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Reading Reviews for Lost and Found
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Review #1, by Sharpie Marker_ A Man Called Potter

19th July 2010:
UUUpdate pleasse :) :)

Author's Response: Sadly, the likelihood of me updating soon isn't good. :( Either way, thank you so much for the review!

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Review #2, by Weatherwax A Man Called Potter

30th March 2008:
Great story, really! I hope you keep going!

Author's Response: Thank you! Glad you've enjoyed! ^_^

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Review #3, by luvinpadfoot A Man Called Potter

19th December 2007:
Poor Hagrid! It makes me feel so bad that he had to cope with Harry's death and all that. DO NOT ABANDON! Please, please, please. Don't abandon this story! I LOVE it. It is absolutely AMAZING. I will burst into tears if you don't finish this story. Please finish it. I will do anything you want, if only you will finish this story. I really don't like when authors abandon stories, so please don't disappoint me. 13/10!!!

Author's Response: First of all, thank you for your enthusiasm. I'm really, really, REALLY sorry that the answer won't be what you want to hear.

The thing is, I'm working really hard on finishing a non-HPFF novel. And I simply don't have time to write anything else. The other novel is better, in my opinion...and plus, my style has matured a LOT since I began this, almost a year ago. I don't think I could get back into this, especially since I'm hardly on HPFF any more.

Pleasepleaseplease don't hate me! Your enthusiasm really means a lot. And I feel so guilty about making you cry! However, you're welcome to continue this or make your own spin-off of "what happens next"...I am touched by your enthusiasm, really, I am!!! I am such a hypocrite to even agree that I don't like it when authors abandon stories either.

...So. That concludes it. If you'd like, you can e-mail me at mousesnovel@hotmail.com and I can send you my rough mental outline of what was supposed to happen in this story. I actually have two more chapters written, but the one that sequentially took place after this is lost and it wouldn't make sense to post the other one. However, I could always send you that one! Thank you so much for your enthusiasm for my story. I'm SOOOOOO sorry once again!

Sending net huggles your way...

Many apologies,


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Review #4, by luvinpadfoot Giants and Letters

19th December 2007:
Poor Liza! I can't believe she thinks she isn't special to that degree. She's so strong. I never would have been able to cope in an orphanage like that. Amazing!!! (still) 10/10

Author's Response: I wouldn't either! Liza has spent so much time alone that she has very low self-esteem about herself...hence, why she doesn't believe she's special! Thank you for the read!

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Review #5, by luvinpadfoot The Orphan and the Purse

19th December 2007:
I think it's really cool how you showed her magical talent. (With the blue hair and all of that.) It was hilarious. I feel sorry for her about the library thing. It made me really sad that she felt it was taken away from her. 10/10

Author's Response: Hilarious? YEA!!! (I am not used to being told that I am "hilarious"!). I put through Liza so much, don't I? Well, glad you enjoyed! :D

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Review #6, by luvinpadfoot The Reluctant Favor

19th December 2007:
I didn't think this chapter was boring. It was quite interesting, I got to leaern what had happened to a lot of the people we know about in the books. Wonderful!!! 10/10

Author's Response: I'm glad you didn't think it was boring. I have become more confident about it since posting. It was a little shorter than the other chapters (if memory serves), so that was part of the reason I was insecure. Glad you enjoyed learning about the "book" characters! And thank you! :-)

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Review #7, by luvinpadfoot Alone in the World

19th December 2007:
Poor little Liza! Ginny was her mother, right? And Harry the father? This seems like a really good story! 9/10 (only cause I don't know much about it so far!)

Author's Response: Not telling. *zips lips* ;-) Although...well, I won't say that! Thank you so much for your enthusiasm about my story. It means so much that you reviewed every single chapter. Again, many apologies about not continuing this...I will answer this question if you e-mail me, although honestly, it's not an answer worth waiting for!!!

Thanks so much!


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Review #8, by thegoldensnitch A Man Called Potter

17th August 2007:
gd story! update soon!!!
x golden x

Author's Response: Thanks for the r&r! I'm so glad you liked it. :-)

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Review #9, by Ravin A Man Called Potter

6th July 2007:
I can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: Thanks so much, glad you enjoyed! =D

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Review #10, by Quill88 Giants and Letters

5th July 2007:
please, please, please don´t stop writing on this story! it is one of my all time favourites! (yes, I´m pleeding) please don´t put this story on an indefinte hiatus! Please! I need to know what´s gonna happen! please!

Author's Response: I'M SO SORRY!!! :-(

To tell you the truth, I swear I would have updated, but I lost the sixth chapter as I was transferring some files. :-( And yes, I'm too lazy to write it again...my non-HPFF novel got in my way. =(

I KNOW, I AM TERRIBLE!!!! I am a bad author; I do not deny it. However, if you're that interested in finding out what happens, you can PM me on the forums and I'll tell you...or e-mail me at mousesnovel@hotmail.com and I'll give you the seventh chapter and/or an outline or what happens...just in case. ;-)

I'm really, really sorry!!! I hope you'll read my novel someday...then you'll see my ultimate masterpiece (thus far)!!! Honestly, I can't begin to tell you how much I appreciate the support. I really hope you will look for it someday... ;-)

Much apologies and huggles from,

-Anony_Mouse, =D

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Review #11, by dragonlovesh2o4eva A Man Called Potter

1st July 2007:
this is really interesting!

another 10/10

Author's Response: Really? Thanks so much!!! I loved getting your reviews and am uber glad you have enjoyed it thus far---thanks SO much for the lovely r&r's!!!

-Anony_Mouse, :D

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Review #12, by dragonlovesh2o4eva The Reluctant Favor

1st July 2007:
now i'm curious!

i'm going to add to my fav's!

Author's Response: Aww, thank you so much---I'm glad I've intrigued you! =D

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Review #13, by dragonlovesh2o4eva The Orphan and the Purse

1st July 2007:
oh loved it! you described her emotions so well. great job!


Author's Response: Wow, thanks! I'm super glad you think so. =D

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Review #14, by dragonlovesh2o4eva Alone in the World

1st July 2007:
wow, i'm definetly going to have to read more of this fic!


Author's Response: Thanks, I'm so glad your intrigued! =D

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Review #15, by huckleberry_pie Giants and Letters

21st June 2007:
omfg i love this story!!! ahh i have to keep reading, but there is only one chapter left *tear*

Author's Response: Omg, thank you so much!!! Your review really made me smile. =D Thanks for the r&r--I hope you enjoy the next chapter! ;-)

~Anony_Mouse, :-)

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Review #16, by xxMugglePrincess Alone in the World

18th June 2007:
I really liked it. :)

Author's Response: Awww, thanks! A big hug for r&ring. I hope you read on!

~Anony_Mouse, =D

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Review #17, by andharrywokeup A Man Called Potter

21st April 2007:
A heartwrenching chapter, Mara. I have tears in my eyes. You have written a perfect Hargrid, he reminded me a lot of the one we met back in PS, when he told Harry about Voldemort. Only this time, it was a hundered time worse. I can't help but wonder that once Liza is at school, will we meet any of the other old characters... What happened to Ginny, Ron, Hermione, the other Weasley's. Will it still be the same old teachers? Oh. I simply can't wait. Excelletn chapter, even after reading it the second time and sorry it took me a year to get here! Love you Mara - ~*huggle glomp SAYS style*! ~ andypandy x x

Author's Response: Have I ever mentioned how much I hate myself for procrastinating responses ro reviews...? :P But anyway, Andy, I'm so glad you got here! I knew you'd read it before, so I wasn't too worried, but it was still very nice. ^_^

I dwelled a lot on that scene while I was writing that chapter, so thanks for noticing! As for everything else...*cackles evilly* I wrote the sixth chapter, but it won't appear on my computer, so I might have to figure out how to dig it out, but even if I can't, which I hopefully will, your questions can be answered yet! I've got a plan going to retrieve that chapter... =)

Huggles to Andy, my fellow Gryffindor SAYS friend!

-Mara, :D

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Review #18, by Jen!!! A Man Called Potter

6th April 2007:
hey just started reading this story, its pretty wicked ud soon

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I will try. =) And thanks for taking the time to r&r too!

-Anony_Mouse, :-)

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Review #19, by Quill88 A Man Called Potter

6th April 2007:
Just to make it clear, I am talking about the story untill this point. an interesting start.. not like many other stories, where the child to some extent are aware of the identity of at least one of the parents (or knows that there is a magical world). I am correct in asumming that Ginny is Liza´s mother or is that confidential? :)

Author's Response: Confidental. *wink, wink* Yes, I suppose this is different from a lot of stories, you are quite right there...I'm writing a non-HPFF novel where the child also doesn't know a secret*, so I guess part of the reason Liza doesn't know is because my other character doesn't know either. Anyway, hope you enjoyed reading it and thanks for the r&r!

-Anony_Mouse, :-)

*If I neglect this, it's because of that, which you'll hopefully be able to read for yourself some day!

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Review #20, by loverofstorys A Man Called Potter

31st March 2007:
i didnt review before because i was so into the story!!!

S: need an update

Author's Response: That okay, I'm glad you are enjoying it! I have no idea what updates will come, but they'll hopefully be sooner or later. If not, just know that I am working very hard on a novel I hope to publish which has some similar themes, so....I promise I am not abandoning my writing entirely! :D

Thanks for taking the time to r&r!


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Review #21, by dev11 The Orphan and the Purse

29th March 2007:
well, i can't say anything about the story now for tis just the second chapter. well but as i said for the previous chapteryour story's off to a very interesting start. this review is at last because i forgot to review. but i should say that you're a wonderful writer. well, one request will you check out my fics too? please leave a review if you do and a rating too. i know this is a fabulous story so update fast.
Rating 10/10

Author's Response: Thanks for coming back to review this one! I'm really glad you're enjoying it and though I'm pretty busy, I'll definitely try to get to your stories soon. *blushes about the writing comment* Well, I'm really into a novel I'm working on right now, outside of HPFF, so even if updates are slow...I promise my writing isn't going to waste! ;-)

Thanks for reviewing all my chapters! I'm glad you like this story and I enjoyed reading your reviews, too.

-Anony_Mouse, :-)

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Review #22, by dev11 A Man Called Potter

29th March 2007:
you have written that seventeen sickles make up a galleon and twenty-nine sickles make a knut! galleons are bigger than sickles and sickles are bigger than knuts. waiting for Liza to go to Hogwarts. ooh your story's getting better with each chapter. i geeting damn curious.

Author's Response: I know. :-( I can't believe I was so stupid to do that! I'll fix it soon, I promise, and I do know that, if was just a stupid typo. In the next chapter, Liza goes on the train ride, and THEN she's at Hogwarts! Woot there! Thanks, I'm glad you're enjoying-so I'm making you curious? Mww, ha-ha...*cackles evilly* J/K

Thanks again!

-Anony_Mouse, :-)

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Review #23, by dev11 The Reluctant Favor

29th March 2007:
oh i was on the verge of tears. i didn't really appreciate it when JKR also opted to kill harry in the seventh book. but your story is wonderfully expressed. even though there was not much written about the changes due to your fabulous skills in writing i'm understanding what kind of changes there'll be.

Author's Response: Awww, really I did that? *hands you a tissue* That means so much! Yes, I have mixed feelings about the Harry *ahem, Larry* thing myself, but he really needed to die. I was really scared about how this chapter would turn out, so I'm glad people were able to enjoy it. ;-) Your comment about my "skills" means the world to me!

Smilingly yours,

-Anony_Mouse, :-)

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Review #24, by dev11 Alone in the World

29th March 2007:
ooh, i'm so curious! nice start.

Author's Response: Thanks! I loved reading all your reviews, and they were so sweet. I'm glad you're enjoying my story, so far. :D

-Anony_Mouse, :-)

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Review #25, by emz The Reluctant Favor

20th March 2007:
This chapter wasn't boring! On the contrary, it was intriguing, and the cliffy there at the end was frustrating!=P

Anyway, you write both Hagrid and McGonagall beautifully - the emotional side of them ,and McGonagalls stern nature still came through - great =D

No hesitation in giving you a well-deserved 10/10 =]

Author's Response: Hey emz! Well, luckily there's another chapter after this, so you won't have to suffer for so long. *wink* I like this chapter better now, but I'm still glad people were able to enjoy it.

Hagrid's not hard, but McGongall...ugh, she's so hard! Therefore I'm really, really, glad her stern side shined through well. ;-)

Off to your other review then! Thanks for them-I really enjoyed reading them, and I appreciate that you're taking the time to read this.


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