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Review #1, by hawkeye2nt9 Seasons Change

16th April 2007:
big fan of your work dont let up.

Author's Response: Thank you my dear! Don't worry I won't quit on all of my fabby readers and reviewers such as urself! Thanx for the support! ^_^

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Review #2, by al3x Seasons Change

8th February 2007:
Ooo an A? Well done =D I thought it was really good but I got confused because at the start it says shes grounded but she works for the ministry? So surely her parents cant still ground her? =S . I didn't realise really that this wasn't originally hermione and thought it was weird wiff her change of hair colour but then i got it=] and she changes her hair with the weather in assuming? I thought it was really well written and especially the colours giving connations of the months =] Why did she die? I wondered why it was saying life was coming to an end...I didn't get that? I loved the story thought it was really good =D Oh yes, were they playing quidditch with a football because a football hit her but the dude was playing quidditch? Anyways, great story =D
Alex xx

Author's Response: Ah, she's a "kid" then I suppose, as the year progresses, she grows up and that's how the ministry gets involved... it's her job. My parents still ground me... wish they wouldn't like... *glares thru floor at rents*
Yeah, I thought the hair was slightly weird too, but I had to bring a bit of symboism into my original story, but I thought about whether getting rid of this point in the HPFF version, but I decided to keep it in, cause I lurv it!
Teehee! She didn't die. She just collapsed into a cold faint, becoz of the cold itself and her broken heart. But it leaves an air of suspense becoz no1 knows if she'll survive... maybe the guy will come back and save her... I'll leave that to urs and other peeps imaginary tho.
But I'm glad you liked it though. A lot of peeps in my class wanted to read the original and most came back saying it was good... I think mine was the longest in the class as well.
O.M.G! Is the football still mentioned? It's supposed to be a Quaffle, but they're supposed to be playing "invisible" Quidditch in the park, yes!
Thanx for reviewing hun! I appreciate it! :)

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Review #3, by Miranda Seasons Change

17th January 2007:
I read this yesterday, but didn't get a chance to review it!
This story left me totally speechless. The emotional depth was amazing! The song was a nice touch, fit the story very well. It with out a doubt deserved the A! The descriptions of the park at the different times of the year were super duper! lol I could picture them perfectly in my mind!
He disappeared through the thickening fog; the glistening snowflakes creating a blizzard between us. “I loved you too…” I whispered through the howling wind, it sounded like ravenous wolves getting to my heart; my black hole of a heart.

I could see the dead flower beds, the last black rose petal falling slowly, it standing out as it landed on the snowy earth. I could see the bare trees; no leaves were stopping them from shivering, the willow tree was just a clump of spindly branches but upon the branches of bigger trees, icicles were hanging and weeping tears of melted water, just as I cried.
Those two quotes really got to me. I was crying when I read them! They sent shivers down my spine(in a good way) This really was such a beautiful story! 10/10!

Author's Response: Thank yooh! Thank yooh! THANK YOOH!
I'm totally speecless by ur review! Thank yooh soooooooooo much!!! :)
I loved writing this even though I never intended for it to end up on HPFF, but then I changed eveything and it worked! I was really happy with the result! Eespcially since the magic thing was hard to put into it and of course tryin to keep the "guy" a secret... but we all know who it is know, right! ;)
Right at the end of this, I was really crying, throughout the original and even rewriting it to fit on to here! I'm just glad yooh like it and yooh thinks it's worth the A! :)

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Review #4, by Nausicaa Seasons Change

10th January 2007:
How did you get an A with the misspelling? jking, the story is very good. What kind of story is it?

As for the spelling, you have several "ha"s where there should be "had"s and right above you said "write to" when it should be "right to". Bye!

Author's Response: I know I have spelling mistakes! Even gr8 authors make errors and there's not that many. But thanx for pointing that out, it just gets me annoyed that peeps always point out my mistakes to me... I like nice reviews!
It's a romance story kinda, but it displays all the changes within the year and the different seasons... it had to be creative! Thanx for reviewing, and I now have to add another dedicatee! :)

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Review #5, by harryginny Seasons Change

10th January 2007:
wooot it was really good but a lil more magic could have been fun good stuff def. worth the A i think =D

Author's Response: I couldn't put magic into it because of the coursework assignment, but I did add the fact of Quidditch and the Ministry! I had to make it realistic for English purposes and the HP world doesn't go under that category!
But in some ways, all the seasonal changes and as he hair changes with each of them, in some way it's magical. And romance to me is always magic!! Thanx for reviewing! :)

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