should go back and correct it? :) (also, there were a few typos in this chapter, but they weren't anything major)

*sighs* so it turns out that mae DOES have a heart! i was just as surprised as tina *chuckles* XD


Author's Response: i did mean "slurry" but I suppose i should change it. it's australian slang for "slut". and i really should fix all those typos.

and, shocking but true

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Review #18, by prettypinkpony Chapter 16

9th January 2009:
yes, you idiot, tina, you DON'T like viktor the way you like derry, so just break up with him already *dies* i hate it when she is so confused!!! well, EVERYONE would, but she's supposed to be perfect! *dies again*


Author's Response: nobody's perfect! she's allowed to make mistakes

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Review #19, by prettypinkpony Chapter 15

9th January 2009:
nooo! i hate how she had that nightmare/dream thingy and then it ended up being...uh...well...you know...i don't wanna say something and give it away in case someone who hasn't finished the story reads my review T-T but that part made me so sad!


Author's Response: it was a little sad, but kind of needed to happen in order to wake them up

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Review #20, by prettypinkpony Chapter 14

9th January 2009:
haha, i love how corey doesn't approve of her relationship... or was he just curious? for some reason, i always thought that he just didn't like krum :P


Author's Response: it's not that he didn't like krum, it's just that he likes his brother more :D

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Review #21, by prettypinkpony Chapter 13

9th January 2009:
uuurgh, couldn't she just realize then and there that she was in love with derry and just break it off with viktor??? it would have saved everyone a load of tears, dammit! (not cussing at you, haha :D)

but i love how viktor is so wholly sweet and loving :)


Author's Response: i would so have viktor if it were possible! Sr or Jr :D

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Review #22, by prettypinkpony Chapter 12

9th January 2009:
- "Yeah, you were," I told him angrily, stepped around him and walked away. -

*huffs* derry totally deserved that!!! >:-(


Author's Response: why yes, yes he did :D

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Review #23, by prettypinkpony Chapter 11

9th January 2009:
- "How can my best friend be the only person who makes me cry?" -

this is the part where i cried, BOTH times that i read this chapter, because usually it's always the ppl who are my "best friends" who make me cry or even just my "friends" and it's really sad, but i'm so happy you created this chapter because it's one of the best ones of this story in my opinion - the fight between them made your writing SO strong!

holy shizzle! i just realized that that "paragraph" was all one sentence! *dies of embarrassment*


Author's Response: thanks :D :D

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Review #24, by prettypinkpony Chapter 10

9th January 2009:
omg, i know this isn't a chapter review really, but i have to say - the krum-actor-dude looks REAAALLY cute in this picture *dies* how did you find such great pics of all of ur actors???


Author's Response: lots and lots of searching...

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Review #25, by prettypinkpony Chapter 9

9th January 2009:
- I have to look now, I up where Jess had been looking saw Derry kissing my sister Mae. -

gaaah! i hate how derry did that! i never forgave him for that until the 17th or 18th chapter!!!


p.s. yeah, another "hermione moment" where tina totally schooled derry! *cheers* go her for telling him she had a frickin date and didn't need him!

Author's Response: i loved that part!

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