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Review #1, by hannahjane The New Girl

6th August 2007:
I like it! Its very original! I laughed: 'I thoughts the world was whacked, but not this whacked.' It was very un-Hermione-ish, but in a great way. Keep up the fantastic work! =D

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Review #2, by PunkEmo50011489 The New Girl

26th June 2007:
this story is ok.

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Review #3, by laughhard91 The New Girl

23rd June 2007:
lol. I loved it. This is so funny. But it's also really good. I'm keeping track of it now, via my favorite list. I liked it. It should be really interesting.

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Review #4, by thefunnynamedperson2134 The New Girl

4th March 2007:
I've already read this. What happened? Did your story get deleted, or something that caused you to have to re-post it? You had two or three chapters that I remember. What happened!

Author's Response: Oh, sorry. Yes, somehow I accidently deleted it! (oops). Updates may still be slow though. Thank you for re-reading!

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Review #5, by hermione_loves_harry_DUH The New Girl

16th February 2007:
KIWI! genius as usual!
loffed it!

Author's Response: ilyu2. (that's i love u 2). omg! So good to hear from you. *hugs*. i miss you sooooo mucholy. i feel so ingenious all of a sudden...ego boost!!! i loved it 2. jk. ~siriusliveson (or my real name. ;))

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Review #6, by Ella of Frell The New Girl

2nd February 2007:
Great story Luv it keep writing and I will be back.

Author's Response: Thank you, thank you, thank you. I love reviews and am so glad that you did review! Yes! ~SiriusLivesOn

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Review #7, by sugarquill713 The New Girl

24th January 2007:
intruiging...go on, go on! this has a LOT of potential.

Author's Response: I like potential. I'll try to make the next chapters good, doing my best to get better. good to me! =).

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Review #8, by weasleykid91 The New Girl

24th January 2007:
I've been looking for this story!! Great job! Update soon!

Weasley kid

Author's Response: Thanks a ton! I'm glad you like my story and hope you read the next part. It's all getting so much better as I go. Thanks again, SiriusLivesOn

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Review #9, by Cal5114 The New Girl

20th January 2007:
Yeah, Hermione will get some lovin. Im so happy. Good um, i guess cliff hanger. I cant wait to hear more. Please write ASAP.


good start

Author's Response: I will. Thank you so, so, so, much for reviweing! It makes me feel happier inside. =). SiriusLivesOn

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