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Review #1, by harrylilyjames Christmas Vacation

30th March 2008:
I really liked this story, its different to what i usually read.
This chapter was short, but it was still good.
There were little spaces in this chapter, so it was kind of hard to read, if you could space it out more to make it easier.
There were a couple of typos, such as mare instead of make- but nothing major!!
9/10!! =]

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Review #2, by Dark Angel The friendly warning

17th February 2007:
Well I can honestly tell you I have never read a HP fic like this before in my life. But that's good it means you're original and I like that. The story is well written except for the, of course, misspelled words here and there, but all stories are like that. I hope you update soon. This story is very interesting even if it's past the Christmas season.

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Review #3, by insideout orange The friendly warning

3rd February 2007:
Hey, the story is up already! I like it so far, and I really like the idea of it, evil little Tom being taught a lesson. Though now I'm thinking I should have made the founders on the banner a bit older...? Anyway, keep up the good work with the stories. :)

Author's Response: The banner is awsome! thanks for reading, I am having fun writing it and it is a bonus when others like reading them:)

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Review #4, by zrose The friendly warning

30th January 2007:
This is a cool idea. I guess it didn't really work out though since he still became evil and all, unless this is an AU fic, though it probably isn't. You spelled Horcruxes wrong, though that may be a typo. You also forgot to punctuate some sentances. Other than that, it's pretty good.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review.

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