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Review #1, by TweakyGhostLover My Bittersweet Ending

19th April 2017:
AH I BLOODY LOVE IT aw Harry oh SEVVY aw I love this so so so much

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Review #2, by Sortinghat Who Are You My Little Child?

7th March 2016:
If this has a half way attempt at helping Serveus Snape deal with the bullying of the Gryffindors then I'll give it a 5 at least.

*Yes it is bullying when you almost kill somebody even if it's in fun and James Potter should have been expelled at the VERY LEAST of all punishments.

That is why our generation and future ones are going to hell being *too soft* and giving slaps on the wrists instead of real punishment.

The Norway Prison model has it right where if you give respect you'll be treated with respect and if you act like an animal you go to the *animal cage* as I call it until you calm down.

Unlike the western world it is more of a restrain then a revenge punishment until the prisoner calms down and decides to act like a human being instead of a creature.

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Review #3, by Sortinghat My Name Is Harry

7th March 2016:
This chapter is just plain bad all around. Gosh I don't even know where to begin.

First of all where the bloody hell does that little girl get a time turner from? They are suppose to be rare for a reason and that is a major plot hole in the *canon* series of as to why Hermionie the *mudblood* has one at all and don't tell me it's to have *extra* classes or other kids would've had them too at various points in time either intentionally or by accident.

And if they did have time turners why does the girl have it and not the responsible adult or guardian?

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Review #4, by Michelle My Bittersweet Ending

29th December 2011:
i love this story it's so cute!! well done! :)

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Review #5, by Marauder_Weasley My Bittersweet Ending

25th December 2011:

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Review #6, by Mrs Sirius Black My Bittersweet Ending

20th December 2010:
awww i nearly cried at the ending :(

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Review #7, by Mrs Sirius Black Who Are You My Little Child?

20th December 2010:
aww this story is just too cute!!

poor little harry :(

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Review #8, by Mrs Sirius Black My Name Is Harry

20th December 2010:
naww.. harry's so cute!!

great chapter :)

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Review #9, by kimco My Bittersweet Ending

12th November 2010:
well thats one way to end it. anyways I loved it.I think Harry deserved to get to know his parents. I think he made Remus relise that he isn't the big bad wolf after all. And I think that he might have touched severus's heart unlike anyone ever could. really loved it.

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Review #10, by catkid25 My Bittersweet Ending

1st October 2010:
That was a semi-sad semi-sweet ending,. I Love it!

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Review #11, by Kentucky Derby Pie Harry's Day Out

9th August 2010:
You've got capitalization errors all over the place, but that's nothing new. The bad part of this chapter is the ending. Remus would know when the full moon was. He would feel it. He would never let a five-year-old around him anytime near moonrise. He's not on the Wolfsbane, so no matter how cute the child is, Moony will kill him.

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Review #12, by KSVamp My Bittersweet Ending

21st June 2010:
I loved your story. The best idea for a back in time story ever! Thank you for sharing your idea

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Review #13, by the writing witch My Bittersweet Ending

8th October 2009:
This was such a sweet story
thank you for writing

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Review #14, by GabriellaBlack My Bittersweet Ending

18th July 2009:
you should do a sequel

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Review #15, by rosie_sirius93 My Bittersweet Ending

26th November 2008:
Hey! I loved the story, the plot was awesome!!! I thought that it was really sweet!!!
I like how u had snape in it to, how he only hates Harry coz of the message!

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Review #16, by kelty1546 To Make Severus Smile

11th November 2008:

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Review #17, by jacobblackismyboyfriend My Bittersweet Ending

8th November 2008:
aww loved it! i felt so bad for little harry :( it was a cute story though i loved how everyone just fell in love with harry (like me) :D

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Review #18, by AK Carmel To Make Severus Smile

27th April 2008:
Awww, wow that was great
snape was totally in character as strange as that is...

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Review #19, by AK Carmel Who Are You My Little Child?

27th April 2008:
Oh, noo, I'm going to cry...

question: isn't lily like i dont know weird about marrying james

is dumbledor going to tell james?

great chapter

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Review #20, by AK Carmel My Name Is Harry

27th April 2008:
Aww, this is soo cute, I absolutely love it, Harry's so innocent, omg, I love James and Lily
great job
this is an instant winner in my book
hmm..i wonder what Dumbledor is going to think...

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Review #21, by Nimmy My Bittersweet Ending

30th March 2008:
hey great story... it was funny

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Review #22, by cursed_klutz My Bittersweet Ending

21st March 2008:
I love this story. Definitely an original.

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Review #23, by hypercell My Bittersweet Ending

2nd March 2008:
I don't get it. i understand it, but I don't. Oxymorone, I know. Please explain what happend in the end. IT was REALLY good, by the way.

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Review #24, by hypercell Never Any Time For My Little Boy

2nd March 2008:
Where are they sleeping?

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Review #25, by hypercell My Name Is Harry

2nd March 2008:
I LOVE IT!! It is very good, fabulously written. Keep it up! Can't wait to read more!

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