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Review #1, by Dramione_lover95 The end :(

22nd October 2013:
amazing you should write more like this!

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Review #2, by Dark Crys The future is bright

22nd September 2013:
Have always love the HG/SS pairing. So far I am enjoying your story. As a writer I know how exciting reviews are so here you go :)

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Review #3, by lilmiss The end :(

30th July 2009:

Not sure what to make from the story!
but i did read it all which means i didnt hate it :)

not bad but a little short


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Review #4, by Simison Blake A picinic....

31st March 2009:
What? *does a immitation of Ron Weasley's I'm really confused look*

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Review #5, by hippogriff13 The end :(

20th October 2008:
Soz I only read from the chapter with Hermione being pregnant with Ruth I couldnt bare to read the beginning no offence but it was frightfull bad spelling and grammar, and not very understandable, it however was a nice idea and towards the end you pulled it off well, loads of kids was something I liked, it was very reallistic! I hope you write a sequel, but next time I'd suggest getting a beta. 6/10 for a great effort, and a nice idea. Lolli x

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Review #6, by Fayge The end :(

29th April 2008:
Bad writing, bad spelling. The only reason I sat through it all is because I am the biggest Hermione/Snape fan.

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Review #7, by CutieBritty31 The end :(

16th March 2008:
Ah, such a beautiful story! I liked it a lot!

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Review #8, by Antigone The end :(

24th January 2008:
I think you need a sequel, and possibly a beta reader.
I'm glad that ended well though!

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Review #9, by Antigone The future is bright

24th January 2008:
The spelling is starting to get a little better, and the story is also getting better!

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Review #10, by Antigone A picinic....

24th January 2008:
It's an ok plot, but I'm finding it difficult to read with so many spelling and grammer errors...

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Review #11, by beebsy1219 The end :(

30th November 2007:
love it!!! Im sad its over tho

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Review #12, by weluvjamesandcharlie The end :(

28th November 2007:
Okay then. I have to say that was... interesting. The whole Snape and Hermione thing never really occurred to me. What in the world do they need that many kids for? There are a lot of misspellings and some grammar things i would suggest you look at. Other than that, that was a very different story.

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Review #13, by alexourHERO Thoughts .....

28th November 2007:
i didnt even finish chapter one. just so u know. but i do have one question, what inspired u to right this story? or did the idea just come to u?

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Review #14, by alexourHERO A picinic....

28th November 2007:
omg ewww nightmares!

Author's Response: i felwt like retorting coz im in a bad mood

no one said u had to read it or carry on reading it.

n there are warnigns in place
so u no

u made the chice

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Review #15, by PrincessKathyBx The end :(

26th November 2007:
Um I Really Loved This Ending. It Was So Cute! N Im So Glad Nothing Bad Happened. Well This Has Been A Great Story Since The Start N I Hope You Write More Fics.

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Review #16, by marisalovesharry An explanation

25th November 2007:
Aw such a cute story.
If u do a sequel please tell me.

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Review #17, by PrincessKathyBx An explanation

24th November 2007:
I liked the ending. This story has been good and I cant wait untill the epilogue.

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Review #18, by beebsy1219 An explanation

23rd November 2007:
YAY!!! I love it!!! Pleze continue!!! 10/10!!! Pleze continue!!!

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Review #19, by love _Conquers_ All The wedding

19th November 2007:
yay he's back!!!

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Review #20, by PrincessKathyBx The wedding

18th November 2007:
Ahhh what will happen next lol. Great chapter and Im happy Severus is back!

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Review #21, by beebsy1219 The wedding

18th November 2007:
I LOVE IT!!! What is gonna happen?!?!?! AND YAY!!! Snape is back!!! pleze continue!!! 10/10

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Review #22, by CloudsAreMadeOfCandyfloss The wedding

18th November 2007:
FINALLY!! He's back!!
you have to update soon ok?


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Review #23, by hprwhggw_hogwarts The wedding

17th November 2007:
i knew he'd come back love it.

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Review #24, by hprwhggw_hogwarts Being told to move on

11th November 2007:
aw love it.

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Review #25, by CloudsAreMadeOfCandyfloss Being told to move on

10th November 2007:
Bring Severus back!!

Great story so far...update soon!

Candy x

Author's Response: next chapter in validation and shud b up by minday i fink
n u shud DEFINATLEY read that (hint hint) lol

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