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Review #1, by pygmypuff Horrid apologies

20th November 2008:
Well, finally they are getting ogether.
I'm sure she will have a blast when she realises that Charlie was the bloke n the pub. But hopefully they will handle it.
I really like that chapter and I really love your story with all rhe characters.
Well done

Author's Response: Im glad you like the story!
thanks for reading!

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Review #2, by pygmypuff How Does a Duck Know?

20th November 2008:
yeay, now it's getting started.
Like your story still.

Author's Response: thanks for reading

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Review #3, by pygmypuff Altitude Sickness

20th November 2008:
Lovely chapter,
I love Charlie stories and I think you catch the dragon stuff very nicely.
Nice writing and I love the characters. Looking forward to the next chapters ;)

Author's Response: the dragon parts are the hardest so keep letting me know if they sound alright.

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Review #4, by TheBigFish Manipulation

30th April 2008:
CLIFFY! arghhh you have been way too long in posting. Pfft still... good...

the banner is ok... I wish I could make a banner... *sigh* love the little seduction bit ^^

Author's Response: i know it was way too long before i put this chapter up! and im working my hardest to get the next one up...but with finals coming and the perfectionest mood ive been in... it may be awhile. thanks for reading though!!!

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Review #5, by eluffhp Manipulation

24th April 2008:
i like your banner, good job. i also loved this chap, it was like a volleyball match. cant wait for next chap.

Author's Response: thank you so much! i was so worried everyone was going to think my banner was a little lame. And im so happy you like the chapter!! Thanks for the review!!

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Review #6, by hpjedi1 I'll Just Have To Ask

2nd February 2008:
I really really enjoy reading your Charlie story^-^ and that last bit with Mainyu was both funny and cute^.^ Yes, I think you should include Bill's wedding, especially since Emma and Fluer became friends while Emma was at the Burrow. I can't wait to read the next one,

Author's Response: I think i will add the Wedding but it may not be a huge part, mainly because i want to follow the Books as close as i can, and they never said if Charlie brought a date.

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Review #7, by TheBigFish I'll Just Have To Ask

7th January 2008:
OMG so GOOD! you must write more AND you must tell us who Coop likes? Come on please? 10/10

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it! Of course im going to try and write more, but with school and work starting up soon... i'll try my best. AND dont worry you'll find out who Coop loves! im skipping the whole "like" phase. going strait for the good stuff! thanks for reading!

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Review #8, by Nilam I'll Just Have To Ask

6th January 2008:
Better late than never. Bloody good chapter here mate!

Author's Response: yea, sorry the update took SOooo long. the holiday's were crazy! glad you like the chapter though.

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Review #9, by eluffhp Complications

21st November 2007:
OMG! when are they ever going to get together? ahh well i love the drama lol. update soon

Author's Response: don't worry they will! im winding down! im glad you like the drama though!

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Review #10, by TheBigFish Complications

20th November 2007:
ZOMG argh get them together w/e you do get them together argh!

Author's Response: so close! just hold on! i know you can do it!

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Review #11, by TheBigFish Horrid apologies

20th November 2007:
It's brilliant love it :) story very very very good this chap V V V good hope the next is as good...

Author's Response: im glad you liked it even though it was so short

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Review #12, by TheBigFish How Does the World Hate Me? Let Me Count the Ways...

20th November 2007:
eh its not the best chap but still a good one :)

Author's Response: i can live with good!

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Review #13, by TheBigFish Natural Born Saint

20th November 2007:

Author's Response: oh you'll see!

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Review #14, by TheBigFish Witchy Woman

20th November 2007:
you certainly love your oldies rock bands dontcha? mmm who is it? 1000/10

Author's Response: The Eagles. Classic American rock. and the song...."Withcy Woman" hence the chapter title

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Review #15, by TheBigFish Overrated but no less desirable

20th November 2007:
Your Story Is Awesome! Don't Bag It! argh get emma and Charlie back 2gether PLZ!

Author's Response: oh i never intended to bag it. this one uses stories i steal from my own life and that of my friends, this one wont ever be "bagged"

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Review #16, by TheBigFish Midnight Marshmallows

20th November 2007:
hehehehehehehehehehehehhehehehehehehe seduction? Not emma's thing ! and what the hell is Vicky doing there?

10/10 :)

Author's Response: i don't trust girls who can easily seduce, they usualy steal my guy. as for Vicky... she only has one purpose....DRAMA!

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Review #17, by TheBigFish Evil Uncles and Foreign Alliances

20th November 2007:
the french accent was good but you forgot eeet (it) and vat (what) is sort of a german accent other than that preety good... m Charlie :)

Author's Response: i tried with the accent, i might go back and fix it, i made my buddy talk for me, but he's from belgium. (he speaks fluent German and French so i get those acents mixed up)

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Review #18, by TheBigFish Dragon's Queen

20th November 2007:
DUMBY! aw *cries*

Author's Response: yea....Dumby.... not a clue as to what you mean but.... THANKS FOR THE REVIEW!!!

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Review #19, by TheBigFish How Does a Duck Know?

20th November 2007:
awesome :D yay emma & Charlie - but what about Coop & Lei?

Author's Response: what about them? Lei can get his own dates! and Coop, he's just sexy...mmm Coop.

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Review #20, by TheBigFish The stupidity of the Male race

20th November 2007:
aw she's Kayin's mummy... where'd you get the name btw?

Author's Response: It was in my History notes... im not sure why, i kind of zoned through the Prof. lecture, i just wrote down every name an date he said.

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Review #21, by TheBigFish Ironbelly

20th November 2007:
I am going to review the rest of the chapters I love this story It's so hard to find Charlie fics

Author's Response: i thought so too! i love charlie you can do so much with him and not really change him from what JKR wrote in the books. that and i can write about DRAGONS!

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Review #22, by TheBigFish Altitude Sickness

20th November 2007:
aw cute ^^ tis very nice... Cooper - likes - who...?!
Is he gay?

Author's Response: just be patience. eventually you'll find out!

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Review #23, by TheBigFish Movin' on Out

20th November 2007:
YAY :)

Author's Response: i know!

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Review #24, by Malin Horrid apologies

18th November 2007:
What took you so long? Anyway, it was worth the wait, but please update again soon. The story is really good...

Author's Response: thanks for the review! im so glad you liked it!

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Review #25, by hogwartsheir Horrid apologies

8th November 2007:
hey its i noe u asked for a banner but checkur e-mails and go to the site i told you about to get a banner ok? Good story by the way!

Author's Response: Oh thanks!! yay hopefully i can get one up!!

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