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Review #1, by pink101 Decisions

16th February 2007:
aw cute and sad ,but very gd though x

Author's Response: Thnx a lot :-)

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Review #2, by pscspagfophbp Decisions

2nd February 2007:
I like the concept of your story and all.But i think its a tad bit rushed.Anyways hope you do continue with it.

Author's Response: It's my first and kind of rushed you're right. But I have guys like u to help me get better ;-)

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Review #3, by lupa_mannera After the battle

23rd January 2007:
You've got the beginnings of a really lovely story here! A few tips, author to author: you can italicize 'thoughts' so that they stay separate from the narrative. Also, read your chapter out loud to make sure it doesn't have typos or incomplete sentences - very easy to miss them when you are uploading or the server is slow! Your last sentence is a beautiful and poignant thought. I suggest emphasizing/elaborating on it more for that oomph!
(Sorry about the suggestions, I just want to see you do well...this story is headed somewhere awesome!)

Author's Response: Thank you for the tipp! I'll keep it in mind :-)

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Review #4, by pscspagfophbp After the battle

23rd January 2007:
Nice first chapter.Interesting to see how you shape it up into.I guess you are going to cover through HBP.
Looking forward to the next chapter.

Author's Response: Thank you! But it will end before HBP.
Yep, somebody got his former job still...

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Review #5, by wicKeDwitch1316 After the battle

23rd January 2007:
Great job. Maybe you can add to it to make it a little longer. Maybe you can have them meet? It's a interesting beginning, though.

Author's Response: Meeting is unavoidable ;-)

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Review #6, by boo beep After the battle

23rd January 2007:
oh! more please!

Author's Response: Soon, promise :-)

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