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Review #1, by TT What Hurts The Most

3rd November 2007:
Good job! I love this song by Rascal Flatts, the first one of their's that I ever listened to! True to the way Cho would have reacted I think and truly sad! 10/10!

Author's Response: Thanks! I think this may have been the first song of theirs I heard too. I'm really glad you liked it!

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Review #2, by Hermione00 What Hurts The Most

7th October 2007:
Good job i really liked the song and the story really matched it well

Author's Response: Thanks. It just hit me one day that this song would be prefect and every time I heard it after that I wanted to go write, so to put myself at ease, I wrote it! I'm really glad you liked it.

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Review #3, by Journey What Hurts The Most

5th March 2007:
I have to agree with SlytherinSweetheart6, great story to go with the song. Loved it

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm glad everyone seems to think it goes with the song, since that is the whole point of songfics.

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Review #4, by hollywood_princess What Hurts The Most

18th February 2007:
Amazing! Nice story! I love the banner! It was so great! I hope you write more fanfiction(especially with cho and cedric) Lol! Keep up the great work!

Author's Response: Thanks. It really feels great to hear(or read) that people like my story. Glad you liked the banner too, I had trouble getting it sized right, but it worked out in the end. I will deffenetly be writing more fanfic. I don't know about Cho and Cedric, but maybe. Thank you so much for the reveiw, not many readers have. Again, thank you.


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Review #5, by Emma What Hurts The Most

9th February 2007:
ooh poor cho! this was a really cool fic! keep it up!~Emmy

Author's Response: Thank you! I love getting feed back, it just makes my day, no matter how long or short. Glad you liked it!

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Review #6, by FoxStarE What Hurts The Most

1st February 2007:
Hehehe!!! I didn't know I could leave a reveiw for my own story! Cool!!

Author's Response: Hahahahahahahaha!!!! And I can answer myself!

"how are you today?"
"Oh, I'm good. How bout you?"
"Well if you're good then I have to be good since we're the same person!"

Hahahahaha!!! There's a look at insanity!!!

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Review #7, by bluelady What Hurts The Most

27th January 2007:
Great job, especially for your first one.

Author's Response: Thanks. If you like this, wait until my others get up. This is probaly the worst one I've done.

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Review #8, by onepound13 What Hurts The Most

26th January 2007:
It is really good!

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you liked it.

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Review #9, by SlytherinSweetheart6 What Hurts The Most

26th January 2007:
That was a sad fic, but a good use of the song! I wrote a song fic using "What hurts the most" for Ginny and Harry, and a fic for Cedric and Cho using "Youre Beautiful" tehe, i thought that was pretty cool, anyway good job!

Author's Response: YAY!!! My first ever reveiw! I will alway remember you, SlytherinSweetheart6! Thank You!

Anyway, yeah, it is sad. Cedric dieing was sad though, so... ya know. I extreamly glad you liked it and THANK YOU so much for reveiwing!


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