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Review #1, by malfoydraco Husband.

29th October 2010:
sooo depressing but good! i almost cried.

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Review #2, by Hailey4Draco Husband.

13th March 2010:
awwhhh :/
so sweet . i liked it alot .
haha :)

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Review #3, by DemetersChild Husband.

18th November 2009:
Wow, that's was a really powerful story! Very emotional. Loved it!

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Review #4, by JexMorgan Husband.

17th May 2009:
Gosh! I love when I find a great Hermione/Draco writer.

Plus, I always love your banners they are so shiny and smooth looking, you know? HAHA. great job, yet again.

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Review #5, by dhluv Husband.

8th April 2009:
I loved this story I thought it was great.
What is the sequel to this story called??

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Review #6, by embir_lily Husband.

19th March 2009:
god i alway cry when i read this i've read it loads of times beacuse i dont realise i've read it before and the little summary you did always hooks me so i read it and i cry...good job

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Review #7, by xxharrypotter6xx Husband.

13th March 2009:
more please it can't end like that it's just so sad

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Review #8, by StepUpx_Gryffindor Husband.

27th February 2009:
that was fricking depressing.

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Review #9, by Lauren Husband.

13th February 2009:
Super Love this story!! I almost cried, I love how you portrayed Draco in this story. I hope you put up the sequel soon!

Author's Response: the sequel is up.

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Review #10, by TwinsConspiracy Husband.

18th November 2008:
~AW!!! OMG!! I am crying!! That was so sad!! The ending sucked, but I loved it more for that!! I love it!! A 10/10!!! It was very well written and only two grammar mistakes that I noticed, but it didn't take away form the story like they sometimes do. I am very looking forward to reading more from you and I hope they are as well written and showed the thought that went into it, like this story!!! I love it!!

Ps- I won't be mad if you do a follow up story on this!! =)

much love Cynthia~

Author's Response: there is a sequel.

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Review #11, by Christy86 Husband.

12th November 2008:
i really liked this story i was hoping that you would make a second half of draco finally telling hermione his true feelings

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Review #12, by maskedsiren Husband.

12th November 2008:
Wow. This was beautiful! Loved it. :D

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Review #13, by GiovannaV Husband.

12th November 2008:
that brought tears to my eyes! i was kinda hoping it wouldnt be a oneshot but oh well...

Author's Response: There is a sequel if you're hoping to read more! :p

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Review #14, by nobody_somebody_everybody Husband.

11th November 2008:
This story is wonderfully written. I felt all the anguish both were containing. I hope very much that you will make a sequel bbut at the same time I am terribly worried that if you do it would ruin the story in which you've already created.

Anyways, ignore my silly ramblings, I think that you have kept everything true to themselves and that I think this is a very believable story.

10/10 (for sure)

Author's Response: I have written a sequel, if you want to check it out.

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Review #15, by pinks Husband.

11th November 2008:
I love it, great job!

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Review #16, by Naari Husband.

11th November 2008:
awww, that was so sad! it was amazing though! very very good job! :)

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Review #17, by sheala22 Husband.

11th November 2008:

Author's Response: there is a sequel! :P

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Review #18, by dancerr Husband.

11th November 2008:
wow, i haven't found a story that has stood out but this one sure does. it's so well written and the emotion is so strong in this story. you have talent. this is an amazing story. :)

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Review #19, by HaRRyPoTTeRfAnFiCtiOnZ lOVeR Husband.

9th April 2008:
i love it 10 outr of 10

Author's Response: Thanks, the sequel is up as well too! I should have the second chapter posted soon. Their validation methods are really really slow... :(

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Review #20, by penname Husband.

1st February 2008:
I really liked it! This was a really good one-shot, and the sequel looks... interesting. I'll be sure to read it! 10/10

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Review #21, by gomenasai07 Husband.

27th January 2008:
it made me cry. i definately think there should be a sequel... it was so good

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Review #22, by Witch living as muggle Husband.

13th January 2008:
I loved the story it was so heart felt it had everything done to a fine detail.

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Review #23, by sammieoxox Husband.

2nd December 2007:
this is a good story.. i deffinatly think there should be a sequal ~ i would read it ;)

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Review #24, by discobaby Husband.

25th November 2007:
:'[ OMG soo sad. i really want to cry but i dunno... i can't.. i'm weird. but this is making me want to cry sooo bad. i'm gonna go rered it... it's just sooo amazing. SEQUEL PLEASE!

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Review #25, by LifeAndTimesOfABrokenSoul Husband.

25th October 2007:
I think there should be a sequel, Draco should find out about the baby.

Good story, the song fit perfectly :D

Author's Response: There will be a sequel, i'm still in the mist of writing it. I have a lot of stories that need my attention. but don't worry the sequel will be written, so just be patient.
Thanks for the review!


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