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Reading Reviews for The Outsider on the Inside
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Review #1, by Kimberly~ Draco Interferes...Yet Again

28th August 2015:
I really, really like this story so far. It's amazingly hard to find any good five with Draco that involve an American main character (as an American, I'm always looking for those). And I'm especially lovin Denali.

Now, I don't mean to be nitpicking, in fact I don't mind that you do this at all, but I felt like I should let you know, the English that you're using in this with "'tis" and "thou" is not actually old English. It's actually modern English, an earlier version of iit from what we know it as today; I call it Shakespearean English. Anyway, Old English is actually so distinct from modern English that it is practically unrecognizable. You can look some stuff up. I'd recommend looking at Chaucer's Canterbury Tales of Beowulf; both were originally written in Middle English, which is more recognizable than Old English. (I had to learn Middle English in a class and it was a horrible experience).

Love the book very much though. Good job and keep it up.

Author's Response: You are the first person to point that out to me. When I grew out of being an ignorant teenager, I realized my mistake. I know it isn't corrected here on this site, but on fanfiction dot net, I have this story posted and completed. I called it Elizabethan on that site. But, if you want the completed version, you can search for writer Henria Sownbinder and you can find my more updated profile. I had a big blow up with the moderators on HPFF that I just had to stop posting here. I felt very oppressed on this site. And I do thank you for the review! It's been a fairly long time since I have had a review for this story on both sites. Once a story is completed, it tends to fall through the cracks. But, thank you!

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Review #2, by dracodarlingxx Post Sex Cuddle

18th January 2015:
o.O Things just escalated, and fast!!
It's pretty interesting to see things from the perspective of someone inside the castle when Snape was headmaster :)
Loved the chapter, and especially loved the sexy talking at the start ;)
Can't wait for the next chapter (hope there's more seductive Draco in there ) xx

Author's Response: Thank you! That is the type of banter me and my friends are prone to.

Yeah, I totally fell in love with the idea of having some one in the castle. Henria isn't the type to take things lying down. So, it will be interesting in the future. Maybe I will get some more sexy Draco in soon. I miss their relationship.

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Review #3, by Abby c Vacation

6th December 2014:
This story is one of my favorites! So excited to see if Draco and Henria hook up :D

Author's Response: Aww...I am glad this is someone's favorite. Thank you. We will find out soon.

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Review #4, by DreamQuill The Hospital Wing

22nd July 2014:

Author's Response: I did! I have four chapters to post. I promise!

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Review #5, by Wand Maker Extraordinaire Keep Running Until You Can't Run Anymore

18th July 2007:
This is a really good story! I absolutely love it! update soon!

Author's Response: Thank you. I am waiting for my friend to give me back my back-pack with my folder which holds this story. After the lock is lifted on the queue, I will be posting more. I promise!

Thank you for the lovely comment!

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Review #6, by manic_rage Questions

16th April 2007:
o. birthday suit. love it. dirtty, dirrty little henria, what was she thinking? oh right, hormones=no brain. i love it. i want more, and more, and more, and more. now.

ready to be silent tomorrow? for a cause that is great my fair lady.

anyways love you but still got sixteen pages to color and the ones i have colored don't have any characters in them yet.

i love you


i really do

by forbidden lover

and oddly enough

step daughter

by the way...

know a girl name ashley? reddish hair. says you hate her, so she hates you and oddly enough when angie the whore is mentioned, she thinks of you.

we'll talk about it tomorrow, i mean write about it.

you would have loved it

we had a 'i hate angie' day

apparently not a lot of people like her

love you love

macho macho

Author's Response: ROFLMAO!! You are a treasure!

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Review #7, by Madluv Questions

16th April 2007:
I loved this chapter, and I'm really looking forward to the next one. :)

Author's Response: Thank you! Wow! I got a 10/10...Wow! Thank you. I hope I won't disappoint now. :D It should be out when this other story I wrote gets validated. Thank you again!

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Review #8, by manic_rage Draco Interferes...Yet Again

24th March 2007:
rat bastard? Jesus lord protector of all things holy Alex. anyways love it, love it. especilly *draco vision* if you still remember my password, get on and check out the new chapter for the Willow one. if not, then you'll just have to wait. *sticks tongue out*

my heart misses you my dearesy love. what i am to do without you. i have been in a mess sense you left me. please come back. i swear i will stop cheating, i promise this time, i really do. last time i crossed my fingers behind my back, but i won't this time, i swear. please come back to me.

anyways. i really do miss you love. guess what i've done all break. nothing. no really nothing. i have done some class reading, some reading reading, some FF writing, some story writing, and some Children's Classics story writing. lord help me i a bored out of my mind. and paige has cursed me. with Amish bread. i can nver get rid of it. HELP ME.

anyways again love. i thik this is the longest review i have done, ever. be proud. anyways again again. i htink i have started a total of three more stories over break. one FF. two not. and then there are more building up in my head. damn it Alex, just walk into it.

anyways, you might like the new one. and yes i will continue with the others that are on the site.

this one is about, well here's the title. [When the only person you can trust is someone you shouldn't]

its about, oh wait. i already started to tell you about this one, huh? oh well. still. i have gotten to a good place. dude i made her really cool. anyways 3X i love you macho much. but i think this is getting a little long.

where's the rest of it?

i vant more. now. bye dearest heart of mine. and bastard child.


Author's Response: Oh wow...Nice Kadie. Hehe Nothing? I did something. I bowled. And when I wasn't bowling, I was drinking Rockstar. If I wasn't drinking Rockstar, I was either reading or writing. Oh yeah, I was also failing. I will tell you about it on MOnday.

Anyway, um...more will come soon. I have a D/Hr one that I am going to get on here and you should totally read it. It is pretty interesting. I think it is anyway. :D

Kadie, this was the longest review I have EVER gotten. I am sorry you were bored out of your mind. I almost got there. But I had Alyssa help me. :D I will see you tomorrow. I love you muchas mommy!!

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Review #9, by Gryffindor1992 A Heart Break

18th March 2007:

If you want a banner for this (it's almost guaranteed that you get more reviews with a banner, btw) then go to the page of my friend TrueLoveStoriesNeverEnd. From there, follow the link to her website and go to the requests page and follow the instructions.

Her banners are really gd. In fact, there are examples on her website. If you want to see what banners she's done then go to the Previous Requests and take a look.


Author's Response: Wow...Thanks! I will definately look into that. I guess I started to sound desperate when I told people that reviews would be loverly. Thank you so much!

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Review #10, by Dracolovr867 The Brief Introduction

11th February 2007:
I have a title for you. The Outcast. You dont have to use it but Henria is an outcast so here it is.

Author's Response: Wow...that is a good title. I will have to think on that one. THank you!

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Review #11, by manic_rage A Surprise

9th February 2007:
yay i like it. hahahaha, i'm in it. that is awesome. do i get to go to hogwarts too? *smiles big[you know that smile]* don't sweat it. i love you too alex malex fo halex

kiss kiss bang bang baby


Author's Response: I am still working on that. You might end up coming to Hogwarts to visit like Mark does. But you are in the Prelude that I am writing. Actually, you are one of the mains in the Prelude I am writing. So, keep an eye out for that one! I love you muchos madre!!

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Review #12, by fairy919 A Surprise

6th February 2007:
OMG! Don't you just love girl power? LOL
Great story! :P

Author's Response: Hehe Yes! Go females!!
Muchos gracia!!

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Review #13, by manic_rage The Begining of Something

1st February 2007:
yay. sexual tention. yay alex

Author's Response: Haha If you like the sexual tension in this one, you will most certainly like it in chapter 4. Just you wait.

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Review #14, by fairy919 The Begining of Something

1st February 2007:
I really enjoy this story!
Great wprk! Keep it up! :P

Author's Response: Hehe Thank you. Chapter 4 will come as soon as 'Soak' is valiadated!! Keep watching!!

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Review #15, by manic_rage The Head Girl

29th January 2007:
great alex. love it. sorry it took me so damn long to get on the computer to read it. keep it going hot stuff. oh by the way. you are so not off the hook with the lock thing. big trouble. jsut wait

love you babe

Author's Response: Hehe THank you. It is ok. I understand. I have chapter three in waiting right now. I am writing chapter five. So, there will be updates often. I also have anothe one written. It is a songfic. I thought it was a really good one. And I am writing another songfic.
I know I am in trouble. But, just to let you know, Paige was the mastermind behind it all. I just did as she asked. :D I am merelly a pawn in the whole scheme.

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Review #16, by fairy919 The Head Girl

25th January 2007:
LOL THat was very funny!
Great update! :P

Author's Response: Hehe Thank you. I appreciate it. I really do!

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Review #17, by fairy919 The Brief Introduction

22nd January 2007:
I love the plot!
It is really different, but great!
Please update soon! :P

Author's Response: The new chapter should be coming up soon. So, keep looking and thank you for the encouragement!!

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