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Review #1, by Beth What She Really Needed

20th April 2011:
Finally finsished the story lol and it was amazing !!! :)
I think you should add in another chapter at the end though about Hermione getting over Ron and moving on in life to help Draco to save Harry and give it a more of a happy ending :P
Apart from my suggestion it was amazing xx =D

From Beth xx =D

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Review #2, by Beth Saying Goodbye

20th April 2011:
It doesn't matter about the whole Ron/Hermione thing but I think the prologue was a great idea. Not finished reading but am sure it just gets better xx

From Beth =D xx

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Review #3, by IloveNeville What She Really Needed

17th January 2008:
This is the best story. I absolutely love it. It's gotta be my favourite out of every one I've read on here. I can't believe Ron died :( I love Ron. So is that dream Hermione had real or was it just a dream? I'm liking this new Draco, very sweet. But is that the real Draco or is it just a boy who doesn't remember anything about himself so he doesn't know the true Draco. I don't know. I didn't trust that Phillip Martinez from the start. I knew he was bad news. I hope Harry's okay. Harry can't die. He needs to defeat Voldemort. Okay I'm babbling so I'll stop.
Very very good story. Please update it soon because I can't wait to read more.

Author's Response: lol! Thank you very much :-) At the beginning, Draco was just a boy who didn't remember what he was like. But as the story progresses, he's going to become the new draco forever, because the influence that Hermione's friendship has on him. I intend to have him find out about his past really soon, though. :)

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Review #4, by Dracolover1 Saying Goodbye

26th December 2007:
hey i really love this chapter it is very emotional.i litterly started to cry i was hard to hald the tears back.i even smeared my make-up(LOL)

Author's Response: lol well thank you, it's great to hear that my writing affected someone:) thank you so much for reading!!

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Review #5, by boycrazyduo What She Really Needed

28th November 2007:
MORE! please:):):) We love it!

Author's Response: lol well thanks, I'm really glad you liked it! I'm going to try to write more really soon, I promise :-)

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Review #6, by ashley5895 Dreams and Bathrooms

22nd April 2007:
ok. down with phillip*kill him* hahahahahahahahahaha
im an angel lol. see the halo!!! lol anyway write more soon i love it

Author's Response: lol thanks! i'll try to update soon :)

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Review #7, by life_writtendown Enter Draco, Exit Harry

9th April 2007:
this is very confuzzling. but i like it

Author's Response: Thanks:)

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Review #8, by life_writtendown Prologue: It All Begins Here

9th April 2007:
Thats really sad

Author's Response: yeah, but isn't all war sad? Thanks so much for reading :)

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Review #9, by Brown Eyed Leo New Happenings, New Faces

27th March 2007:
Interesting story so far, but I think that Phillip is kind of pointless, other then that, the story seems to have a nice plot.

Author's Response: Phillip will have a much bigger part in upcoming chapters, but yeah in this chapter he was kinda weird. Thanks for reviewing, and keep on reading! :)

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Review #10, by dracogirl4ever Prologue: It All Begins Here

24th March 2007:
that was good for the beginning it really got me interested in the story

Author's Response: Thanks! keep on reading! :)

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Review #11, by sassy98 Prologue: It All Begins Here

9th March 2007:
It could have been longer.

Author's Response: yeah sorry about that. I'm going to try to make the next chapters a bit longer, it might not happen for a while though because of the way the story is going. but thanks for reading anyways :)

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Review #12, by k2_vet Saying Goodbye

1st March 2007:
That is so sad! I cant believe you killed him so early in the story! Lovce the second prohercy! Well done so far and can't wait for an update!

Author's Response: Thanks! weeellll, sorry about killing Ron so soon, but yeah I kinda had to get rid of him for it to be a draco/hermione fic... I'm gonna update really soon, I have a bunch of chapters written, it just takes a while for them to be validated! -Kerri

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Review #13, by ILoveLost1888 Prologue: It All Begins Here

25th January 2007:
Hi Kerri! I love it. I'm not Malfoy and Hermione fan. I'm Harry and Ginny fan and Ron and Hermione too. I was Ron and Hermione fan first but at the 6th book I never was a Harry and Ginny fan know I'm. I have a stepcousin name Kerri. 100-100

Author's Response: he he yay my first review! (i know, i'm such a dork) but thanks for reviewing and everything! keep reading i'm gonna try to update soon!

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