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Review #1, by Boots Hermione digs up the truth

20th March 2007:
Very interesting. Good story, but I do have some tips. Might I recommend a spell-check before posting? Either on Word, or or other online sources. There were a couple of misspelled words in there. Surveillance is spelled as shown. That's the only real thing in the writing itself. The other things I have are just aesthetics.

There's some things you can do for better readability. You need to make sure to keep spaces between paragraphs, you missed that on a couple in Ch.1. Also dealing with Ch.1, though you seem to have already corrected this, left alignment is easier to read. You may also want to think about shorter paragraphs, not drastically so, but no Big Text Boxes of Doom either. To give you an idea, Ch.2 should be about 7 paragraphs with that number of words, of varying lengths, not 3 huge ones. That justs makes it easier to read, especially on a computer screen.

Author's Response: Thank you sooooooooooo much!! You have no idea how much your review has helped me!! Please feel free to leave more reviews!!! (I agree my typing and spelling are horrible!! LOL)

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Review #2, by risingwitch4155 Hermione digs up the truth

2nd February 2007:
Hello? Hello?? Testing one two three, testing

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