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Review #1, by hpfan59 Weasley's Wizard Wheezez

9th July 2010:
awesome we needed more fred/oc stories

Author's Response:
lol thanks, i wrote this
when i was like...
twelve. it's kind of a fail
to me, but i'm glad some
one enjoyed it :D

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Review #2, by Ame(lia!) Lost Love

13th December 2007:
heylo again!
wow, I think is all I can say, he is still going to marry her?!
oh well, write more soon!
writers peace!

Author's Response: hehehe I had to make it a happy ending now didn't I? Sorry to burst ur bubble deary but I kinda finished with this fic... but maybe if I get more requests to write more I may continue with it. Deal? Hahaha! Thanks for the reveiw! Julz

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Review #3, by _StarryEyes_ Lost Love

8th December 2007:
Aw, Julz thats adorable! I didn't know you started writing this! Its really good, save for the couple of spelling mistakes... =D I love it! Keep writing!

PS. Your middle name's Margaret?

Author's Response: thanks luv!!!!! and yeah my middle name is Margerete, it's kinda sad idk to spell it!!!!!! glad oyu like it!!!


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Review #4, by c_parx Lost Love

30th July 2007:

Author's Response: i'll try... i haven't really been working on this story lately because not many people read it.. but i'll see what i can do.


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Review #5, by Hermione528 Lost Love

11th June 2007:
How on earth did I not comment on this?! lol... still lovin' it, hun... funny how Karlee found out about this-- it's not like you'd tell her to review... *wags eyebrows* lol... Feel better!! See you tomorrow-- YEARBOOKS!! ^_~

Author's Response: thanks sarah. your at camp so you won't see that i replied. darn. hehe hope your having fun! now i must update my stories. eek i haven't in a longtime.

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Review #6, by Karlee! <3 Lost Love

2nd May 2007:
Nice chappy! Very good! Can't wait for more..
PS. You have actually tell me on msn if you have updated otherwise I'll have no way of knowing! I'm terribly busy these days...

Author's Response: :P YIPPEEE!!

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Review #7, by Karlee :D Marraige & Mischeif

2nd May 2007:
Lovely chappy! Im off to read the next :D

Author's Response: merci becoup!

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Review #8, by Artemis08 Lost Love

22nd April 2007:
i uwz confizzeled, at forst i thought he didn't know about her kissing olliver. but other thant that it was good. cant wayt for next ch.!

Author's Response: okie dokers, i might have to fix that..
thank you for your feed back!

julz xoxox

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Review #9, by Artemis08 Marraige & Mischeif

5th April 2007:
this stori iz awsome but lik every time they kiss i think freds gonna catch them or somethin' I LOVE IT!! iT'S BRILLIANT!! XD

Author's Response: thanks for the reveiw! i cannot choose between oliver or fred, fred or oliver soo i put them both in the story. but which one is juliet going to end up with......

i better start typing!!!!!

julz xoxox

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Review #10, by Chelsea_Black Marraige & Mischeif

18th March 2007:
OMEGA! i want to see if fred walks in on them!

Author's Response: Thanks for the reveiw! sorry i have not updated on my stories in a while, i went on vacation to hawaii and i have a research paper due soon. it a mess! but anyway i will get typing soon! i am having trouble deciding if fred should walk in........

julz xoxox

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Review #11, by Hermione528 Kisses & Querks

8th February 2007:
YAY I'M IN IT!! lol julz its still awesome!!! be sure to send chapter 3 soon-- and dont forget grey's tonight!! lol xoxo sarah

Author's Response: hah i know thanks for the reveiw! GREYS!!!! WOOT WOOT!!

lol julia xoxo

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Review #12, by terakita Kisses & Querks

20th January 2007:
hey, good job.. but im pretty sure oliver wood has a scottish accent.

Author's Response: oh thnks, i was debating between that and i did nreally now! i'll fix it soon!
thanks for the reveiw!


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Review #13, by Hermione528 Weasley's Wizard Wheezez

15th January 2007:
awww julz is this cute!! then again i have told you that on several occasions... ^_~ still lovin' it!! when can i beta chapter 2? 'cause that one has ME in it. lol!!!
xoxo u know u love me
btw really random but people this girl makes AWESOME BANNERS!!! i thank her for 3 of my 4!!! lol

Author's Response: thanks a bunch*shakes head knowingly* lol i do love you sarah hehe! and my banners aren't that that good....
But i am glad you like them!!!!
thanks again . .

JuLz XXooXXoo

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Review #14, by Trina216 Weasley's Wizard Wheezez

9th January 2007:
awww i love fred! hes great! this chapter is sadly short but i think that it has a good plot and will be headed for great things lol

i like reading about couples that don't come up often in the books i mean we all know about harry ron hermione and ginny but i think only once there was mention of fred/george (i can't remember which one) asking angelina or someone to the yule ball hmmm...i think they would make a cute couple :::plot bunny pops suddenly into my head::: sorry thats off topic but anyway i like your story and i can't wait for an update!!!


Author's Response: thanks a alot trina, yeah they always stick to mione/ron and herry/ginny! i think that more people should write stories about the other people! plus i juast adore fred's character, i think he is the best male character! anywho i think i should stop my rambleing, thanks again!

julz xoxox

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Review #15, by dark_and_twisty Weasley's Wizard Wheezez

9th January 2007:
it's really cute, this is something i would not normally read, but i thought i'd try it because it has fred in it!


i give you a big 10!

Author's Response: um thank you who ever you are, you son't have an account on here, but the reveiw is most greatful! thanks alot!

julz xoxox

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Review #16, by mrsweasleywannabe Weasley's Wizard Wheezez

9th January 2007:
Hey! U know who it is. LOL well i R/R cuz you told me to so lol I like it. you know what i said b4 so i dont needa write n e thing bout it!! TO EVERYONE: keep reading!!

~mrsweasleywannabe read my story !! lol

Author's Response: thanks sis! i love your story you know that! hahaha!

julz xoxoxox

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